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Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology XII

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  • January 2008
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"Selected, peer reviewed papers from Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology - GADEST 2007" held from 14th to 19th October 2007 in Italy at the EMFCSC

This collection comprises 117 peer reviewed papers invited from over 70 research institutions in more than 25 countries. These papers, written by internationally recognized experts in the field, review the current state-of-the-art and predict future trends in their respective authors’ fields of research. Fundamental aspects, as well as technological problems associated with defects in electronic materials and devices, are addressed

The collection is divided into the chapters: Crystalline silicon for solar cells: single crystals, multi-crystalline Si, ribbons, Si thin films on substrates; Silicon-based materials and advanced semiconductor materials (strained Si, SOI, SiGe, SiC, Ge); Impurities (oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, fluorine, metals) in Si; Modeling simulation of defects in Si semiconductors; Defect engineering in microelectronics and photovoltaics; Gettering and passivation techniques; Defect and impurity characterization (physical and electrical); Si-based Nanostructures (nanocrystals, nanowires, nanodevices); Silicon-based heterostructures and optoelectronics.

Essential reading for those wanting to keep up with the field.
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Committees v

Committees v

Preface vii

1. Crystalline Silicon for Solar Cells: Single Crystals, Multi-Crystalline
Si, Ribbons, Si Thin Films on Substrates Casting Single Crystal Silicon: Novel Defect Profiles from BP Solar's Mono2 TM Wafers
N. Stoddard, B. Wu, I. Witting, M. Wagener, Y. Park, G.A. Rozgonyi and R. Clark

Carrier Recombination Activities and Structural Properties of Small-Angle Boundaries in Multicrystalline Silicon
J. Chen, T. Sekiguchi, S. Ito and D. Yang

Impact of Iron and Molybdenum in Mono and Multicrystalline Float-Zone Silicon
Solar Cells
G. Coletti, L.J. Geerligs, P. Manshanden, C. Swanson, S. Riepe, W. Warta, J. Arumughan and R. Kopecek

Divacancy Induced Improvement for Stabilization of Silicon Conductivity
versus Temperature
G.N. Kamaev, M.D. Efremov, V.A. Stuchinsky, B.I. Mihailov and S.G. Kurkin

Mechanism of Shunting of Nanocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells Deposited on Rough AgZnO
H. Li, R. Franken, R.L. Stolk, J.K. Rath and R.E.I. Schropp

Advances in Structural Characterization of Thin Film Nanocrystalline Silicon for
Photovoltaic Applications
A. Le Donne, S. Binetti, G. Isella, B. Pichaud, M. Texier, M. Acciarri and S. Pizzini

2. Silicon-Based Materials and Advanced Semiconductor Materials
(Strained Si, SOI, SiGe, SiC, Ge)
Origination and Properties of Dislocations in Thin Film Nitrides (invited contribution)
H.P. Strunk

Metal In-Diffusion during Fe and Co-Germanidation of Germanium
E. Simoen, K. Opsomer, C. Claeys, K. Maex, C. Detavernier, R.L. Van Meirhaeghe and
P. Clauws

Investigation of 4H-SiC Layers Implanted by Al Ions
E.V. Kolesnikova, E. Kalinina, A.A. Sitnikova, M.V. Zamoryanskaya and T.P. Popova

Interstitial Carbon-Related Defects in Si1-xGex Alloys
L.I. Khirunenko, Yu.V. Pomozov, M.G. Sosnin, A. Duvanskii, V.J.B. Torres, J. Coutinho , R. Jones, P.R. Briddon, N.V. Abrosimov and H. Riemann

Effect of Various Treatments on Light Emission Properties of Si-Rich-SiOx Structures
M. Baran, N. Korsunska, L. Khomenkova, T. Stara, V. Khomenkov, Y. Goldstein, E. Savir and J. Jedrzejewski

Size Dependent Photoluminescence of Si Nano-Crystals Embedded in Amorphous Silicon
A.L.Q. Vasques, T.V. Torchynska, G. Polupan, Y. Matsumoto , L. Khomenkova and
L.V. Shcherbyna

Very First Relaxation Steps in Low Temperature Buffer Layers SiGeSi Heterostructures Studied by X-Ray Topography
N. Burle, B. Pichaud, V.I. Vdovin and M.M. Rzaev

Passivation of Si and SiGeSi Structures with 1-Octadecene Monolayers
I.V. Antonova, M.B. Gulyaev, R.A. Soots, V.A. Seleznev and V.Y. Prinz

Configuration of DV Complexes In Ge: Positron Probing of Ion Cores
N.Yu. Arutyunov, V.V. Emtsev, E. Sayed and R. Krause-Rehberg

