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Perspectives of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

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  • October 2008
  • 230 Pages
  • Trans Tech Publications Inc
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Selected, peer reviewed papers from Acta Materialia Gold Medal Workshop, E-MRS Fall Meeting, Warsaw University of Technology, 17th – 21st September, 2007

This collection highlights the frontiers of current research in nanotechnology. The scope of the work, Perspectives of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, focuses on the presentation of the current status of the science and technology in various aspects, giving examples of industrial and commercial applications and other invaluable information that could facilitate decisions and indicate future directions of research.

The contents are divided into:
- Nanostructures for Photonics
- Oxide Nanostructures
- Carbon Nanostructures
- Nanostructures for Medicine
- Bulk Metal Nanostructures
- and constitute a useful guide to these topics

Eds: Witold Lojkowski and John R. Blizzard.
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European Materials Research Society

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Introduction to Acta Materialia Gold Medal Workshop

Contribution by Professor Herbert Gleiter – Acta Materialia Gold Medal

Beneficiary 2007

List of Participants

Nanostructures for Photonics

How Can the Intra-Shell Emissions of Rare Earth and Transition Metal Ions in Thin Films and Nanoparticles Be Stimulated?
M. Godlewski, S. Yatsunenko, A. Opalinska and W. Lojkowski

Optical Properties of Nanocrystalline YAG:Ce
H. Paul, D. Kessler and U. Herr

Blue Laser Diodes by Low Temperature Plasma Assisted MBE
C. Skierbiszewski

Oxide Nanostructures

Stability, Instability, Metastability and Grain Size in Nanocrystalline Ceramic Oxide Systems
G. Kimmel and J. Zabicky

Mesoporous Crystals of Transition Metal Oxides
W.Z. Zhou

Structural, Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Surface Oxidised Fe Nanoparticles
J. Przewoznik, T. Tyliszczak, D. Rybicki, J. Zukrowski, W. Szczerba, M. Sikora, Cz. Kapusta, H. Stepankova, R.F. Pacheco, D. Serrate and M.R. Ibarra

Nanosized Barium Hexaferrite Powders Obtained by a Single Microemulsion Technique
T. Koutzarova, S. Kolev, K. Grigorov, C. Ghelev, I. Nedkov, M. Ausloos, R. Cloots, T. Midlarz and A. Zalesky

Synthesis of Titania Nanostructures and their Application as Catalyst Supports for Hydrogenation and Oxidation Reactions
L.M. Sikhwivhilu, S.S. Ray and N.J. Coville

Magnetic Anisotropy of Co Films Annealed by Laser Pulses
J. Kisielewski, K. Postava, I. Sveklo, A. Nedzved, P. Trzcinski, A. Maziewski, B. Szymanski, M. Urbaniak and F. Stobiecki

Carbon Nanostructures First Principle Investigation of Structural Properties of Potassium Doped Fullerene Clusters – Kn(C60)2
M. Sokól and Z. Gburski

MD Study of the Endohedral Potassium Ion Fullerene Cluster (K+@C60)7
A. Piatek, A. Dawid, K. Górny, R. Nowak and Z. Gburski

Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of the Liquid Crystal Phase in a Small Mesogene Cluster (5CB)22
W. Gwizdala, A. Dawid and Z. Gburski

Preparation and Characterization of Polymer/Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites
M.S. Mohlala and S.S. Ray

Formation of Carbon Fibres in High-Voltage Low-Current Electrical Discharges
A.T. Sobczyk, A. Jaworek, E. Rajch and M. Sozanska

A Titanium-Decorated Fullerene Cluster – A Molecular Dynamics Simulation
A. Piatek, R. Nowak and Z. Gburski

Nanostructures for Medicine

Nanotechnology for Treating Damaged Organs
J. Lu and T.J. Webster

Electrospray Nanocoating of Microfibres
A. Jaworek, A. Krupa, A.T. Sobczyk, M. Lackowski, T. Czech, S. Ramakrishna, S. Sundarrajan and D. Pliszka

Nanomaterials in Dental Applications
M. Lewandowska, J. Siejka-Kulczyk, M. Andrzejczuk and K.J. Kurzydlowski

The Influence of Graphene Sheet on the Dynamics of Cholesterol Molecules in the Lodgment Located near a Transmembrane Protein – MD Study
P. Raczynski, A. Dawid and Z. Gburski

Computer Simulation of the Dynamics of Homocysteine Molecules Surrounding a Carbon Nanotube
P. Raczynski, A. Dawid, Z. Dendzik and Z. Gburski

Dielectric Relaxation of a Cholesterol Domain Near a Graphite Wall - A Computer Simulation
P. Raczynski and Z. Gburski

Bulk Metal Nanostructures

The Mechanical Properties of Nano-TiO2 Dispersed Al65Cu20Ti15 Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Matrix Bulk Composite Prepared by Mechanical Alloying and High Pressure Sintering
D. Roy, R. Mitra, T. Chudoba, Z. Witczak, W. Lojkowski, H.-J. Fecht and I. Manna

Enhanced Fatigue Properties of Ultrafine-Grained Titanium Rods Produced Using Severe Plastic Deformation
I.P. Semenova, G.K. Salimgareeva, V.V. Latysh and R.Z. Valiev

Nanostructure Formation in Austenitic Stainless Steel
A.T. Krawczynska, M. Lewandowska and K.J. Kurzydlowski

Nanoscale Nickel-Free Austenitic Stainless Steel
M. Tulinski, K. Jurczyk and M. Jurczyk

The Effect of Grain Size Distribution on the Mechanical Properties of Nanometals
T.B. Tengen, T. Wejrzanowski, R. Iwankiewicz and K.J. Kurzydlowski

The Influence of the Initial State on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hydrostatically Extruded Titanium
K. Topolski, H. Garbacz, W. Pachla and K.J. Kurzydlowski

Influence of Hydrostatic Extrusion Parameters on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 6082 Aluminium Alloy
P. Widlicki, P. Wiecinski, H. Garbacz and K.J. Kurzydlowski

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