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Active Optical Cable Markets and Opportunities: 2014 to 2024: Volume I – Data Center Applications

  • ID: 2845809
  • May 2014
  • Region: Global
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  • Avago Technologies
  • Cisco
  • ColorChip
  • Finisar
  • JDSU
  • Oclaro
  • MORE

Traffic from data centers are now a major driving force behind the Internet; even the smallest of businesses now rely on data centers for revenue generation. And the largest data centers today are orders of magnitude larger than the supercomputing centers of a few years ago. Until quite recently, for most data center managers, optical data centers were nice to dream about, but not really essential. Perhaps they needed an optical link or two, at most. Today, the all-optical data center – perhaps even an all-SMF data center -- is something that even managers of medium-sized data centers should be considering.

All of these trends means that the opportunities for selling optical networking systems into data centers have expanded considerably in the past few years. In this report, we identify and forecast just what these opportunities are. The markets and market trends discussed in this report include:

- Next-generation Ethernet. We discuss how the transition from GigE to 10G, 40G and 100G will lead to significant new revenue generation opportunities for firms with Ethernet products of all types and what the likely roadmap and timetables for optical Ethernet in the data READ MORE >

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  • Avago Technologies
  • Cisco
  • ColorChip
  • Finisar
  • JDSU
  • Oclaro
  • MORE

Executive Summary

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Background to this report
1.1.1 Enterprise, Internet, co-location
1.1.2 Vertical markets within the enterprise network
1.2 Objective and scope of this report
1.3 Methodology of this report
1.4 Plan of this report

Chapter Two: Analysis of Data Center Networking Trends
2.1 Critical server trends driving optical networking in the data center
2.1.1 “Ubiquitous” high-performance computing
2.1.2 Virtualization
2.1.3 Changing trends in form factors
2.1.4 Tradeoffs in power density/cooling versus bandwidth density
2.2 Architectural trends creating opportunities for optical networking in the data center
2.2.1 Top-of-rack (ToR) and End-of-Row (EoR)
2.2.2 The TIA-942 data center
2.2.3 SDN in the data center and its implications
2.2.4 Converged networks
2.3 The future of networking standards and MSAs in the data center
2.3.1 Ethernet: All the way to 100G
2.3.2 InfiniBand
2.3.3 Fibre Channel
2.3.4 MSAs evolving
2.4 Key points from this chapter

Chapter Three: Product trends for the optical data center network
3.1 Fiber versus copper in the data center
3.1.1 Cost analysis
3.1.2 Optical roadmap
3.2 Optical products evolution
3.2.1 Gigabit to 400G transceivers
3.2.2 LOMF versus SMF
3.2.3 Field-terminated versus pre-terminated
3.2.4 Optical interconnects in the data center
3.3 Key points from this chapter

Chapter Four: Eight Component and Module Suppliers to Watch in the Emerging Optical Data Center
4.1 Avago Technologies
4.2 Cisco
4.3 ColorChip
4.4 Finisar
4.5 Fujitsu Optical Components
4.6 JDSU
4.7 Oclaro
4.8 Reflex Photonics
4.9 Other suppliers of importance

Chapter Five: Five-Year Forecasts of Component/Module Markets in the Optical Data Center
5.1 Forecasting methodology
5.2 Forecast of optical Ethernet transceivers
5.2.1 Breakout by data rate
5.2.2 Breakout by form factor
5.2.3 Breakout by wavelength
5.3 Forecast of IB transceivers
5.3.1 Breakout by data rate
5.3.2 Breakout by form factor
5.3.3 Breakout by wavelength
5.4 Forecast of Fibre Channel transceivers
5.4.1 Breakout by data rate
5.4.2 Breakout by form factor
5.4.3 Breakout by wavelength
5.5 Forecast of AOCs in the optical data center

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

- Avago Technologies
- Cisco
- ColorChip
- Finisar
- Fujitsu Optical Components
- Oclaro
- Reflex Photonics

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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