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Organic Harvest: Opportunities in Organic Electronic Materials

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  • Report
  • December 2007
  • 135 Pages
  • n-tech Research
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  • Agfa-Gevaert
  • Ciba Specialty Chemicals
  • DuPont
  • H C Starck
  • Novaled
  • Panipol
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"Organic electronics" is widely proposed as a platform for a broad and growing range of electronics products. Small organic LED displays already generate hundreds of millions of dollars. Larger OLED displays will penetrate the television market in the not-too-distant future. Considerable resources are being thrown into making substantial businesses out of organic RFIDs, backplanes based on organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) and organic solar cells. Organic electronics-based sensors, memory and lighting are not far behind.

As a result of these innovations, conductive polymers, organic photovoltaic materials and other "organics" used in organic electronics have prospects for moving from a markets measured in kilograms to ones measured in metric tons. At the same time interest in organic electronics is spurring considerable research activity and new product innovations. Small molecule inks, hybrid organic/inorganic materials, and even biological materials are being commercialized for use in various electronics applications.

However, there are also challenges. Organic materials typically exhibit conductivities that are orders of magnitude lower than the silicon semiconductor industry has come to expect. There are also remain major issues about environmental stability of such materials; issues that are spurring growth for encapsulation/barrier materials. And in some quarters there are serious questions being raised about whether organic electronics may not ultimately fail, its role in large-area and thin-film electronics stolen by cheaper and better performing inorganic nanomaterials.

This report analyzes and forecasts the prospects for organic electronics materials in the coming eight years. In the report, we review the range of materials currently be utilized for organic electronics applications and explore interesting research directions that are being taken in universities and industrial labs. We also investigate how the organic materials markets are changing and being changed by manufacturing approaches and how the recent developments are enabling new and improved organic electronics devices.

The report also includes approximately 20 strategic profiles of leading suppliers of materials for organic electronics, and forecasts of demand for these materials in both revenues and volume terms. In these forecasts we break out the market by type of material, manufacturing technology and application.

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  • Agfa-Gevaert
  • Ciba Specialty Chemicals
  • DuPont
  • H C Starck
  • Novaled
  • Panipol
  • MORE
Executive Summary
--- Intensifying Competition of Organic and Silicon Electronics
--- Opportunities for Organic Electronics Materials Suppliers
-- Firms to Watch
--- OLED Materials Suppliers
--- The Role of Larger Firms
--- Room for the Small Guys Too?
--- Great Leaps Forward?
-- How New Development in Organic Electronics Materials Enables New Applications
-- Summary of Eight-Year Projections of Organic Electronics Materials

Chapter One: Introduction
-- Background to this Report
--- The Worm in the Bud
--- Needed: An Organic Materials Revolution
-- Goal and Scope of this Report
-- Methodology and Information Sources for this Report
-- Plan of this Report

Chapter Two: Evolution of Materials Markets for Organic Electronics Devices
-- Introduction
-- Types of Organic Materials Used in Organic Electronics
--- Small Molecules
--- Polymers
--- Oligomers
--- Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Materials
-- Conductors in Organic Electronics Devices
--- Metal Electrodes
--- Polymer Electrodes
-- Dielectric Materials in Organic Electronics
-- Organic Materials for Light Emission
--- The Evolution of OLEDs
--- Materials for OLEDs and Other Light-Emitting Devices
--- OLEDs, Lighting and Materials
--- Lifetime and Differential Aging of OLED Materials
--- Color Quality
--- OLED Materials Suppliers
--- Light-Emitting Transistors
-- Organic Materials for OTFTs
--- The Evolution of OTFTs
--- Single-Crystal OTFTs
-- Organic Materials for Memory
-- Organic Materials for PV
--- The Evolution of Organic Photovoltaics
--- Bulk Heterojunctions
--- Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
--- Use of Fullerenes
--- Organic/Inorganic Nanocrystal Hybrids
--- Tandem Cells
-- Organic Materials for Sensors
--- ChemFETs
--- Electronic Tongues and Noses
--- New Functional Inks for Sensors
-- E-Paper and Electrochromic Materials
--- Electrophoretic Materials
--- Electrochromic Displays
-- Encapsulation, Barrier Materials and Flexibility
--- New Approaches to Encapsulation and Barrier Layers
-- Review of Main Points in this Chapter

Chapter Three: Evolution of Manufacturing with Organic Electronic Materials
-- Introduction
--- Organic Materials and Standard Equipment Sets
-- Printing Organic Materials
--- Screen Printing
--- Ink-jet
--- Flexo
-- Spin Coating
---Evaporation Techniques
--- Organic Vapor Deposition
-- Laser Techniques
-- Review of Main Points in this Chapter

Chapter Four: Impact of Materials Developments on Organic Electronics Applications
-- Introduction
-- Displays
--- OLED Displays
--- E-Paper Displays
--- Backplanes
-- Lighting
-- RFID and Smart Packaging
-- Organic Photovoltaics
-- Other Applications for Organic Electronics
--- Smart Textiles
--- Games Gadgets and Gizmos
--- Medical Products
-- Review of Main Points in this Chapter

