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Nanotechnology for Defense and Security (Technical Insights)

  • ID: 365530
  • March 2006
  • Frost & Sullivan

This Frost & Sullivan research service entitled Nanotechnology for Defense and Security provides an overview of the key technologies and important developments that will impact the defense and security sectors along with a complete analysis of key market drivers and restraints and trends. University research, often funded by defense agencies and government organizations, is cited to exemplify the directions nano development is taking in the field of materials and in devices. In this research service, expert analysts examine the following technologies: nanomaterials, nanosensors, and nanodevices.

Market Sectors

Expert analysts thoroughly examine the following market sectors in this research:

The following technologies are covered in this research:

Market Overview

Nanotechnology to be of Strategic Importance for the Defense and Security Sectors

Enhanced performance is likely to be emphasized, in many cases, over lower costs, as a key driving force behind the adoption of nanotechnology in the defense and security sector. Nanotechnology is expected READ MORE >

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-1. Executive Summary
--1. Scope and Methodology
---1. Scope
---2. Methodology
--2. Introduction and Key Findings
---1. Overview
---2. Key Findings

-2. Technology Applications Viewpoint
--1. Nanotechnology - Where Does it Fit in?
---1. Overview
---2. Core Materials Technologies
---3. Materials Applications
---4. Core Technologies for Electronics and Devices
---5. Applications Level Effects of Nanotechnology On Electronics and Devices
--2. Development and Applications Trends
---1. Key Sector-Wide Trends
---2. Funding: A Qualitative Analysis

-3. Technology Adoption Factor Analysis
--1. Drivers, Challenges, and Adoption Timeframes
---1. Drivers
a. The Desire for Improved Performance
b. Incremental Enhancements to Existing Applications
c. Nano can Offer Solutions where Others can’t
d. Partnerships with Defense Firms
e. Government Funding in Basic and Applied Research
f. Partnerships with Government Agencies
g. The Need to Capture Critical IP
h. Strategic Needs in the Military
---2. Challenges
---3. Technology Adoption Roadmap
--2. Regulatory Issues
---1. Health and Safety Concerns; the Regulations Debate
---2. The Development of Common Standards and Guidelines

-4. Noteworthy Development
--1. Nanotechnology-Based Devices
---1. Introduction
---2. Carbon Nanotubes for Detection Of Toxins and Chemical Warfare Agents
---3. Smart Dust - Chemical Weapon and Bioweapon Identification
---4. Nanosensors Detect Odor and Taste
---5. Nanotech in Early Warning Biosensors
---6. Molecular Rotor For Use in Sensors and Other Devices
---7. Nanoparticle use in Biohazard Detection
---8. Nanocomposites in Sensor Applications
---9. Nanoscale Grooves Enable Effective Toxin Detection
---10. Protein Nanoarray Based Biological Detection For Security
---11. Nanopixel Elements for Infrared Cameras In Mini UAVs
---12. Zinc Oxide Nanostructure could Form Basis for Piezoelectric Sensors and Devices
---13. Biosensor System uses Nanoparticles
--2. Materials and Materials Applications
---1. Introduction
---2. Buckypaper Enables a Wide Range of Applications
---3. Nanostrengthened Coatings For Aircraft Propulsion Systems
---4. Research Creates Nanotubes with Extended Shelf Life for Biochemical Applications
---5. Nanocoating for Diverse Applications
---6. Strengthened Structural Materials
---7. Nano Provides Better Thermal Conductivity
---8. Nanopowder Consolidation for Jet Engine Component Materials
---9. Gold/ YSZ Nanocomposite For Wear Resistance
---10. Hermetic Aluminum Phosphate Based Film for Aerospace Applications
---11. Nanoengineered Thermal Barrier Coatings
---12. Portfolio Of Nanomaterials Technologies for Defense Applications
---13. Platform Technology Development
---14. Nanostructured HVOF Coatings Offers Alternative to Chromium Plating
---15. Thermal Spray Titania
---16. Low Frictional Coating for Specialized Aerospace Applications
---17. Wear-resistant Tough-Coated Hard Powders
---18. Conductive CNT-based Polymer Sealants
---19. Aerogel Insulator Finds Aerospace Applications
---20. Nanocomposites for Advanced Aerospace Applications
---21. POSS Nanomaterials Developed at Air Force Laboratory
---22. Shape Memory Polymers With CNT Fillers
---23. Composite Conductivity Enabled Using Metal Nanostrands

-5. Selected Patents and Database of Key Industry Participants
--1. Key Patents
---1. United States Patents
---2. Rest of the World
--2. Database of Key Participants
---1. Universities and Laboratories
---2. Corporate Participants

-6. Frost & Sullivan 2006 Science and Technology Awards
--1. Technology Innovation
---1. Award Description
---2. Award Recipient
--2. Excellence in Technology
---1. Award Description
---2. Award Recipient
--3. Product Innovation
---1. Award Description
---2. Award Recipient

-7. Decision Support Database
--1. Database Tables
---1. Military Expenditure (1999-2006)
---2. Military Expenditure - R&D (1999-2006)
---3. Military Expenditure- Equipment (1999-2006)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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