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The Advanced Automotive Lighting Systems Report Product Image

The Advanced Automotive Lighting Systems Report

  • ID: 2487764
  • March 2013
  • Region: Global
  • 147 Pages
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  • Continental
  • Gentex
  • Ichikoh
  • Koito
  • Magneti Marelli
  • Philips
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The past decade has seen a revolution in automotive lighting, a sector that not only includes visible lighting today, but also illumination through infrared sources as lighting and driver assistance systems combine.

The lighting industry as a whole has moved rapidly from simple incandescent and gas discharge based light sources to solid-state technology in the form of light emitting diodes (LED) and organic light emitting diodes (OLED).

Moving to solid-state light sources brings a number of clear advantages, not least a significant reduction in energy use. Illumination has accounted for a significant proportion of energy use and a 50% reduction by 2025 over 2005, through the move to solid-state light sources, which is a significant achievement largely led by the automotive sector. Within the automotive sector, solid-state light sources allow an overall reduction in CO2 emissions, and light sources have a significantly longer working lifetime. Beyond the LED and close to production OLED light sources that are being incorporated in vehicles today, new light sources in development include digital micro-mirror devices (DMD) and laser technology.

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  • Continental
  • Gentex
  • Ichikoh
  • Koito
  • Magneti Marelli
  • Philips
  • MORE

1. Introduction
- Key drivers
- Safety
- Regulation
- Contribution to CO2 output
- Design freedom

2. Lighting Technology
- Light sources
- Xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) systems
- LED technology
- Organic LED (OLED)
- Laser technology

3. Optics technology
- Lens optics
- Reflector optics
- Projector optics
- Distributed Lighting Systems

4. Applications: Exterior
- Headlamps
- Daytime running lights (DRL)

5. Position lamps
- Front position lamps
- Rear position lamps
- Fog lamps
- Side-marker lamps
- Turn signal lamps
- Reversing lamps
- Rear combination lamps
- Centre high-mounted brake lamp
- Licence plate lamps

6. Applications: Interior
- Ingress/egress lighting
- Instrument panel and switch lighting
- Ambient lighting
- Colour
- Head-up display

7. Advanced lighting and vision systems
- Mechanical Curve Adaptive Lighting (CAL)
- Adaptive Front Lighting (AFL)

8. Active safety illumination
- Progressive brake light warning system (PBLWS)
- Vision Enhancement Systems (VES)
- Future generation night vision systems

9. Supplier Profiles
- Continental
- Flextronics
- Gentex
- Hella
- Ichikoh
- Johnson Controls
- Koito
- Magna
- Magneti Marelli
- Osram
- Philips
- SABIC Innovative Plastics
- SL Corporation
- Stanley Electric
- Valeo
- Varroc Group

