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This report takes a look at Jaguar Land Rover's recent model performance and its plans for global expansion, including an in-depth interview with David Allen, Purchasing Director for Jaguar Land Rover. The report also looks at the current manufacturing sites based in the United Kingdom, a look at the purchasing function, access to finance in the UK, and near-term prodcution forecasts for the group. In addition, there is analysis of the company's relationship with its suppliers, its forward model program, and details of parts supplied by over 130 suppliers to Jaguar Land Rover models.

About Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover is one of the great success stories of the UK automotive industry in recent times. Moreover, it has begun the process of transforming itself from a relatively small, niche, UK-based supplier into potentially a major player in the premium automotive market. The last few years have seen a continuous rise in UK production – with some suggestions that at its two main sites, Solihull and Halewood, it could soon face capacity constraints. In parallel, expansion overseas has started, first with CKD assembly operations in India; full scale production in China is now in preparation and longer term, production in Saudi Arabia (which would be first case of vehicle production in that country) is now being evaluated.

Jaguar Land Rover will spend in the region of UK£6bn in the UK alone in FY2013/14, with the expectation that this amount will grow by a further 50% by 2017. This will create significant new opportunities for suppliers located in the UK as the company looks to simplify its long distance supply chains and reduce the environmental impact of its purchasing operations' footprint.

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Global market overview
Jaguar Land Rover financial data

Brief company history

Recent developments at JLR – rising profits and global expansion
Model line-up and production forecast
Land Rover

Principal manufacturing facilities
UK focus
Significant investment in UK manufacturing facilities

Overseas CKD operations
Expansion into China
Manufacturing in Saudi Arabia a long term possibility

Purchasing policy
Increased UK sourcing

Further growth opportunities for suppliers
Recent supplier investment announcements in the UK

David Allen, JLR Purchasing

Continued growth with JLR's purchasing function
The skills issue and the challenges this poses

Supplier Finance
Access to Finance – an Automotive Council Workstream

The SupplierBusiness SuRe (Supplier Relationship) Index

Sample size
Respondent categories

JLR specific findings
Profit Potential

Forward model programmes

Major Suppliers
Selected suppliers to JLR Halewood

New Range Rover
New Jaguar F type

Who-Supplies-Whom Data


Figure 1: Global light vehicle sales, 2006-2012
Figure 2: Global annual sales for the Jaguar Land Rover vehicle range 2002-2014
Figure 3: Jaguar and Land Rover global production volumes 2005 - 2016
Figure 4: Jaguar Land Rover's engine manufacturing centre
Figure 5: Jaguar Land Rover vehicle production by plant in 2012
Figure 6: The first Freelanders leave the Pune assembly line in May 2011
Figure 16: Ian Harnett, director of JLR purchasing, is committed to strengthening the UK supply base
Figure 17: Robert Johnson sees major opportunities for UK suppliers in the years ahead
Figure 7: Jaguar Land Rover's Halewood plant - Body-in-White section
Figure 8: F-TYPE vehicles leaving Castle Bromwich by train
Figure 9: 2012-2013 Profit potential results on scale
Figure 10: 2012-2013 “Organisation” results on scale
Figure 11: 2012-2013 “Trust” results on scale
Figure 12: 2012-2013 “Outlook” results on scale
Figure 13: Jaguar Land Rover - Forward Model Programme (by Global Nameplate)
Figure 14: Suppliers to the new Range Rover
Figure 15: Suppliers to the new Jaguar F Type


Table 1: Key Jaguar Land Rover financial performance values
Table 2: Jaguar Model Cycle Plans
Table 3: Land Rover Model Cycle Plans
Table 4: Global Jaguar Land Rover production projections (by Platform) 2013 and 2018
Table 5: Jaguar Land Rover - Model production by plant 2012 - 2016
Table 6: Components which UK VMs would like to source in the UK, with estimated annual value
Table 7: Selected recent investments by UK component suppliers
Table 8: Who -Supplies-Whom - Jaguar Land Rover

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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