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Life Science Software 2013: Markets and Opportunities

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  • February 2013
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  • BioPharm Reports (VennBio Ltd.)
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Biopharm Reports has carried out six studies in the life science field, which examined the use of specialist software and databases relating to the conduct of PCR, DNA sequencing, DNA microarray, flow cytometry, mass spectrometry and disease biomarker studies. These studies, which involved the participation of more than 2200 end-users in 70 countries, were carried out to assist software developers and vendors to identify market opportunities in these fields.

Techniques such as PCR, DNA microarray, DNA sequencing, mass spectrometry and flow cytometry have seen significant growth over the last decade and by 2015, markets for these five areas are expected to exceed $50 billion, globally. However, none of these developments would have been possible without parallel developments in computing and software. Together they provide the systems that allow the high volumes of complex information that these technologies generate, to be handled. Scientific and clinical needs have driven the development of a multitude of data handling, software, databases and bioinformatics platforms. But, despite the many products available, end-users are often restricted in what they can do due to software READ MORE >

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1 Background

2 This Study

3 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

3.1 Study Questions
3.2 Participants
3.3 Organisations
3.4 Study Findings
3.5 Discussion
3.6 Conclusions

4 DNA Microarray

4.1 Study Questions
4.2 Participants
4.3 Organisations
4.4 Study Findings
4.5 Discussion
4.6 Conclusions

5 DNA Sequencing

5.1 Study Questions
5.2 Participants
5.3 Organisations
4.4 Study Findings
5.5 Discussion
5.6 Conclusions

6 Flow Cytometry

6.1 Study Questions
6.2 Participants
6.3 Organisations
6.4 Study Findings
6.5 Discussion
6.6 Conclusions

7 Mass Spectrometry

7.1 Study Questions
7.2 Participants
7.3 Organisations
7.4 Study Findings
7.5 Discussion
7.6 Conclusions

8 Disease Biomarkers

8.1 Study Questions
8.2 Participants
8.3 Organisations
8.4 Study Findings
8.5 Discussion
9.6 Conclusions

9 Conclusions

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown