Security Applications and Wireless M2M – 5th Edition

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  • December 2012
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Security Applications and Wireless M2M is the fifth consecutive report from Berg Insight analysing the latest developments among the key applications for wireless M2M communication in the security industry.

This report in the M2M Research Series provides you with 130 pages of unique business intelligence including 5-year industry forecasts and expert commentary on which to base your business decisions.

Highlights from this report:

- Identify key players on the European security market.

- Learn about the latest propositions from leading monitored alarm system vendors.

- Understand the opportunities and challenges for stolen vehicle tracking services.

- Anticipate future drivers for increasing penetration and replacement sales for alarm systems.

- Realize the commercial potential of emerging segments including leisure vehicle and boat tracking.

- Predict future trends in lone worker protection services.

- Comprehend how offender monitoring can reduce costs for corrective systems.

This report answers the following questions:

- What is the potential market size for wireless M2M communication in the security industry?
- Which READ MORE >

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  • 3M Attenti
  • EPS
  • LoJack distributors
  • Peoplesafe
  • Securitas Alert Services
  • Trafficmaster
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List of Figures
Executive summary
1 Overview of the European security industry
1.1 Market overview
1.1.1 Security services
1.1.2 Security systems
1.1.3 Small alarm systems
1.1.4 Cash handling
1.2 Key industry players
1.2.1 G4S
1.2.2 Prosegur
1.2.3 Securitas
1.2.4 Tyco International
1.2.5 United Technologies Corporation
1.2.6 Brink’s
1.2.7 Stanley Black & Decker
1.2.8 ISS Group
2 Small business and home alarm systems
2.1 Alarm systems and signal transmission
2.1.1 Small alarm system technology overview
2.1.2 Alarm communication and mobile networks
2.2 The European small alarm systems market
2.2.1 Monitored alarm systems
2.2.2 Alarm monitoring services
2.3 Company profiles
2.3.1 EPS
2.3.2 G4S
2.3.3 Prosegur
2.3.4 Sector Alarm
2.3.5 Securitas Alert Services
2.3.6 Securitas Direct
2.3.7 Stanley Security Solutions
2.3.8 Tyco
2.3.9 UTC Fire & Security
3 Commercial vehicle and asset tracking
3.1 The European commercial vehicle market
3.2 Fleet management solutions
3.2.1 Vehicle management
3.2.2 Security tracking
3.2.3 Driver management
3.2.4 Transport management
3.2.5 Mobile workforce management and lone worker security
3.3 Container tracking solutions
3.3.1 Intermodal shipping containers
3.3.2 Trailers, semi-trailers and swap bodies
3.3.3 Overview of the container shipping industry
3.3.4 Container tracking solutions
3.4 Key fleet management and asset tracking providers
3.4.1 Digicore: A global vehicle tracking solution provider
3.4.2 Honeywell Global Tracking: Formed after acquisition of EMS Technologies
3.4.3 Masternaut: Europe’s leading fleet management provider
3.4.4 Novacom Europe: Leader in trailer telematics on the European market
3.4.5 PearTrack: Leading tracking provider in the marine container segment
3.4.6 Qualcomm Enterprise Services: Global provider of integrated M2M solutions
3.4.7 Trafficmaster: Fleet management and pan-European SVT services
3.4.8 Transics: Pan-European heavy truck telematics provider enters trailer market
3.4.9 Trimble: Strengthens European presence with acquisition of Punch Telematix
3.4.10 Volvo Group: Dynafleet available with security service from Securitas
3.5 Satellite communication network operators
3.5.1 Globalstar: Increases focus on consumer tracking and communication
3.5.2 Iridium: Experiences fast growth in M2M data services
3.5.3 Orbcomm: Dedicated M2M satellite data communications provider
4 Car tracking and consumer asset tracking
4.1 The European passenger car market
4.2 Passenger car telematics
4.2.1 Stolen vehicle recovery
4.2.2 eCall and driver assistance
4.2.3 Motor insurance telematics
4.3 Insurance industry standards for vehicle tracking
4.3.1 Belgium
4.3.2 The Netherlands
4.3.3 Norway
4.3.4 United Kingdom
4.4 Aftermarket vehicle tracking solutions
4.4.1 Octo Telematics: European leader in motor insurance telematics
4.4.2 Cobra Automotive Technologies: Pan-European SVR provider
4.4.3 LoJack distributors: TRACKER, Traqueur and Detector
4.5 OEM car telematics solutions
4.5.1 BMW ConnectedDrive
4.5.2 PSA Peugeot Connect and Citroën eTouch
4.5.3 Volvo On Call
4.6 The European motorcycle and moped market
4.6.1 Motorcycle theft in Europe
4.6.2 Motorcycle tracking solutions
4.7 The European leisure vehicle and boat market
4.7.1 Market overview
4.7.2 Leisure vehicle and boat theft in Europe
4.7.3 Tracking solutions for leisure vehicles and boats
5 People monitoring and safety solutions
5.1 Lone worker protection solutions
5.1.1 Lone worker legislation and standards
5.1.2 Lone worker protection services
5.2 Electronic monitoring of offenders
5.2.1 Electronic offender monitoring programmes in Europe
5.2.2 Offender monitoring service providers and devices
5.3 Company profiles
5.3.1 3M Attenti: Leading vendor of electronic monitoring equipment in Europe
5.3.2 Connexion2: Identicom device shipments has surpassed 100,000 units
5.3.3 Peoplesafe: Focus on managed lone worker services for the private sector
5.3.4 Serco Group: Leading provider of custodial accommodation in the UK
5.3.5 Skyguard: Provider of end-to-end lone worker safety solutions
5.3.6 TrackaPhone: Device agnostic platform for WFM and lone worker services
5.3.7 Twig Com: TWIG devices now feature indoor location technology
5.3.8 Vismo: Specialises in security apps for international travellers
6 Market forecasts and trends
6.1 Market trends and drivers
6.1.1 The economic crisis impedes the monitored alarm system market
6.1.2 Higher awareness of economic benefits drive adoption of fleet management
6.1.3 The EC sets 2015 as the new target for introduction of eCall
6.1.4 Lack of awareness and cost remain barriers for consumer asset tracking
6.1.5 Stricter legislations fuel the lone worker protection market
6.1.6 Electronic offender monitoring aims to reduce costs of corrective systems
6.2 Market forecasts
6.2.1 Alarm systems
6.2.2 Fleet management and commercial vehicle & asset tracking
6.2.3 Car telematics
6.2.4 Consumer asset tracking applications
6.2.5 Lone worker protection services
6.2.6 Offender monitoring solutions

