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Mobile Advertising

  • Published: April 2007
  • 33 Pages
  • Q Research Ltd

This report assesses the opinions and attitudes young people have to receiving advertising messages on their mobiles, helping you decide if it’s right for your business.

Today’s young people are Britain’s first mobile generation. Figures released by Ofcom in 2006 put mobile phone ownership for 13 – 15 year olds at 82%, and at 49% of 8 – 11 year olds. They have embraced the digital age, and its mobile and Internet technology. They interact on social networking sites like MySpace, download music for their phones and mp3 players, and communicate with their friends via email and text.

These digital technologies compete with traditional media for the attention of today’s youth, so advertisers and marketers need to find more creative ways of engaging young people. Advertising online, viral marketing campaigns, and advertising through social networking sites are increasingly being embraced to complement more traditional advertising outlets. However, this style of web advertising allows for limited targeting – campaign developers can take into account the type of audience that visits the site, but there are limited opportunities for more READ MORE >

Table of Figures
About the survey
British Youth and Advertising
Surfing for product information
Internet, TV and outdoor are the most seen advertising locations
Seen, but are they paying attention?
TV ads get everyone’s attention
Magazine ads really attract female’s attention
Young males are the outdoor type
Males pay more attention to the Internet
At least one quarter pay no attention to newspaper ads
Radio ads attract the least attention
Top attention grabbing advertising locations
Ethnicity and advertising attention
Mobile Advertising
Reasons for wanting advertising to their phone
Reasons for not wanting advertising to their phone
Creative approaches improve advertising acceptance
The “what’s in it for me?” generation
Make it relevant – targeted advertising appeals
Discounts and special offers are good trade-offs for advertising
Phone credit – the most popular reward
‘Location based’ mobile advertising
It’s a good idea because…
It’s a bad idea because …
It’s a bad idea because …
Mobile advertising: frequency and type
Mobile advertising: frequency and type
More than one third willing to receive daily ads
A picture’s worth a thousand words….
Email vs. mobile advertising
How would you prefer your ads? mobile vs. email
Future directions for mobile advertising and the youth market
About Q Research

Mobile phone technology is used to conduct large scale market research with young people – a market targeted by major brands, government and other organizations, but notoriously difficult and costly to access by traditional research methodologies.

The mobile phone is both ageless and classless. With 95% of the UK population owning a mobile phone, penetration outstrips the PC by ten to one. With the largest socio-demographic reach of any electronic device, the mobile is the ultimate research platform. It can reach a huge target market, is immediate, interactive and, importantly, it’s cost-effective.

This approach uses the way a generation of young consumers communicate in order to research them. We create a dialogue with panel members via WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Push messaging and MMS messaging to deliver consumer insights that our clients can act on. Results are presented in near real time, as text, pictures and video clips - bringing our clients closer to their audience than ever before

Mobile phones also allow for a truly dynamic form of research. We can reach consumers in the environments that define them as being your target market. We can reach our panellists ‘in the moment’, capturing their feelings and reactions, bringing you closer to them.

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