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Teen Spending & Behavior

  • ID: 1925646
  • September 2011
  • Region: United States
  • 44 Pages
  • EPM Communications Inc

The 30 million U.S. teens aged 13-19 wield more than $200 billion in buying power — and represent the perfect storm for marketers.

Teens are receptive to cutting edge, creative products and advertising. Teen Spending & Behavior gives you all the numbers you need when crafting teen-targeted marketing programs; developing tie-in opportunities for advertisers, retailers, media companies, and brand marketers; and for securing internal resources.

Teen Spending & Behavior reveals how much spending money teens have, where it comes from, and what they spend it on. This report gives you the most current data on how teens spend their time, what their media preferences are, who they influence and who influences them.

This original analysis of data from more than 35 sources immerses you in the teen lifestyle so you can follow the lead of teen-favorite brands — from iPod, Google, and Target to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Subway.

With Teen Spending & Behavior you'll learn:

- Which items teens buy in a week
- Where teens get their money
- How teens earn money
- When and why teens save

Teen Spending & Behavior takes you deep inside today's teen mindset — delivering the data and insight that will guide you to the right decisions about what, how, when and where to market to teens.

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Executive Summary

Part 1: Teen Demographics And Leisure Time

- Basic Population Data: Teens By The Numbers
- Exhibit 1.1: Teen Population By Age, Gender, 2010
- Exhibit 1.2: Projected Youth Population By Age, 2015 To 2030
- Exhibit 1.3: Hispanic, Black Population By Age
- Teens Spend Their Days Doing Typical Things: Sleeping, School, And Eating
- Exhibit 1.4: How Teens Spend Their Free Time, 2010 Vs. 2011
- Exhibit 1.5: How 15-19-Year-Olds Spend A Typical Day, Girls Vs. Boys
- What Teens Do During The Summer Months
- Exhibit 1.6: Teens' Favorite Summer Activities
- Sleep Habits, Behaviors Of Teens
- Teens Admire Those They Know
- Exhibit 1.7: Reasons Why Teens 13-17 Admire A Role Model
- Exhibit 1.8: Top Role Model For Teens 13-17
- Teens Spend Most Time Watching TV, Surfing The Internet
- Exhibit 1.9: Time Spent Per Day On Select Media By 12-24-Year-Olds, 2000 Vs. 2010
- One In Four Teens Spend Two Hours A Day In Front Of Screens
- Exhibit 1.10: Screen Time Per Day, By Age
- Teens Are Age Group Least Likely To Watch Traditional TV
- Exhibit 1.11: Age Breakdown Of TV Viewing Audience
- Exhibit 1.12: Monthly Time Spent Using Various Media, In Hours/Minutes
- Today's Youth Regularly Watch Online Video
- Exhibit 1.13: Acceptability Of Online Video Ads Vs. TV Ads, By Age
- Exhibit 1.14: Frequency Users Watch Online Video, By Age
- What Teens Do Online
- Teen Social Networking Behaviors
- Exhibit 1.15: What Teens Have Purchased On Or In A Social Network
- Profiles Of Social Network Users
- Teen Gamers Flock To Driving, Puzzle Genres
- Exhibit 1.16: Most Popular Videogame Genres Among Teens
- Teen Mobile Habits And Usage
- Exhibit 1.17: Top Reason Teens Receive Their Own Cellphones, 2009 Vs. 2010
- Teens Continue To Text — A Lot
- Exhibit 1.18: Teen Text Message Monthly Usage
- Teens Fall, Order Food While Texting

Part II: Where Teens Get Their Money, How They Spend It, And Who Or What Influences Their Purchase Behaviors