List of Figures
Figure 1.1: Security market growth (EU27+2 2001–2011)
Figure 1.2: Market value by segment (EU27+2 2011)
Figure 1.3: Market value by country (EU23+2 2011)
Figure 1.4: Leading European security industry players by segment (Europe 2012)
Figure 1.5: Leading integrated security groups by revenues (Europe 2011)
Figure 2.1: Alarm system brands, by manufacturer (2012)
Figure 2.2: Small alarm system components
Figure 2.3: Small alarm system revenues (EU27+2 2011)
Figure 2.4: Monitored small alarm systems by country (EU27+2 2011)
Figure 2.5: GDP per capita and total alarm system penetration (Europe 2011)
Figure 2.6: Homeownership and residential alarm system penetration (Europe 2011)
Figure 2.7: Households, dwelling types and homeownership by country (EU23+2 2010)
Figure 2.8: Existing homes and housing starts (EU27+2 2010–2011)
Figure 2.9: Alarm receiving centres by country (EU27+2 2008 and 2011)
Figure 2.10: Monitored residential alarm service pricing examples (Europe 2012)
Figure 2.11: Estimated data for top ten monitored alarm providers (EU27+2 Q2-2012)
Figure 3.1: Commercial vehicle registration data (EU23+2 2011)
Figure 3.2: Fleet management infrastructure overview
Figure 3.3: Container transport chain
Figure 3.4: Top 10 container shipping companies (World 2011)
Figure 3.5: Top 10 container leasing and management companies (World 2011)
Figure 3.6: Maritime container tracking vendors (2012)
Figure 3.7: Inland container tracking vendors (2012)
Figure 3.8: Top 10 fleet management providers (EU27+2 Q4-2011)
Figure 3.9: Top 10 intermodal container tracking providers (World Q4-2011)
Figure 4.1: Passenger car registration data (EU23+2 2011)
Figure 4.2: Passenger car manufacturer market shares (EU27+2 2011)
Figure 4.3: SVR application lifecycle
Figure 4.4: eCall application lifecycle
Figure 4.5: Motor insurance telematics application lifecycle
Figure 4.6: Top five aftermarket vehicle tracking solution vendors (Europe 2011)
Figure 4.7: Moped and motorcycle market data (EU23+2 2011)
Figure 4.8: Motorcycle tracking pricing examples (Europe 2012)
Figure 4.9: Motor caravan and caravan registration data (EU25+2 2011)
Figure 4.10: Leisure boat market data (EU27+2 2012)
Figure 4.11: Boat tracking solution pricing examples (Europe 2012)
Figure 5.1: Lone worker categories
Figure 5.2: Examples of dedicated lone worker protection devices (2012)
Figure 5.3: UK alarm receiving centres capable of monitoring lone worker alarms (2012)
Figure 5.4: Lone worker protection service providers (UK 2012)
Figure 5.5: Electronic monitoring programmes in Europe (EU27+2 2012)
Figure 5.6: Examples of offender monitoring solution providers (2012)
Figure 6.1: SIMs used for security M2M applications by segment (EU27+2 2010–2016)
Figure 6.2: M2M module shipments and active subscribers (EU27+2 2010–2016)
Figure 6.3: Alarm system shipments and GSM/GPRS penetration (EU27+2 2010–2016)
Figure 6.4: Fleet management shipments and active systems (EU27+2 2010–2016)
Figure 6.5: Car telematics shipments and active subscribers (EU27+2 2010–2016)
Figure 6.6: Tracking device shipments for consumer applications (EU27+2 2010–2016)
Figure 6.7: Lone worker protection devices and services (EU27+2 2011–2016)
Figure 6.8: Offender monitoring systems and revenues (EU27+2 2011–2016)

