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BYOD Policy Template Includes an electronic form for employee agreement to the terms of access and use of enterprise data with a BYOD - Bring Your Own Device - that is owned by the user

BYOD include consumer SmartPhones and tablets which are making their way into your organization. Going mobile makes employees happier and more productive, but it's also risky. How can you say ‘yes' to a BYOD choice and still safeguard your corporate data, shield your network from mobile threats, and maintain policy compliance?

With the advent of Bring-Your-Own-Device - BYOD and the ever increasing mandated requirements for record retention and security CIOs are challenged to manage in a complex and changing environment.

If your enterprise does not have a BYOD policy, then two types of things are happening:

- BYOD blocked and your company is losing productivity associated with an employee making use of a BYOD or your company is paying for each employees access device.

- BYOD are already accessing your corporate network, with or without your knowledge, and you are not doing anything to ensure that this is being done securely and is not in compliance with mandated READ MORE >

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- Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Access and Use Policy

- Overview

- Policy

- Device Policy Requirements

- Policy Definitions

- Access Control

- Security

- Help & Support

- Enterprise Mobile Device Infrastructure

- BYOD Infrastructure

- Disaster Recovery

- Backups

- Intellectual Property

- Tablet Computer (iPads)

- Security

- Supported Problems

- Internal Network Access

- Repair Procedure

- Upgrade Procedure

- Patching Policy

- BYOD Security Best Practices

- Security Controls

- Remote BYOD Management

- Access Management Controls

- Tablet and SmartPhone Applications

- Legal Considerations

- Privacy

- Record Retention

- Record Retention Federal and State Requirements

- Implications Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach-Bliley

- Security Requirements

- Appendix – Electronic Forms

- BYOD Access and Use Agreement

- Equipment/Expenses

- Confidentiality/Security

- What's New

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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