Table of Figures

Figure 1: Audi A3 Characteristic front LED lighting module [Source: Audi]
Figure 2: Ambient mood lighting door strip [Source: Hella]
Figure 3: Lighting and communications technology roadmap [Source: GTB]
Figure 4: German accident statistics 2006 [Source: Mercedes-Benz]
Figure 5: Fatalities in dark road conditions - Europe [Source: EC/ CARE Database]
Figure 6: Differing beam patterns through adaptive front lighting system (AFS) [Source: Mercedes-Benz]
Figure 7: Average new car tested fuel economy by country / region 1990 – 2011 [Source: IEA]
Figure 8: Potential annual fuel cost savings ($) for vehicles equipped with LED lighting vs. traditional lighting with and without DRLs [Source: University of Michigan Transport Research Institute]
Figure 10: Illustration of Volvo’s V60 concept vehicle front light cluster [Source: Volvo]
Figure 9: Honda’s Acura MDX rear light cluster [Source: Honda]
Figure 11: The variety of functions and visual design opportunities available with LED lighting [Source: Audi]
Figure 12: Audi R8 all LED front light cluster [Source: Audi]
Figure 13: Xenon HID headlights combined with LED daytime running lights [Source: Audi]
Figure 14: Xenon HID headlights – Lexus RX 450h [Source: Lexus]
Figure 15: Active LED headlights Mercedes-Benz CL550 [Source: Daimler]
Figure 16: Combined Xenon HID and LED headlamps BMW 6 Series [Source: BMW]
Figure 17: Xenon versus halogen beam patters [Source: BMW/ IHS]
Figure 18: Audi A8 LED headlamp (DRL, low beam, high beam, turn) [Source: Audi]
Figure 19: Osram’s Joule LED module [Source: Osram]
Figure 20: Osram’s award winning ThinGaN LED [Source: Osram]
Figure 21: Citroen’s DS9 concept features a full LED system from Valeo [Source: Citroen]
Figure 22: The Audi S7 as featured in the 2012 US Super Bowl advert with full LED headlights [Source: Audi]
Figure 23: Ford’s latest generation Mondeo with full LED headlamps [Source: Ford]
Figure 24: Osram’s Olson Black Flat LED [Source: Osram]
Figure 25: Philips Luxeon Altilon LED for forward lighting [Source: Pilips Lumileds]
Figure 26: Ambient LED lighting [Source: Hella]
Figure 27: Audi R8 full LED module headlamp [Source: Audi]
Figure 28: Global penetration of LEDs in vehicle production [Source: Osram]
Figure 29: Audi prototype with OLED ‘covering’ [Source: Audi]
Figure 30: Epson’s OLED used for a dashboard application [Source: Epson]
Figure 31: OLED rear lighting prototype [Source: Osram]
Figure 32: OLED steering wheel prototype [Source: CARO]
Figure 33: Audi R18 AMOLED rear view display [Source: Audi]
Figure 34: The Smart Forvision with hybrid OLED roof panels [Source: Daimler]
Figure 35: Laser diode based headlight units [Source: BMW]
Figure 36: Typical sealed beam lens optics, side view. Light is dispersed vertically (shown) and laterally (not shown).
Figure 38: Typical reflector optics, side view
Figure 37: Typical projector optics, side view
Figure 39: Hella concept DLS optic fibre headlamp module [Source: Hella]
Figure 40: LED DRL [Source: Audi]
Figure 41: Reduced voltage low beam used as DRL [Source: Volkswagen]
Figure 42: Interior lighting variety
Figure 43: Interior OLED ambiance lighting in Smart’s Forvision prototype [Source: Daimler]
Figure 44: Light piping through moulded plastic pipes [Source: Hella]
Figure 45: Light piping highlights a floating island bezel in the 2013 Dodge Dart [Source: Sabic]
Figure 46: Innovative interior lighting for ambiance [Source: Johnson Controls]
Figure 47: GM head up display [Source: GM]
Figure 48: A schematic of a HUD system [Source: Continental]
Figure 49: Adaptive front lighting delivers increased safety [Source: Daimler]
Figure 50: An illustration of a curve adaptive lighting installation [Source: Ford]
Figure 51: Hella's swivelling light module.
Figure 52: Varroc’s Advanced Front Lighting System [Source: Visteon]
Figure 53: Mercedes-Benz Adaptive Dipped Beam system [Source: Daimler]
Figure 54: Partial main beam use with Mercedes-Benz’s Adaptive Main Beam. [Source: Daimler]
Figure 55: A schematic of Hella’s VARILIS system [Source: Hella]
Figure 57: Hella’s VarioX module
Figure 56: LED light cluster as used in the Lexus LS600h [Source: Koito Manufacturing/ Nikkei Electronics]
Figure 58: Advanced SmartBeam [Source: Gentex Corp.]
Figure 59: Advanced SmartBeam [Source: Gentex]
Figure 60: Gentex’s SmartBeam Dynamic Forward Lighting (DFL) view and mirror fitment [Source: Gentex]
Figure 61: Continental’s intelligent lighting controller [Source: Continental]
Figure 62: Advanced anti-glare control using LED for dynamic light functions [Source: Hella]
Figure 63: FLIR VES System [Source: FLIR]
Figure 64: Night View as fitted to the 2003 Lexus 470 [Source: Toyota]
Figure 65: Hella's active night vision system [Source: Hella]
Figure 66: BMW’s FLIR based VES system [Source:FLIR]
Figure 67: Mercedes-Benz Active Night View Assist [Source: Daimler]
Figure 68: Mercedes-Benz Active Night View Assist with Spotlight Function [Source: Daimler]
Figure 69: Oerlikon Optics active night vision system using its NightVision filter [Source: Oerlikon]
Figure 70: Night vision systems with pedestrian warning symbols [Source: Karlsruhe University]
Figure 71: Possible forms ofhird generation system warnings [Source: Karlsruhe University]

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

- Continental
- Flextronics
- Gentex
- Hella
- Ichikoh
- Johnson Controls
- Koito
- Magna
- Magneti Marelli
- Osram
- Philips
- SABIC Innovative Plastics
- SL Corporation
- Stanley Electric
- Valeo
- Varroc Group

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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