Influence of the Highly-Doped Drain Implantation and the Window Size on Defect Creation in p+n Si1-XGex SourceDrain Junctions
M. Kamruzzaman Chowdhury, B. Vissouvanadin, M. Bargallo Gonzalez, N. Bhouri, P.
Verheyen, H. Hikavyy, O. Richard, J. Geypen, H. Bender, R. Loo, C. Claeys, E. Simoen,
V. Machkaoutsan, P. Tomasini, S.G. Thomas, J.P. Lu, J.W. Weijtmans and R. Wise

Comparison of Defects Created by Plasma-Based Ion Implantation and Conventional Implantation of Hydrogen in Germanium
M. David, F. Pailloux, M. Drouet, M.F. Beaufort, J.F. Barbot, E. Simoen and C. Claeys

Co-Germanide Schottky Contacts on Ge
L. Lajaunie, M. David, K. Opsomer, E. Simoen, C. Claeys and J.F. Barbot

Internal Dissolution of Buried Oxide in SOI Wafers
O. Kononchuk, F. Boedt and F. Allibert

Degradation and their Recovery Behavior of Irradiated GaAlAs LEDs
H. Ohyama, K. Takakura, T. Nagano, M. Hanada, S. Kuboyama, E. Simoen and C. Claeys

Vacancy Clusters in Germanium
A.R. Peaker, V.P. Markevich, J. Slotte, K. Kuitunen, F. Tuomisto, A. Satta, E. Simoen,
I. Capan, B. Pivac and R. Jacimovic

Formation of Hydrogen-Related Shallow Donors in Ge1-xSix Crystals Implanted
with Protons
J.M. Pokotilo, A.N. Petukh, V.V. Litvinov, V.P. Markevich, N.V. Abrosimov and A.R. Peaker

Crystallization of InSb Phase Near the Bonding Interface of Silicon-on-Insulator Structure
I.E. Tyschenko, A.G. Cherkov, M. Voelskow and V.P. Popov

SiGe Heterostructures-on-Insulator Produced by Ge+-Ion Implantation and Subsequent Hydrogen Transfer
I.E. Tyschenko, A.G. Cherkov, M. Voelskow and V.P. Popov

3. Impurities (Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Fluorine, Metals) in Si
Microwave and Infra Red Light Absorption Studies of Carrier Lifetime in Silicon
and Germanium
E. Gaubas and J. Vanhellemont

Impact of NiSi2 Precipitates Electronic Structure on the Minority Carrier Lifetime in n-and p-Type Silicon
M.V. Trushin, O.F. Vyvenko and M. Seibt

Oxygen Dimers and Related Defects in Plastically Deformed Silicon
N. Yarykin

Enhanced Oxygen Precipitation during the Czochralski Crystal Growth
L. Válek, J. Šik and D. Lysácek

Influence of the Dislocation Travel Distance on the DLTS Spectra of Dislocations in Cz-Si
V.V. Kveder, V.I. Orlov, M. Khorosheva and M. Seibt

Detection of Nickel in Silicon by Recombination Lifetime Measurements
H. Savin, M. Yli-Koski, A. Haarahiltunen, H. Talvitie and J. Sinkkonen

Effect of Diffusion of I Group Metal (Ag) on Characteristics of MetalPorous
Silicon Sensors
T.D. Dzhafarov, S. Aydin and D. Oren

SEM Investigation of Surface Defects Arising at the Formation of a Buried Nitrogen- Containing Layer in Silicon
A.V. Frantskevich, A.M. Saad, A.K. Fedotov, E.I. Rau, A.V. Mazanik and N.V. Frantskevich

Radiation Defects and Thermal Donors Introduced in Silicon by Hydrogen and Helium Implantation and Subsequent Annealing
P. Hazdra and V.V. Komarnitskyy

Infrared Absorption from Low Carbon Concentration, Low Dose, Annealed CZ Silicon
N. Inoue, Y. Goto and T. Sugiyama

Peculiarities of Dislocation Related D1D2 Bands Behavior under Copper Contamination in Silicon
A.N. Tereshchenko and E.A. Steinman

Multiplicity of Nitrogen Species in Silicon: The Impact on Vacancy Trapping
V.V. Voronkov and R.J. Falster

4. ModelingSimulation of Defects in SiSemiconductors
The Electrical and Optical Properties of Point and Extended Defects in Silicon Arising from Oxygen Precipitation
R. Jones

Fundamental Interactions of Fe in Silicon: First-Principles Theory
S.K. Estreicher, M. Sanati and N.G. Szwacki