- How Much Money Teens Have, Where They Get It, And What They Buy
- Exhibit 2.1: Teens' Weekly Allowance, By Select Characteristics, 2011
- Exhibit 2.2: How Much Money Teens Have, By Select Characteristics, 2011
- Exhibit 2.3: How Much Teens Save, 2011
- Exhibit 2.4: Teens' Financial Instruments, 2011
- Exhibit 2.5: What Teens Purchased During Past Week, Gender, 2011
- Exhibit 2.6: What Teens Purchased During Past Week, By Age, 2011
- Exhibit 2.7: What Teens Purchased During Past Week, By Household Income, 2011
- Exhibit 2.8: Chores, Actions Teens Perform In Order To Receive An Allowance, By Gender, 2011
- Exhibit 2.9: Where Teens Get Money, By Age, 2011
- Exhibit 2.10: Where Teens Ages 13-17 Get Money, By Gender, 2011
- Exhibit 2.11: Where Teens Ages 13-17 Get Money, By Annual Household Income, 2011
- Exhibit 2.12: What Teens Have Done In The Past Month To Earn Money, By Age, 2011
- Exhibit 2.13: What Teens Have Done In The Past Month To Earn Money, By Gender, 2011
- Exhibit 2.14: What Teens Have Done In The Past Month To Earn Money, By Annual Household Income, 2011
- Exhibit 2.15: What Teens Are Saving Their Money To Purchase, By Gender, 2011
- Exhibit 2.16: What Teens Are Saving Their Money To Purchase, By Age, 2011
- Majority Of Teens Receive An Allowance; Parents And Teens Are Uneasy Talking Money
- Exhibit 2.17: Money Matters, Teens' Vs. Parents' Perceptions
- Teens Get Extra Money From Parents
- Exhibit 2.18: What Teens Buy With Extra Money Received From Parents
- Teen Spending Habits
- Exhibit 2.19: Amount Of Teen Income That Is Disposable
- Teen Online Purchase Behaviors
- Exhibit 2.20: Those Who Purchase Virtual Goods, By Age, Gender, 2009-2010
- Exhibit 2.21: Reasons Online Game Players Purchase Virtual Goods
- Teens Would Splurge On Clothes With $500 Windfall
- Exhibit 2.22: What Teens Would Buy If They Were Given $500 Cash
- Families With Tweens, Teens Spend $9,000 Annually On Food
- Food, Tech Brands Top Teens' Most Loved Brands
- Exhibit 2:23: Children's Favorite Brands, By Age
- Teens Heart American Eagle
- Exhibit 2:24: Teens' Favorite Clothing Brands, 2011
- Face Time (Rather Than Facebook) Fuels Teens' Brand Discussions
- Exhibit 2:25: Brand Categories Discussed At Least Once A Day, Teens Vs. Adults
- Exhibit 2:26: Most Discussed Brands, Teens Vs. Adults
- Teens Most Likely To Engage Brands Via Email
- Exhibit 2:27: Online User Engagement With Brands Via Email, Facebook, And Twitter, By Age
- Nail Polish Popular Among Girls, Though Brand Loyalty Is Weak
- Exhibit 2:28: Brands Of Nail Polish Used By Girls 12-17
- Family Electronics And The Most Tech-Savvy Family Member
- Exhibit 2:29: How Teens 13-18 Determine Their Preferred Electronics/Computer Brands
- Exhibit 2:30: Expected Family Electronics/Computer Purchases In 2011, According To Parents, By Age Of Children
- Parents Make Teens Contribute Car Maintenance Money
- Teen Girls Love To Shop, Spend
- Exhibit 2:31: Resources Teen Girls Rely On To Learn About Latest Trends
- Teens Are Earphone Purchasers
- Teens Want Teen-Friendly Shoe Stores
- Exhibit 2:32: Teen Boys' Priorities For Athletic Footwear Purchases, 2009 Vs. 2010
- Exhibit 2:33: Teen Girls' Priorities For Athletic Footwear Purchases, 2009 Vs. 2010
- Movie Theater, Convenience Store Video Ads Capture Teen, Young Adult Attention
- Exhibit 2:34: Video Advertising Locations Where Teens, Young Adults Recall Seeing Ads
- Influentials: How To Influence The Influencers
- Teens' Relationships With Parents And What It Means For Brands
- Teen Friends Able To Wield Influence From Afar


Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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