PharmaPoint: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) - France Drug Forecast and Market Analysis to 2022

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PharmaPoint: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) - France Drug Forecast and Market Analysis to 2022


GlobalData has released its new Country report, “PharmaPoint: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) - France Drug Forecast and Market Analysis to 2022”. Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is a rare myeloproliferative blood cancer that is characterized by the presence of the BCR-ABL fusion protein. The stage of CML is classified as chronic, accelerated or blast phase, ranging from least to most severe. Multiple BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) are approved, and are the standard of care for CML. TKIs have transformed most cases of the disease into a manageable, chronic condition. As a result, patients’ survival rates and the prevalence of CML are increasing, placing a growing burden on global healthcare systems

The decrease in size of the overall market will be driven by generic erosion of Gleevec and Sprycel sales following their expected patent expiries in 2016 and 2020. Sales of Bosulif, which will be priced in line with second-generation TKIs, and Iclusig, which will be priced at a premium to the other TKIs, will help compensate for this loss READ MORE >

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1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures
2 Introduction
2.1 Catalyst
2.2 Related Reports
3 Disease Overview
3.1 Etiology and Pathophysiology
3.1.1 Etiology
3.1.2 Pathophysiology
3.1.3 Clinical Staging
3.1.4 Prognosis
3.1.5 Quality of Life
3.2 Symptoms
4 Disease Management
4.1 Global Trends
4.1.1 Treatment Overview
4.1.2 Diagnostic Tests
4.1.3 Genetic Testing
4.1.4 Monitoring Patient Response to Treatment
4.1.5 Future Directions: Discontinuation Therapy
4.2 France
4.2.1 Diagnosis and Monitoring
4.2.2 Clinical Practice
4.2.3 Genetic Testing
5 Competitive Assessment
5.1 Overview
5.2 Strategic Competitor Assessment
5.3 Product Profiles- Major Brands
5.3.1 Gleevec (imatinib)
5.3.2 Sprycel (dasatinib)
5.3.3 Tasigna (nilotinib)
5.3.4 Bosulif (bosutinib)
5.3.5 Iclusig (ponatinib)
5.3.6 Minor Therapeutic Classes
6 Opportunity and Unmet Need
6.1 Overview
6.2 Unmet Need: A Drug that Can Cure CML
6.3 Unmet Need: Lower Annual Cost of Therapy
6.4 Unmet Need: Treatments for Patients Who Have Primary Resistance to or are Refractory to TKIs
6.5 Unmet Need: More Efficacious Treatments for AP and BP CML
6.6 Unmet Need: Therapies with Fewer Chronic Side Effects
6.7 Unmet Need: Better Compliance from Patients on Long-Term Oral Therapy
6.8 Unmet Need: Methods of Determining the Optimal Therapy for a Patient
6.9 Opportunity: Exploration into Discontinuation Therapy
6.10 Opportunity: Companion Devices to Enhance Patient Adherence to Oral Therapy
6.11 Opportunity: Therapies with BCR-ABL Independent MOAs
6.12 Opportunity: Extended-Release Formulations of TKIs
6.13 Opportunity: Biomarkers to Identify the Optimal Therapy for a Given Patient
7 Pipeline Assessment
7.1 Overview
7.2 Innovative Early-Stage Approaches
7.2.1 Project 1: The Wnt Signaling Pathway
7.2.2 Project 2: Jak2 Inhibitors
7.2.3 Project 3: Grb-2
7.2.4 Case Study: Smoothened Inhibitors
8 Market Outlook
8.1 France
8.1.1 Forecast
8.1.2 Key Events
8.1.3 Drivers and Barriers
9 Appendix
9.1 Bibliography
9.2 Abbreviations
9.3 Methodology
9.4 Forecasting Methodology
9.4.1 Diagnosed CML patients
9.4.2 Drug-treated Patients on X Line of Therapy
9.4.3 Drugs Included in Each Therapeutic Class
9.4.4 Launch and Patent Expiry Dates
9.4.5 General Pricing Assumptions
9.4.6 Compliance Assumptions for Oral TKIs
9.4.7 Individual Drug Assumptions
9.4.8 Generic Erosion
9.4.9 Pricing of New Market Entrants
9.5 Physicians and Specialists Included in this Study
9.6 Survey of High Prescribing Physicians
9.7 About the Authors
9.7.1 Authors
9.7.2 Epidemiologists
9.7.3 Global Director of Epidemiology and Clinical Trials Analysis
9.7.4 Global Head of Healthcare
9.8 About Us
9.9 Contact Us
9.10 Disclaimer

1.1 List of Tables
Table 1: The Staging of CML as Defined by Commonly Used Staging Systems
Table 2: Prognostic Scoring Systems for CML
Table 3: Common Symptoms of CML by Disease Phase
Table 4: Most Commonly Followed Treatment Guidelines for CML
Table 5: Most Prescribed First-Line Therapies for CP, AP and BP CML in the Global Markets, 2013
Table 6: Suggested Treatments for CML Patients with Selected BCR-ABL Kinase Domain Mutations
Table 7: CML Response Types, Criteria, and Corresponding Tests
Table 8: Leading Treatments for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, 2013
Table 9: Product Profile – Gleevec
Table 10: Hematologic and Cytogenetic Reponses to Gleevec in Newly Diagnosed CML Patients
Table 11: Gleevec SWOT Analysis, 2013
Table 12: Product Profile – Sprycel
Table 13: Hematologic and Cytogenetic Reponses to Sprycel in Imatinib Resistant or Intolerant Advanced Phase CML
Table 14: Sprycel SWOT Analysis, 2013
Table 15: Product Profile – Tasigna
Table 16: Molecular and Cytogenetic Responses of Tasigna Compared with Gleevec in Newly Diagnosed Ph+ CML in CP
Table 17: Tasigna SWOT Analysis, 2013
Table 18: Product Profile – Bosulif
Table 19: Bosulif SWOT Analysis, 2013
Table 20: Product Profile – Iclusig
Table 21: Iclusig SWOT Analysis, 2013
Table 22: Summary of Minor Therapeutic Classes, 2013
Table 23: Overall Unmet Needs – Current Level of Attainment
Table 24: Early-stage Pipeline Projects in CML
Table 25: Sales Forecasts ($m) for CML Therapeutics in France, 2012–2022
Table 26: Key Events Impacting Sales of CML Therapeutics in France, 2013
Table 27: CML Market in France – Drivers and Barriers, 2013
Table 28: Key Launch Dates
Table 29: Key Patent Expiries
Table 30: Physicians Surveyed, by Country

1.2 List of Figures
Figure 1: Translocation of Chromosomes 9 and 22
Figure 2: Comparison of Normal and Leukemia Blood Cells
Figure 3: Sales for CML in France by Brand, 2012–2022

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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