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Frontiers in Materials Science and Technology

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  • May 2008
  • 306 Pages
  • Trans Tech Publications Inc
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This special issue aims to provide up-to-date knowledge and the latest scientific concepts and technological developments in the processing, characterization, testing, mechanics, modeling and applications of a broad range of advanced materials.

The many contributors, from Denmark, Germany, UK, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Japan, the People’s Republic of China, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, New Zealand and Australia present a wide range of topics including: nanomaterials, thin films and coatings, metals and alloys, composite materials, materials processing and characterization, biomaterials and biomechanics, and computational materials science and simulation.

The work will therefore be of great interest to a broad spectrum of researchers and technologists.
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Preface v

Committees vi

I. Nanomaterials

The Intrinsic Frictional Property of Carbon Nanotubes
L.C. Zhang, K. Mylvaganam and K.Q. Xiao

Silver Nanoparticles, Cages and Flowers Growing on Carbon Nanosheets
X.S. Du, G.T. Wang, J. Ma, M.S. Mo and Y.W. Mai

Thermal Properties and Fire Performance of Woven Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon
6 Nano-Composites with Carbon Nanotubes
S.Z. Shen, S. Bateman, Q. Yuan, M. Dell'Olio, J. Gotama and D.Y. Wu

Detonation Synthesis of TiO2 Nanoparticles in Gas Phase
X.J. Li, X. Ouyang, H.H. Yan, G.L. Sun and F. Mo

Manufacture, Wet and Dry Corrosion, and Plasma Nitridation of Novel
Nanocrystalline Ni-Cr Nanoparticle Nanocomposites: A Brief Review
X. Peng

Reduced Gravity Testing and Research Capabilities at Queensland University of
Technology’s New 2.0 Second Drop Tower
T. Steinberg

Physical Phenomena of Thermoplastic Articles in the Vicinity of Their Glass
Transition Temperatures
S. Kharchenko and J. Huang

The Role of Al2O3 Buffer Layer in the Growth of Aligned CNTs
M.K. Lai, N.M. Mohamed and K.M. Begam

Improved Fabrication of PMMA/Ag Core-Shell Nanostructures with Two Steps
Z.H. Chen, Z. Wu, J.J. Bao, G.Q.M. Lu, Q.Q. Zhang, L.Z. Wang and X.F. Zhu

Simulation on Optical Properties of Gold and Silver Coated Nano Coreshell
X.Y. Chen, Q. Li, Z. Wu and X.F. Zhu

Effect of Iron Content on the Properties of FePt Nanoparticles in Water
in Oil Microemulsions
K.M. Hyie and I.I. Yaacob

II. Thin Films and Coatings Bovine Serum Albumin Adhesion Force Measurements Using an Atomic Force Microscopy
C.C. Lai, J.M. Bell and N. Motta

Prediction of Defects in PZT Thin Film Using Ab-Initio Method
Z. Zhang, L. Lu, P. Wu and C. Shu

Nonlinear Analysis of a Ball Grid Array Package under Thermal Cycles
R.X. Bai, H. Jiang and C. Yan

Deposition and Properties Studies of Superfine TiN Films with Magnetic Filter
L. Chen, D.C. Zeng, W.Q. Qiu, X.W. Shi and Z.Y. Liu

Environmental Response of Plasma Sprayed Nanostructured Coatings
Z. Ahmad and M. Ahsan

Residual Thermal Stresses in a Fe3Al/Al2O3 Gradient Coating System
J.T. Wang, P. Hodgson, J.D. Zhang and C.H. Yang

Residual Stress Estimation of Tungsten Film by GIXRD
C.C.A. Chen, W.E. Fu and M.K. Chen

III. Metals and Alloys
Stress Corrosion Cracking of NiTi Orthodontic Wires in Sodium Fluoride Solution
X.J. Li, J.Q. Wang, E.H. Han and W. Ke

Analytic Prediction of Structural Stress-Strain Relations of Microstructured Metal
C.H. Yang, I. Sabirov, J. Mullins and P. Hodgson

Experimental Research on Grain Orientation Evolution of Extruded Mg Alloy
AZ31B Sheet during Uniaxial Tensile Deformation
S.H. Zhang and Z.G. Li

Bonding of Aluminum Alloy by Hot-Dipping Tin Coating
H. Diao, C.Q. Wang and L. Wang

Micro Impact Testing of Lead Free Solder Joints
R. Rajoo, E.H. Kisi and D.J. O'Connor

IV. Composite Materials Evaluating Multi-Delamination of Composite Laminates Using an Active Sensor Network
Z.Q. Su, L. Cheng, X.M. Wang, L. Ye and Z.P. Chen

Optical and Piezoelectric Properties of ZnO Nanowires and Functional Polymer-
Based Nanocomposites
R. Pyrz

Tough Hypereutectic High Chromium White Iron – A Double In Situ
Fibrous Composite
G.L.F. Powell, I.H. Brown and G.D. Nelson

Microstructural Analysis on Ti-6Al-4V and 10 Vol.% (TiB+TiC)/Ti-6Al-4V Metal
Matrix Composites
J. Mak, R. Wuhrer, G. Heness, J. Qin, W. Lu, D. Zhang and W.Y. Yeung

Laminated Plate Elements Based on Higher-Order Shear Deformation Theories
Y.X. Zhang and C.H. Yang

Shape Control in Composite Laminates Using Piezoelectric Actuators considering
Thermal Deformation
R.X. Bai, H.R. Chen, Q. Wang and C. Yan