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  • 3M Attenti
  • EPS
  • LoJack distributors
  • Peoplesafe
  • Securitas Alert Services
  • Trafficmaster
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4.3 million small business and home alarm systems will be connected to European cellular networks in 2016

According to a new research report from the analyst firm Berg Insight, shipments of wireless M2M modules for security applications in EU27+2 is forecasted to grow from 2.9 million in 2011 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 47.1 percent to reach 20.0 million in 2016. At the same time, the number of tracking devices and wireless alarm systems monitored from an alarm receiving centre and similar will grow from 9.1 million in 2011 to 39.7 million by the end of 2016. Adoption of cellular connectivity is increasing in the intrusion alarm systems industry. Berg Insight estimates there will be 4.3 million alarm systems connected to cellular networks in Europe by 2016. Insurance companies encourage the use of dual fixed line and wireless signalling solutions in monitored alarms. By adding a secondary wireless link, communication becomes more reliable and cannot easily be disrupted. The market for intrusion alarm systems will continue to grow for many years to come. “The penetration of monitored alarm systems has only reached about 3 percent of all businesses and households in Europe”, says André Malm, Senior Analyst at Berg Insight. He adds that only about 2 percent of all households in Europe have a monitored alarm system. The economic climate will however have a major effect on near-term growth in major markets such as Spain and the UK as fewer households are willing to make investments. Nevertheless, recurring revenues from alarm monitoring services for existing clients have proven relatively resilient despite the economic downturn. “Alarm systems are becoming more valuable for customers as the scope of offerings are being expanded to include detection of fire, gas and water leaks, or even home automation functionality” concluded Mr Malm. Vehicle tracking and recovery remains the largest application area for wireless M2M communication in the security industry, using devices that combine GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies. The main markets in terms of units and value are tracking of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In many countries, owners of luxury cars often need to install tracking systems when applying for an insurance policy. The proposed European eCall initiative imposing that all new cars sold in the EU from 2015 be fitted with an automatic emergency call system is likely to also drive adoption of stolen vehicle tracking services. In addition, there are many emerging niche markets for tracking systems such as construction equipment, leisure vehicles and boats.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- 3M Attenti
- BMW ConnectedDrive
- Brink’s
- Citroën eTouch
- Cobra Automotive Technologies
- Connexion2
- Digicore
- G4S
- Globalstar
- Honeywell
- Iridium
- ISS Group
- LoJack distributors
- Masternaut
- Novacom Europe
- Octo Telematics
- OEM car telematics solutions
- Orbcomm
- PearTrack
- Peoplesafe
- Prosegur
- Prosegur
- PSA Peugeot Connect
- Qualcomm Enterprise Services
- Sector Alarm
- Securitas
- Securitas Alert Services
- Securitas Direct
- Serco Group
- Skyguard
- Stanley Black & Decker
- Stanley Security Solutions
- TrackaPhone
- Trafficmaster
- Transics
- Trimble
- Twig Com
- Tyco
- Tyco International
- United Technologies Corporation
- UTC Fire & Security
- Vismo
- Volvo Group

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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