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Protein Electrophoresis and Western Analysis Life Science Dashboard™ Series 2 (NA & EU) - Product Image

Protein Electrophoresis and Western Analysis Life Science Dashboard™ Series 2 (NA & EU)

  • Published: December 2013
  • Region: Europe, North America
  • 148 Pages
  • Percepta Associates Inc


  • Abnova
  • AnaSpec
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • EMD Millipore/Merck
  • Hoefer
  • Matsusada Precision
  • MORE

Protein electrophoresis is a commonly used technique to separate proteins, and is often followed by in-gel staining and/or western analysis to detect the proteins of interest. With a wide variety of applications in proteomics, ranging from protein characterization to protein quantification and applications in other areas such as clinical diagnostics and verification of in vivo and in vitro protein expression, protein electrophoresis and western analysis products are widely used by scientists in academia and industry.

Protein electrophoresis and western analysis products represent key opportunities in the life sciences industry as life science suppliers continue improving products and services in this market.

In order to dive more deeply into the characteristics and dynamics of the market for protein electrophoresis and western analysis, the Protein Electrophoresis and Western Analysis Dashboard™ (PEW) in January 2012 (data for which was collected in December 2011), was designed to take a snapshot of the market landscape with the future goal of repeating and publishing the study to give Dashboard readers the ongoing story of how the market is adapting to new products, READ MORE >

1. Executive Summary
- Dashboard “At A Glance”
- Market Opportunity Matrix

2. Respondent Qualification

3. Demographics

4. Frequency of Performance: Life Science Techniques

5. Frequency of Use: Protein Electrophoresis and Western Analysis Products

6. Co-Performance: Protein Electrophoresis and Western Analysis Products & Life Science Techniques

7. Respondent Preferences: Detection Methods and Systems

8. Throughput, Growth Rates, Price & Monthly Spend

9. Market Size

10. Percentage of Spend with Suppliers of Key Product Segments & Primary and Secondary Suppliers of Other Product Categories

11. Purchase Decision Factors for Precast Gels and Transfer Units: Product Features

12. Customer Satisfaction & Interest in Switching

13. Primary and Secondary Experimental Objectives

14. Bottlenecks in Protein Electrophoresis and Western Analysis Workflow and Desired Product Changes

Appendix I: Supporting Data
Appendix II: Percepta Capabilities and Life Science DashboardsTM Available

- Abnova
- Affymetrix/USB
- Agilent/Stratagene
- Amresco
- AnaSpec
- Beckman Coulter
- Biomatik
- Biometra
- Bio-Rad Laboratories
- Caliper Life Sciences
- CBS Scientific
- Cell Biosciences/Protein Simple
- Denville Scientific
- EMD Millipore/Merck
- G Biosciences
- GE Healthcare/Amersham/Whatman
- Genscript
- Groton Biosystems
- Hoefer
- Jule Biotechnology
- KPL Laboratories
- Li-Cor Biosciences
- Life Technologies/Applied Biosystems/Invitrogen
- Matsusada Precision
- Mobitec
- New England Biolabs
- Pall Corporation
- Perkin Elmer
- Promega
- Santa Cruz
- Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.
- Serva
- Sigma-Aldrich
- Thermo Scientific/Pierce/Owl Scientific

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