First Principles Calculations of the Formation Energy of the Neutral Vacancy
in Germanium
P. Spiewak, K.J. Kurzydlowski, K. Sueoka, I. Romandic and J. Vanhellemont

First-Principles Simulations of Frenkel Pair Formation and Annealing in Irradiated ß-SiC
L. Pizzagalli and G. Lucas

Primary Defects in n-Type Irradiated Germanium: A First-Principles Investigation
A. Carvalho, R. Jones, C. Janke, S. Öberg and P.R. Briddon

A Theoretical Study of Copper Contaminated Dislocations in Silicon
N. Fujita, R. Jones, S. Öberg, P.R. Briddon and A.T. Blumenau

Theoretical Aspects on the Formation of the Tri-Interstitial Nitrogen Defect in Silicon
N. Fujita, R. Jones, T.A.G. Eberlein, S. Öberg and P.R. Briddon

Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on Self-Interstitial Diffusion in Si, Ge, SiGe Crystals: Quantum-Chemical Simulations Ge
V. Gusakov, V.I. Belko and N.N. Dorozhkin

Modeling of the Diffusion and Activation of Arsenic in Silicon Including Clustering
and Precipitation
A. Martinez-Limia, P. Pichler, C. Steen, S. Paul and W. Lerch

Integrated Approach for Modeling of Heat Transfer and Microdefect Formation during CZ Silicon Single Crystal Growth
A.I. Prostomolotov and N.A. Verezub

5. Defect Engineering in Microelectronics and Photovoltaics
Dislocations in Silicon as a Tool to Be Used in Optics, Electronics and Biology
M. Kittler, M. Reiche, T. Arguirov, T. Mchedlidze, W. Seifert, O.F. Vyvenko, T. Wilhelm and X. Yu

Two Paths of Oxide Precipitate Nucleation in Silicon
G. Kissinger, J. Dabrowski, A. Sattler, T. Müller and W. von Ammon

Engineering of Dislocation-Loops for Light Emission from Silicon Diodes
T. Mchedlidze, T. Arguirov, M. Kittler, T. Hoang, J. Holleman, P. LeMinh and J. Schmitz
A Comparative Analysis of Structural Defect Formation in Si+ Implanted and then Plasma Hydrogenated and in H+ Implanted Crystalline Silicon
H. Nordmark, A.G. Ulyashin, J.C. Walmsley and R. Holmestad

The Temperature Evolution of the Hydrogen Plasma Induced Structural Defects in
Crystalline Silicon
H. Nordmark, A.G. Ulyashin, J.C. Walmsley, A. Holt and R. Holmestad

Electrical Uniformity of Direct Silicon Bonded Wafer Interfaces
M.C. Wagener, R.H. Zhang, W. Zhao, M. Seacrist, M. Ries and G.A. Rozgonyi

Structure of Magnetically Ordered Si:Mn
J. Bak-Misiuk, E. Dynowska, P. Romanowski, A. Shalimov, A. Misiuk, S. Kret, P. Dluzewski, J. Domagala, W. Caliebe, J. Dabrowski and M. Prujszczyk

Influence of Low-Temperature Argon Ion-Beam Treatment on the Photovoltage Spectra of Standard Cz Si Wafers
A.M. Saad, O.V. Zinchuk, N.A. Drozdov, A.K. Fedotov and A.V. Mazanik

Defect Engineering for SIMOX Processing
R. Kögler, A. Mücklich, W. Anwand, F. Eichhorn and W. Skorupa

Hydrogen Interaction with Point Defects in the Si-SiO2 Structures and its Influence on the Interface Properties
D. Kropman, E. Mellikov, T. Kärner, Ü. Ugaste, T. Laas, I. Heinmaa, U. Abru and A. Medvid

IR Studies on the Interaction between Thermal and Radiation Defects in Silicon
C.A. Londos, G.D. Antonaras, M.S. Potsidi, E.N. Sgourou, I.V. Antonova and A. Misiuk

Diffusion and Activation of Ultra Shallow Boron Implants in Silicon in Proximity of Voids
O. Marcelot, A. Claverie, D. Alquier, F. Cayrel, W. Lerch, S. Paul, L. Rubin, V. Raineri,
F. Giannazzo and H. Jaouen

Radiation-Induced Defect Reactions in Cz-Si Crystals Contaminated with Cu
V.P. Markevich, A.R. Peaker, I.F. Medvedeva, V.E. Gusakov, L.I. Murin and B.G. Svensson

The Role of High Temperature Treatments in Stress Release and Defect Reduction
I. Mica, M. Polignano, E. Bonera, G.P. Carnevale and P. Magni

