Global Cloud Security Network Market Insights, Opportunity Analysis, Market Shares and Forecast 2016 - 2022

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The Global Cloud Security Market Is Growing At Impressive Rates From 2015-2021


  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Cyren
  • HP
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Sophos
  • MORE

Demand for Cloud computing is strong from corporate data centres as it enables data centres to work in similar manner to the Internet through the process of enabling computing resources to be accessed and shared. Among diverse end-use commercial ventures, IT and telecom fragment is the biggest and represent total market. Besides, IT and telecom portion is required to witness solid development amid the estimate period. The utilization of distributed computing among telecom transporters is relied upon to increment because of expanding reception of android-based telephones among end-clients. Cloud computing helps SMBs to access these resources and minimize or expand services as the requirements change. Thus, growing demand for cloud computing by SMBs is propelling the market growth for cloud security solutions and services during the forecast period. However, sceptical nature of the enterprises towards the adoption of cloud services and lack of awareness are some of the factors restraining the market growth.

Geographically, North America was the largest market for cloud security in 2014 that accounted for maximum share of the global cloud security market owing to the increase in READ MORE >

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  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Cyren
  • HP
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Sophos
  • MORE

1. Introduction
1.1. Executive summary
1.2. Estimation methodology
2. Market overview
2.1. Market definition and scope
2.2. Key findings
2.3. Parametric analysis
2.3.1. Global Data breach incidences across industries
2.4. Key market insights
2.4.1. Top 3 emerging countries
2.4.2. Top 3 revenue generating segments
2.4.3. Top growing markets and emerging trends
2.4.4. Top 3 geography
2.5. Competitive Landscape
2.5.1. Market share analysis
2.5.2. Top winning strategies
2.5.3. Case studies: Top competitive Moves
2.6. Porter’s Five Force Model
2.6.1. Threat of New Entrants
2.6.2. Threat of Substitute Products or Services
2.6.3. Bargaining Power of Buyer
2.6.4. Bargaining Power of Supplier
2.6.5. Intensity of Competitive Rivalry
2.7. Key buying criteria
2.8. Strategic recommendation
2.9. Strategic conclusions
3. Market determinants
3.1. Market drivers
3.1.1. Product Innovation
3.1.2. Companies orientation towards digital and online data
3.1.3. Increasing security need in critical infractstucture
3.1.4. Tougher government regulation
3.1.5. Hype in social media
3.2. Market restraints
3.2.1. Lack of Awareness Cloud Security
3.2.2. Increase in pirated software usage
3.3. Market opportunities
3.3.1. Increased Demand for Managed Security Services
3.3.2. Cyber talent is a big opportunity
3.3.3. Increase in adoption of cyber security solutions for protecting energy utilities and critical national
3.4. Market challenges
3.4.1. Lack of Strategic Implication of Cloud Security
3.4.2. Lack of budget for cloud security
4. Sector Analysis
4.1. Parent Market
4.2. Competitors Market
4.3. Alternative Market
5. Market Segmentation
5.1. By Security Type
5.1.1. Global Network Security Type Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.1.2. Global Content Security Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.1.3. Global End-point security Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.1.4. Global wireless security Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.1.5. Global Application Security Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.1.6. Global Cloud Security Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.2. By Solution
5.2.1. Global IAM (Identity And Access Management) Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.2.2. Global Encryption Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.2.3. Global DLP (Data Loss Protection) Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.2.4. Global Antivirus and Anti-Malware Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.2.5. Global Intrusion Prevention System Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.2.6. Global Risk and Compliance Management Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.2.7. Global Firewall Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.2.8. Global Unifies Threat Management System Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.2.9. Global Web Filtering Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.3. By Service
5.3.1. Global Consulting Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.3.2. Global Design and Integration Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.3.3. Global Managed Security Service Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.3.4. Global Training and Education Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.4. By Industry Application
5.4.1. Global Aerospace Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.4.2. Global Banking, Financial service and insurance (BFSI) Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.4.3. Global Government Departments Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.4.4. Global Telecom Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.4.5. Global IT Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.4.6. Global Healthcare Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.4.7. Global Retail Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.4.8. Global Manufacturing Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
5.4.9. Global Others Market, 2014-2021,($millions)
6. Geographical analysis
6.1. North America Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.1.1. United States (U.S.) Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.1.2. Canada Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.2. Europe Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.2.1. United Kingdom (UK) Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.2.2. France Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.2.3. Germany Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.2.4. Spain Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.2.5. Italy Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.2.6. RoE Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.3. Asia Pacific Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.3.1. India Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.3.2. China Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.3.3. Japan Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.3.4. Korea Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.3.5. Australia Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.3.6. RoAPAC Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.4. Rest of the world Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.4.1. Latin America Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.4.2. MENA Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
6.4.3. Africa Cloud Security Market,2014-2021,($millions)
7. Company Profiling: - (Over, SCOT analysis, strategic review)
7.1. IBM Corporation
7.2. Cisco System INC
7.3. Intel Corporation
7.4. Trend Micro
7.5. CSC (Computer Science Corporation)
7.6. Lockheed Martin
7.7. Northrop Grumman
7.8. Symantec Corporation
7.9. Sophos
7.10. Booz Allen Hamilton
7.11. McAfee Inc.
7.12. CA Technologies
7.13. Symplified Inc.
7.14. Panda Security SL
7.15. Trustwave Holdings, Inc.
7.16. Fortinet, Inc.
7.17. EMC
7.18. Microsoft
7.19. Clearswift
7.20. HP
7.21. Juniper
7.22. Voltage Security
7.23. Perspecsys
7.24. Hitachi
7.25. PaloAlto Networks
7.26. Vaultive
7.27. Cyren
7.28. ZScaler
7.29. McAfee
7.30. Spybot

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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IBM Corporation
Cisco System INC
Intel Corporation
Trend Micro
CSC (Computer Science Corporation)
Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
Symantec Corporation
Booz Allen Hamilton
McAfee Inc
CA Technologies
Symplified Inc
Panda Security SL
Trustwave Holdings, Inc
Fortinet, Inc
Voltage Security
PaloAlto Networks

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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