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Gene Therapy-Industry Impact

  • ID: 435355
  • December 2006
  • 125 Pages
  • Frost & Sullivan

This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Advances in Gene Therapy provides an overview of the current developments and advanced technologies in gene therapy, along with a complete analysis of the key market drivers, restraints, applications, and trends that are impacting this field. In this study, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine gene-delivery vehicles and technologies, vector design, DNA vaccine design, and the clinical status of product candidates.

The following technologies are covered in this research:

-Gene-delivery vehicles and technologies
-Vector design
-DNA vaccine design
-Clinical status of product candidates

Technology Sectors
Expert analysts thoroughly examine the following technology sectors in this research:

-Clinical therapeutics

Technology Overview
Growing Popularity of DNA Vaccines Boost Advances in Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is likely to be practiced in clinics in the near future, with a number of candidates now in phase II/III trials, showing promising results. The first gene therapy products, already in late-stage clinical READ MORE >

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

-1. Executive Summary
--1. Scope and Methodology
---1. Scope
---2. Methodology
--2. Introduction and History of Gene Therapy
---1. Introduction
---2. History of Gene Therapy

-2. Technology and Applications Viewpoint
--1. Technology Primer
---1. Gene delivery--Vectors; Vehicles; Chemical and Physical Methods
---2. DNA Vaccines
---3. Additional Approaches
--2. Applications Analysis and Trends
---1. Targets Closest to Market
---2. Ocular Disorders--Macular Degeneration And Retinopathy
---3. Diabetes
---4. Cystic Fibrosis
---5. Rheumatoid Arthritis
---6. Types of Disorders
---7. Coronary Artery Disease
---8. Peripheral Artery Disease
---9. Cancer
---10. DNA Vaccines
--3. Assessment of Stakeholder Innovation and Technology Transfer Opportunities--Influential Market Factors
---1. Mergers and Acquisitions Analysis
---2. Regulatory and Political Factors; Industry Trends

-3. Technology Adoption Factor Analysis
--1. Regulatory Hurdles
---1. Safety Issues and Regulatory Barriers
---2. Clinical Trials
--2. Technology or Product Development Restraints and Competing Technologies
---1. Technical Barriers
---2. Lack of Investor Confidence
---3. Gene Patents; Cost and Other Barriers
---4. Stem Cells and Other Cellular Therapies
--3. Analysis of Drivers
---1. Analysis of Funding Sources
---2. Features and Benefits of Gene Therapy
---3. Adoption Drivers for Gene Therapy

-4. Assessment of Innovations and Opportunities
--1. Innovative Developments in North America--Gene Therapy
---1. Targeting Cancer Cells with Antibody/Gene/Liposome Nanocomplex
---2. Polymer Delivers IL-12 Gene Therapy for Cancer
---3. Gene Therapy Promotes Blood Vessel Growth in Peripheral Artery Disease
---4. Lentiviral Vectors in Development
---5. p53 Gene Therapy for Esophageal Cancer
---6. Collagen Used as Target for Cancer Gene Therapy
---7. Nanotechnology Gene Therapy for Prostate Cancer
---8. Microbubbles Release Therapeutic Genes with Ultrasound
---9. Autoantigen-Plasmid Drug Promising against MS
---10. Zinc-Finger Protein Agent for Diabetic Neuropathy
---11. Gene Therapy for Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Disease
---12. Gene Therapy for Osteoarthritis
---13. Naked DNA for Cancer Gene Therapy
---14. Bare Metal Stents Deliver Gene Therapy to Treat Heart Disease
---15. Gene Immunotherapy--T Cells Transformed into Tumor Fighting Cells
---16. Emphysema Gene Therapy
---17. Hedgehog Agonist Gene for Diabetic Wound Healing
---18. Nanoparticles for DNA Delivery
---19. FGF Gene Therapy for Myocardial Ischemia
---20. Neurturin Gene Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease in Phase II Trials
---21. Light-Activated Gene Therapy Targets Knee Injuries; Other Tissue Repair
---22. New Lipid Molecule Holds Promise for Gene Therapy
---23. Additional Companies
--2. Innovative Developments in North America--DNA Vaccines
---1. Flu DNA Vaccine Candidate Delivered via Needle-Free Injection
---2. DOGS Cation Compound Enhances DNA Vaccines
---3. Short ISS DNA Sequences Stimulate Immune Responses
---4. Cell-Free Production of DNA for Flu Vaccine
---5. DNA Bird Flu Vaccine Protects Lab Animals
---6. DNA West Nile Vaccine Triggers Immune Response in Human Subjects
---7. HIV Vaccines
---8. Leukemia Vaccine Uses Tumor Cells Transfected with GM-CSF Gene
---9. Adenoviral TB Vaccine
---10. Clinical Trial for Ebola Vaccine
--3. Innovative Developments in Europe--Gene Therapy
---1. Gene Therapy for Critical Limb Ischemia
---2. Interferon Vector for Cutaneous Lymphoma
---3. Belgian and Dutch Companies Seek Spinal Gene Therapies
---4. Gene Therapy Appears to Cure Myeloid Disease in Human Subjects
---5. Additional Companies
--4. Innovative Developments in Europe--DNA Vaccines
---1. Adoptive Cell Therapy for Melanoma Vaccine
---2. E6 and E7 Genes in HPV Vaccine Clinical Trials
---3. Vaccine for Kidney Cancer
---4. HIV Vaccines
--5. Innovative Developments in the Asia Pacific Region
---1. Gendicine p53 Gene Therapy Follow-up
---2. Gene Therapy Successfully Treats Hemophilia
---3. Hepatocyte Growth Factor for Liver and Circulatory Disorders
---4. DNA Ointment for Atopic Dermatitis

-5. Patents and Database of Key Industry Participants
--1. Patents
---1. Key Patents (2005)
---2. Key Patents (2006)
--2. Database of Key Industry Participants
---1. Corporate Sector
---2. Laboratories and Universities

-6. Decision Support Database
--1. Database Tables
---1. Total Healthcare Expenditure--World (2002 to 2012)
---2. Government Healthcare Expenditure--World (2002 to 2012)
---3. Private Healthcare Expenditure--World (2002 to 2012)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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