Properties of Si:Cr Annealed under Enhanced Stress Conditions
A. Misiuk, A. Barcz, L. Chow, B. Surma, J. Bak-Misiuk and M. Prujszczyk

Radiation Enhanced Diffusion of Implanted Palladium in Silicon
J. Vobecký

Evolution of Thermal Donors in Silicon Enhanced by Self-Interstitials
V.V. Voronkov, G.I. Voronkova, A.V. Batunina, R.J. Falster, V.N. Golovina, A.S. Guliaeva, N.B. Tiurina and M.G. Milvidski

Enhanced Formation of Thermal Donors in Germanium Doped Czochralski Silicon
Pretreated by Rapid Thermal Annealing
X. Zhu, D. Yang, M. Li, C. Cui, L. Wang, X.Y. Ma and D.L. Que

6. Gettering and Passivation Techniques
Study of Gettering Mechanisms in Silicon: Competitive Gettering between Phosphorus Diffusion Gettering and Other Gettering Sites
M.B. Shabani, T. Yamashita and E. Morita

Effect of Grown-In Defects on the Structure of Oxygen Precipitates in Cz-Si Crystals with Different Diameter
V.G. Litovchenko, I.P. Lisovskyy, C. Claeys, V.P. Kladko, S.O. Zlobin, M.V. Muravska,
O.O. Efremov and M.V. Slobodjan

Horizontal versus Vertical Annealing of Silicon Wafers at High Temperatures
G. Kissinger, A. Fischer, G. Ritter, V.D. Akhmetov and M. Kittler

Impact of Extended Defects on the Electrical Properties of Solar Grade Multicrystalline Silicon for Solar Cell Application
S. Binetti, M. Acciarri and J. Libal

Investigation of the Hydrogen Transport Processes in Crystalline Silicon of
n-Type Conductivity
A.M. Saad, O.I. Velichko, Yu.P. Shaman, A. Barcz, A. Misiuk and A.K. Fedotov

Evaluation of Surface Passivation Layers for Bulk Lifetime Estimation of High Resistivity Silicon for Radiation Detectors
J.M. Rafí, L. Cardona-Safont, M. Zabala, C. Boulord, F. Campabadal, G. Pellegrini,
M. Lozano, E. Simoen and C. Claeys

7. Defect and Impurity Characterization (Physical and Electrical)
HREM Study of the Strain Field Induced by the Entrance of a Matrix Dislocation within the Coherent Twin GB in Ge.
J. Thibault-Pénisson and M.J. Hÿtch

Nanoscale Imaging of CaCu3Ti4O12 Dielectric Properties: The Role of Surface Defects
V. Raineri, P. Fiorenza, R. Lo Nigro and D.C. Sinclair

Observation of Leakage Sites in High-k Gate Dielectrics in MOSFET Devices by Electron- Beam-Induced Current Technique
T. Sekiguchi, J. Chen, M. Takase, N. Fukata, N. Umezawa, K. Ohmori, T. Chikyow,
R. Hasunuma, K. Yamabe, S. Inumiya and Y. Nara

Vacancies in Growth-Rate-Varied CZ Silicon Crystal Observed by Low-Temperature Ultrasonic Measurements
H. Yamada-Kaneta, T. Goto, Y. Nemoto, K. Sato, M. Hikin, Y. Saito and S. Nakamura

Photoinduced Variation of Capacitance Characteristics of MDS Structures with
Three-Layer SiNx Dielectrics
S.A. Arzhannikova, M.D. Efremov, V.A. Volodin, G.N. Kamaev, D.V. Marin, V.S. Shevchuk, S.A. Kochubei, A.A. Popov and Yu.A. Minakov

Silicon Epitaxial Layers for CCD and CMOS Imager Sensors: Limits and Challenges of the In-Line and Off-Line Metal Detection Techniques
G. Borionetti, S. Cox, P. Godio, I. Gohar, J. Pitney and M. Seacrist

New Opportunities to Study Defects by Soft X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure
F. Boscherini, D. De Salvador, G. Bisognin and G. Ciatto

Femtosecond and Nanosecond Laser Pulse Crystallization of Thin a-Si:H Films on Non- Refractory Glass Substrates
V.A. Volodin, M.D. Efremov, G.A. Kachurin, S.A. Kochubei, A.G. Cherkov,
M. Deutschmann and N. Baersch

DLTS and PR Studies of Partially Relaxed InGaAsGaAs Heterostructures Grown
L. Gelczuk, G. Józwiak, M. Motyka and M. Dabrowska-Szata