Effect of Processing Method on Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of Glass
Fibre Reinforced Carbon Black Filled Polyethylene
Q. Yuan, D.Y. Wu, S. Bateman, S.Z. Shen, C. Gloria-Esparza and K. Xia

Simulations of Delamination Propagation in Composite Laminates under Static and
Low-Velocity Impact Transverse Loads Using a New Cohesive Model
N. Hu, Y. Zemba and H. Fukunaga

Manufacturing and Testing of High Performance Sheet Moulding Compound
M. Hou and L. Ye

Effect of Vibrations on Void Content in Composite Materials
J. Muric-Nesic, Z. Stachurski, P. Compston and N. Noble

High Performance Composites Using Nanotechnology
M. Bauer, O. Kahle, S. Landeck, C. Uhlig and R. Wurzel

V. Materials Processing and Characterization
A Knowledge-Based System for Temperature Prediction in Hot Strip Mills
H.B. Xie, Z.Y. Jiang, D.B. Wei, X.H. Liu and G.D. Wang

Surface Roughness and Wear of Work Roll Containing Ti in Cold Strip Rolling
H.C. Li, Z.Y. Jiang, A.K. Tieu, W.H. Sun, H.J. Li and D.B. Wei

Rheology of Magnetorheological Shear Thickening Fluids
W.H. Li and X.Z. Zhang

Investigation of Bimodal Particles Based Magnetorheological Elastomers
X.Z. Zhang and W.H. Li

Analysis of Casting Roll Temperature Field during Twin-Roll Thin Strip Casting
X.M. Zhang, Z.Y. Jiang, H.J. Li, Z. Fan, X.H. Liu and G.D. Wang

The Development of a New Image Acquisition & Analysis System for 3D Surface
Measurements Using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
Z.X. Peng and S. Tomovich

Gate Location and its Effects on Product Quality in Injection Moulding
H. Haddad, S.H. Masood and A.B.M. Saifullah

Effect of Surface Texture on Deformation Behavior of Asperity in Cold
Metal Forming
D.B. Wei, Z.Y. Jiang, C. Lu, Y.D. Tang and A.K. Tieu

VI. Biomaterials and Biomechanics
Effect of Fully Porous-Coated (FPC) Technique on Osseointegration of
Dental Implants
C. Rungsiyakull, Q. Li, W. Li, R. Appleyard and M. Swain

Finite Element Analysis of a New Custom Made Orthotropic Post Material for
Dental Applications
M. Khanal, Y. Zheng and Z.T. Chen

Finite Element Analysis of Plant Cell Wall Materials
H. Kha, S. Tuble, S. Kalyanasundaram and R.E. Williamson

Numerical Prediction of Influence of Diamond Burs on Subsurface Damage in
Intraoral Adjustments of Porcelain Prostheses
X.F. Song and L. Yin

Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys as Degradable Metallic Biomaterials
H. Wang, Z.M. Shi and K. Yang

Modification of Porous Alumina Ceramics with Bioinert and Bioactive
Glass Coatings
X. Miao

Novel Synthetic Bio-Mimic Polymers for Cell Delivery
Y. Xiao, H. Peng, X. Mao, A. Whittaker and R.W. Crawford

In Search of a Parameter to Distinguish Viable from Non-Viable Articular Cartilage
– Indentation and Ultrasound Studies
C.P. Brown, R.W. Crawford and A. Oloyede

Evaluation of Dentinal Viscoelastic Properties Based on its
Microstructural Characters
X. Wang, Y.X. Zhang and Y.H. Cui

Endothelialisation and Cell Retention on Gelatin Chitosan-Coated Electrospun
Polyurethane, Poly (Lactide-Co-Glycolide) and Collagen-Coated Pericardium
S. Patel, C. Wong, Y. Morsi, X.M. Mo and C. Rui

VII. Computational Materials Science and Simulation
Simulation of Three-Point Bending Test of Titanium Foam for
Biomedical Applications
S. Kashef, S.A. Asgari, P.D. Hodgson and W. Yan

A Multiscale Deformation Analysis for Mono-Crystalline Copper under Dynamic
Uniaxial Tension
Y.T. Gu and P.K.D.V. Yarlagadda

The Design of Functional Gradient Materials with Inverse Homogenization Method
S.W. Zhou and Q. Li

Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Modelling of BCC Deformation Texture in
Cold Rolling
H.J. Li, J.T. Han, Z.Y. Jiang, H.C. Pi, D.B. Wei and A.K. Tieu

A Study on the Uniaxial Tension of FCC Metals at Nano Level Using MD
B. Mortazavi and A.A. Khatibi

A Study on the Nanoindentation Behaviour of Single Crystal Silicon Using Hybrid
MD-FE Method
A.A. Khatibi and B. Mortazavi

Crack Analysis Using an Improved Meshless Technique with Irregular Nodes
W.L. Wang, Y.T. Gu and L.C. Zhang

A Data-Constrained 3D Model for Material Compositional Microstructures
S. Yang, S. Furman and A. Tulloh

Solidification Microstructure Modelling Using Cellular Automaton Method
H. Wang and Q. Li

Characterization of Virtual Nano-Structures through the Use of
Monte Carlo Integration
L.F. Herrera, D.D. Do and G.R. Birkett

Design of Periodic Microstructural Materials by Using Evolutionary Structural
Optimization Method
S. Patil, S.W. Zhou and Q. Li

Multiscale Particle-In-Cell Modelling for Advanced High Strength Steels
S.A. Asgari, P.D. Hodgson, V. Lemiale, C. Yang and B.F. Rolfe

Guided Wave Propagation and Interaction with Damage in Tubular Structures
Y. Lu, L. Ye, D. Wang and G. Meng

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