European Markets for Diabetes Monitoring, Treatment and Drug Delivery

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  • Abbott
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The European market for diabetes diagnosis, treatment and drug delivery is expected to exceed €7.7 billion by 2019.

This market includes traditional blood glucose meters, continuous glucose monitoring systems, blood glucose test strips, lancets and lancing devices, insulin, insulin syringes, insulin pens and insulin pumps. Market growth is expected to be fuelled by an increasing number of diabetics and improved education regarding the importance of blood glucose management. Factors such as high obesity rates, poor diet and lack of exercise will contribute to the growing type 2 diabetic population.

Scope: This report pertains to a forecast period of 10 years (2009- 2019) for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K.

Report Contents:
- Competitor Analysis
- Identified Strategic Opportunities
- Market Overview by Segment & Country
- Trend Analysis by Segment & Country
- Market Drivers & Limiters
- Mergers & Acquisitions
- Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring

Main Segments Included:
- Traditional blood glucose monitoring

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  • Abbott
  • B Braun
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Eli Lilly
  • Medtronic
  • Novo Nordisk
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Executive Summary
1.1 European Markets For Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment And Drug Delivery
1.2 Traditional Blood Glucose Monitoring Market
1.3 Continuous Glucose Monitoring Market
1.4 Insulin Market
1.5 Insulin Pen Market
1.6 Insulin Syringe Market
1.7 Insulin Pump Market
1.8 Leading Competitors

Research Methodology
2.1 Research Scope
2.2 Idata’S 9-Step Methodology
Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection
Step 2: Prepare Data Systems And Perform Secondary Research
Step 3: Preparation For Interviews & Questionnaire Design
Step 4: Performing Primary Research
Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates
Step 6: Market Forecast And Analysis
Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities
Step 8: Final Review And Market Release
Step 9: Customer Feedback And Market Monitoring

European Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment And Drug Delivery Market
3.1 Introduction
3.1.1 Types Of Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Gestational Diabetes Prediabetes
3.1.2 Diabetes Complications
3.1.3 Risk Factors Associated With Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes
3.1.4 Signs And Symptoms
3.1.5 Diabetes Monitoring Initial Diagnosis Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems Urinary Glucose Monitoring Noninvasive And Minimally Invasive Monitoring Devices
3.1.6 Treatment Lifestyle Measures Insulin Insulin Types Oral Antidiabetic Drugs Injectable Antidiabetic Drugs
3.1.7 Drug Delivery Systems Insulin Syringes Insulin Pens Insulin Pumps Inhaled Insulin
3.2 Currency Exchange Rate
3.3Market Overview
3.4 Trend Analysis By Segment
3.5Market Drivers And Limiters
3.5.1 Market Drivers
3.5.2 Market Limiters
3.6 Competitive Analysis
3.6.1 Leading Competitors
3.6.2 Market Concentration
3.7Mergers And Acquisitions

Country Profiles
4.1 Introduction
4.1.1 Population
4.1.2 Gdp Per Capita
4.1.3 Units
4.1.4 Price Index
4.2 Germany
4.3 France
4.4 United Kingdom
4.5 Italy
4.6 Spain
4.7 Benelux
4.8 Scandinavia
4.9 Austria
4.10 Switzerland
4.11 Portugal

Traditional Blood Glucose Monitoring Market
5.1 Introduction
5.2Market Overview
5.3Market Analysis And Forecast
5.4Market Drivers And Limiters
5.4.1 Market Drivers
5.4.2 Market Limiters
5.5 Competitive Analysis

Blood Glucose Meter Market
6.1 Introduction
6.2Market Analysis And Forecast
6.3Market Drivers And Limiters
6.3.1 Market Drivers
6.3.2 Market Limiters
6.4 Competitive Analysis

Blood Glucose Test Strip Market
7.1 Introduction
7.2Market Analysis And Forecast
7.3Market Drivers And Limiters
7.3.1 Market Drivers
7.3.2 Market Limiters
7.4 Competitive Analysis

Lancet And Lancing Device Market
8.1 Introduction
8.2Market Analysis And Forecast
8.3Market Drivers And Limiters
8.3.1 Market Drivers
8.3.2 Market Limiters
8.4 Competitive Analysis

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Market
9.1 Introduction
9.2Market Overview
9.2.1 Total Cgm Market
9.2.2 Emerging Markets: Non-Invasive Cgm
9.3Market Analysis And Forecast
9.3.1 Total Cgm Market
9.3.2 Cgm System Market
9.3.3 Cgm Sensor Market
9.4Market Drivers And Limiters
9.4.1 Market Drivers
9.4.2 Market Limiters
9.5 Competitive Analysis

Insulin Market
10.1 Introduction
10.1.1 Insulin Types
10.2Market Analysis And Forecast
10.3Market Drivers And Limiters
10.3.1 Market Drivers
10.3.2 Market Limiters
10.4 Competitive Analysis

Insulin Pen Market
11.1 Introduction
11.2Market Analysis And Forecast
11.3Market Drivers And Limiters
11.3.1 Market Drivers
11.3.2 Market Limiters
11.4 Competitive Analysis

Insulin Syringe Market
12.1 Introduction
12.2Market Analysis And Forecast
12.3Market Drivers And Limiters
12.3.1 Market Drivers
12.3.2 Market Limiters
12.4 Competitive Analysis

Insulin Pump Market
13.1 Introduction
13.2Market Overview
13.3Market Analysis And Forecast
13.3.1 Total Traditional Insulin Pump Market Traditional Insulin Pump Market Infusion Set Market
13.3.2 Emerging Markets: Patch Pump Market Patch Pump Pdm Market Insulin Pod Market
13.3.3 Emerging Markets: Simple Pump Market
13.4Market Drivers And Limiters
13.4.1 Market Drivers
13.4.2 Market Limiters
13.5 Competitive Analysis
13.5.1 Traditional Pump Market Competitors
13.5.2 Patch Pump Market Competitors
13.5.3 Emerging Competitors

Appendix 1: Artificial Pancreas
14.1Mechanical Artificial Pancreas
14.2 Bio-Artificial Pancreas


Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- Sanofi
- Johnson & Johnson
- Eli Lilly
- Abbott
- Roche
- Bayer
- Medtronic
- Menarini
- Artsana
- Becton Dickinson
- Terumo
- Sooil
- B Braun
- Dexcom
- Novo Nordisk

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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