Electrical Activation and Carrier Compensation in Si and Mg Implanted GaN by Scanning Capacitance Microscopy
F. Giannazzo, F. Iucolano, F. Roccaforte, L. Romano, M.G. Grimaldi and V. Raineri

Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy of Ultra Shallow Junctions in Si Formed
by Implantation
N. Mitromara, J.H. Evans-Freeman and R. Duffy

Regular Dislocation Networks in Si. Part II: Luminescence
T. Mchedlidze, T. Wilhelm, X. Yu, T. Arguirov, G. Jia, M. Reiche and M. Kittler

Mapping of Device Yield Relevant Electrical Si-Wafer Parameters
K. Niemietz, K. Dornich, T. Hahn, A. Helbig, S. Hellwig, K.H. Stegemann and J.R. Niklas

Clustering of Gold on 6H-SiC and Local Nanoscale Electrical Properties
F. Ruffino, F. Giannazzo, F. Roccaforte, V. Raineri and M.G. Grimaldi

On the Failure of Intelligent Power Devices Induced by Extreme Electro-Thermal Fatigue. A Microstructural Analysis
B. Khong, M. Legros, P. Dupuy, C. Levade and G. Vanderschaeve

EBIC Investigations of Deformation Induced Defects in Si
E.B. Yakimov

8. Si-Based Nanostructures (Nanocrystals, Nanowires, Nanodevices)
Growth and Properties of Silicon Nanowires for Low-Dimensional Devices
P. Werner

Modification of Silicon Nanocrystals Embedded in an Oxide by High Energy
Ion Implantation
I.V. Antonova, M.B. Gulyaev, V.A. Skuratov, D.V. Marin, E.V. Zaikina, Z.S. Yanovitskaya, J. Jedrzejewski and I. Balberg

Hydrogenated Nanocrystalline Silicon Thin Films Studied by Scanning Force Microscopy.
D. Cavalcoli, M. Rossi, A. Tomasi, A. Cavallini, D. Chrastina and G. Isella

Phonon Confinement and Impurity Doping in Silicon Nanowires Synthesized by
Laser Ablation
N. Fukata, T. Oshima, N. Okada, S. Matsushita, T. Tsurui, J. Chen, T. Sekiguchi and
K. Murakami

Properties of Nanostructure Formed on SiO2Si Interface by Laser Radiation
A. Medvid, I. Dmitruk, P. Onufrijevs and I. Pundyk

9. Silicon-Based Heterostructures and Optoelectronics
Erbium Doped Materials for a Si-Based Microphotonics
F. Priolo, G. Franzò, F. Iacona, A. Irrera, R. Lo Savio, M. Miritello and E. Pecora

Regular Dislocation Networks in Silicon. Part I: Structure
T. Wilhelm, T. Mchedlidze, X. Yu, T. Arguirov, M. Kittler and M. Reiche

Mono- and Polycrystalline Silicon for Terahertz Intracenter Lasers
S.G. Pavlov, H.W. Hübers, N.V. Abrosimov and H. Riemann

Dislocation Photoluminescence in Silicon and Germanium
S. Shevchenko and A.N. Tereshchenko

Silicon Doped with Lithium and Magnesium from the Melt for Terahertz Laser Application
N.V. Abrosimov, N. Nötzel, H. Riemann, K. Irmscher, S.G. Pavlov, H.W. Hübers, U. Böttger, P.M. Haas, N. Drichko and M. Dressel

Investigation of the Temperature Degradation and Re-Activation of the Luminescent Centres in Rare Earth Implanted SiO2 Layers
S. Prucnal, L. Rebohle and W. Skorupa

Light-Emitting Structures with Near-Band Edge Luminescence for Si Optoelectronics
N.A. Sobolev

The Unusual Temperature Shift of Dislocation Related D1D2 PL Bands in Donor
Doped Silicon
E.A. Steinman, A.N. Tereshchenko and N.V. Abrosimov

Terahertz Emission from Phosphor Centers in SiGe and SiGeSi Semiconductors
S.G. Pavlov, H.W. Hübers, N.V. Abrosimov, H. Riemann, H.H. Radamson, N.A. Bekin,
A.N. Yablonsky, R.K. Zhukavin, Y.N. Drozdov and V.N. Shastin

X-Ray Characterization of the Lattice Perfection of Heteroepitaxial SIS Structures
P. Zaumseil, G. Weidner and T. Schroeder

Electroluminescence from ZnOn+-Si Heterojunction
X.Y. Ma, P.L. Chen, D.S. Li and D. Yang

10. Late Paper
Characterization of SiO2Si Interface by Cathodoluminescent Method
M.V. Zamoryanskaya and V.I. Sokolov

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