Chapter Five: Profiles
-- Introduction
-- Agfa-Gevaert
--- Orgacon Products
--- Customer Relationships
--- New Product and Applications Directions
--- Sepolid and Interest in CMOS
--- Cooperation with Bosch on Organic PV
--- OLEDs and the Singapore and German Research Centers
-- Ciba Specialty Chemicals
--- OLED Materials
--- Other Organic Electronics Materials Activities
-- Degussa/Evonik
--- Approach to Organic CMOS
--- Approach to OTFT Dielectrics
-- DuPont
--- OLED Materials
--- Relationship with Konarka
-- DuPont Teijin Films
-- GE Global Research
--- Projects with USDC
--- Joint Agreement with Tokki
-- H C Starck
--- Merck/EMD
--- OLED Materials: livilux
--- Organic Semiconductor Materials and Related Materials: lisicon, isitron and isitag
-- Mitsui Chemicals
-- Novaled
--- Alliances with Other Firms
--- Substrates and Encapsulation Efforts
--- E255a, A New Green Emitter
--- Super K Contrast Enhancement Layer
--- EI-101 A New Electron Injector
--- E746 A New Host Material
--- Materials for Flexible OLED Materials
--- Backlighting Project
-- Panipol
--- Panipol and an EU Conductive Polymer Project
-- Plextronics
--- Solvay and Applied Materials Investment
--- Current and Future Products
--- HIL Materials and Work with USDC and Northwestern
--- Cleantech Orientation
--- Flexible Electronics for the Army
--- Conductive Polymers for Touch Technology
-- Polyera
--- Research at Northwestern University
--- Materials Platforms
--- Alliance with BASF
-- Rieke Metals
--- Joint Development and Licensing Arrangement with BASF
-- Sumitomo (Sumation)
--- Sumation
-- Vitex Systems
--- Licensing and Other Relationships
-- Xerox
--- Xerox Research Centre of Canada
--- Xerox PARC

Chapter Six: Eight-Year Forecasts
-- Forecasting Methodology
--- Forecasts-based on Material Content
--- Forecasts-based on Manufacturing and Architectural Analysis
--- How Much Confidence Should You Have in These Forecasts?
-- Materials Forecasts for RFID
-- Materials Forecasts for OTFT Backplanes
-- Materials Forecasts for OLED Displays and Lighting
-- Materials Forecasts for Organic Photovoltaics
-- Materials Forecasts for Organic Electronic Sensors
-- Materials Forecasts for Games, Gadgets and Gizmos
-- Materials Forecasts for Smartcards
-- Summary of Organic Electronics Market Forecasts
--- Forecast by Applications
--- Forecast by Materials
-- Notes Towards a Volume Forecast of Organic Electronics Materials
--- Comments on Ink-Jet Deposition
--- RFID
--- Organic Backplanes
--- OLED Materials

Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in This Report

About the Author

List of Exhibits
-Summary of Opportunities and Challenges for Organic Electronics Materials Suppliers
-PE Materials: Potential New Business Opportunities
-Materials Innovations and Their Impact Higher Up the Value Chain
-Eight-Year Projections of Materials for Organic Electronics (By Type of Conductivity)($ Millions)
-Characteristics of OE Materials
-Light-Emitting Materials for OLEDs
-Layers in a Small Molecule LED
-Evolving OLED Requirements for General Lighting
-OLED Materials Efficiency
-Evolution of OLED Lifetime by Color Khrs to Half Brightness
-Organic Materials Used in Memory Applications
-Organic Electronics: How Materials and Production Technologies are Matched
-Organic Solar Cell Manufacturing
-The Fabrication of Polymer ICs at PolyIC
-Characteristics of Printing Technologies Used in Organic Electronics
-Ink-jet Suppliers for PE
-OVPD versus Thermal Evaporation
-Agfa s Orgacon Line
-BASF Partners in Organic and Printed Electronics
-BASF Sepolid Product Range
-DuPont Teijin s Substrate Product Range
-Merck/EMD liscon Product Range
-Mitsui/Idemitsu Red Emitting OLED Material
-Panipol Conductive Inks
-Eight-Year Projections of Organic Materials for RFID
-Eight-Year Projections of Organic Materials for OTFT Display Backplanes
-Eight-Year Projections of Organic Materials for OLEDs
-Eight-Year Projections of Organic Materials for Organic Photovoltaics
-Eight-Year Projections of Organic Materials for Sensors
-Eight-Year Projections of Organic Materials for "Games, Gadgets and Gizmos"
-Eight-Year Projections of Organic Materials for Smartcards
-Eight-Year Projections of Organic Materials by Application ($ Millions)
-Eight-Year Projections of Materials for Organic Electronics (By Type of Material) ($ Millions)
-Eight-Year Projections of Materials for Organic Electronics (By Type of Conductivity) ($ Millions)
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- Agfa-Gevaert
- Ciba Specialty Chemicals
- Degussa/Evonik
- DuPont
- DuPont Teijin Films
- H C Starck
- Mitsui Chemicals
- Novaled
- Panipol
- Plextronics
- Polyera
- Rieke Metals
- Sumitomo (Sumation)
- Vitex Systems
- Xerox
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown