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Global Consumer Trends and Key Consumer Targets in Alcoholic Beverages - Product Image

Global Consumer Trends and Key Consumer Targets in Alcoholic Beverages

  • ID: 2238337
  • September 2012
  • Region: Global
  • 80 Pages
  • Canadean Ltd


  • Buckler
  • Diageo
  • Guinness
  • John Smith's
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Product Synopsis
This report offers comprehensive analysis of consumer's Alcoholic Beverage drinking habits, allowing marketers to understand people's consumption patterns like never before. By accurately determining consumption by different groups, and the key trends motivating their consumption, the report offers unique opportunities to effectively target Alcoholic Beverage consumers across 10 core countries.

Introduction and Landscape
Why was the report written?
Limited volume growth in traditional markets means many Alcoholic Beverage marketers are looking to the BRIC region for growth. In order to achieve this they need to be able to understand who the key consumer groups are and what motivates them. There are clear differences between consumers in the BRIC and Non-BRIC regions, making it crucial to understand how the marketing landscape varies in detail.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?
The single most important demographic group for alcohol consumption is Older Consumers, reflecting their dominance of Wine consumption and their strong position in the Spirits market. Demographic trends in the Non-BRIC region and China means READ MORE >


  • Buckler
  • Diageo
  • Guinness
  • John Smith's
  • Shui Jing Fang
  • Tetleys
  • MORE

1 Executive Summary

2 Industry Dynamics
2.1 Definitions
2.1.1 Market coverage definitions
2.1.2 Defining consumer trends
2.2 Introduction
2.3 Key Growth Markets for the Future
2.3.1 Spirits is the fastest growing Alcoholic Drinks market
2.3.2 Older Consumers drink the most alcohol
2.4 Country Hotspots
2.4.1 Strong growth in Brazil, India and China
2.4.2 Large Young Adult populations drive consumption in the BRIC region
2.5 Opportunity Map
2.5.1 Key Opportunities in BRIC Markets
2.5.2 Opportunities in Non-BRIC Markets
2.6 Leading Global Trends

3 The Global Landscape in Alcoholic Drinks
3.1 Beer, Cider and FABs
3.1.1 Lager is set to become even more dominant, everywhere
3.1.2 Beer and Ales are declining despite the craft movement
3.1.3 Low Alcohol Beer and Lager is growing thanks to health concerns
3.1.4 FABs' growth is driven by Brazil and Russia
3.1.5 Cider's UK success is not being repeated elsewhere
3.2 Spirits
3.2.1 Specialty Spirits dominate in the BRIC markets
3.2.2 Non-Specialty Spirits are important in all countries
3.3 Wine

4 Country Profiles
4.1 Alcoholic Beverages in Brazil
4.1.1 Beer, Cider and FABs in Brazil
4.1.2 Wine and Spirits in Brazil
4.2 Alcoholic Beverages in China
4.2.1 Beer, Cider and FABs in China
4.2.2 Wine and Spirits in China
4.3 Alcoholic Beverages in France
4.3.1 Beer, Cider and FABs in France
4.3.2 Wine and Spirits in France
4.4 Alcoholic Beverages in Germany
4.4.1 Beer, Cider and FABs in Germany
4.4.2 Wine and Spirits in Germany
4.5 Alcoholic Beverages in India
4.5.1 Beer, Cider and FABs in India
4.5.2 Wine and Spirits in India
4.6 Alcoholic Beverages in Italy
4.6.1 Beer, Cider and FABs in Italy
4.6.2 Wine and Spirits in Italy
4.7 Alcoholic Beverages in Russia
4.7.1 Beer, Cider and FABs in Russia
4.7.2 Wine and Spirits in Russia
4.8 Alcoholic Beverages in Spain
4.8.1 Beer, Cider and FABs in Spain
4.8.2 Wine and Spirits in Spain
4.9 Alcoholic Beverages in the UK
4.9.1 Beer, Cider and FABs in the UK
4.9.2 Wine and Spirits in the UK
4.1 Alcoholic Beverages in the US
4.10.1 Beer, Cider and FABs in the US
4.10.2 Wine and Spirits in the US

5 Appendix
5.1 Supplementary Data
5.1.1 Supplementary Data for Figure 3: Young Adults dominate the Beer market, whilst Older Consumers drink the most Wine
5.1.2 Supplementary Data for Figure 5: Younger drinkers are most important in the BRICs and in the US
5.1.3 Supplementary Data for Figure 11: Lager and Low Alcohol Beer and Lager is particularly important in the BRICs
5.1.4 Supplementary Data for Figure 25: Specialty Spirits are more popular among younger consumers
5.1.5 Supplementary Data for Figure 26: The BRIC region dominates Specialty Spirits, and also leads Non-Specialty Spirits
5.1.6 Supplementary Data for Figure 36: Older Consumers lead all Wine categories, particularly Still Wine
5.1.7 Supplementary Data for Figure 37: Except for Fortified Wine, non-BRIC countries overwhelmingly dominate Wine drinking
5.2 About This Report
5.3 Survey Methodology
5.4 Definitions
5.4.1 Trends Framework
5.4.2 Age Group Definitions
5.4.3 Country Coverage and Region Definition
5.5 About Canadean
5.6 Disclaimer

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