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Defense and Security in North Korea

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  • October 2012
  • Region: North Korea
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North Korea is a small country located in the East of the Asian continent. North Korea has been under scrutiny for its recent attack on the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong over the highly debated maritime border region. Many theories are being held responsible for this sudden charge of the North Korea over its southern counterpart. The main reason being thought of is to boost up the military credentials of Kim Jong Un, who is to succeed leader Kim Jong Il. The other is that the raid was carried out by the North Korean People's Army (KPA), on its own initiative.

North Korea is more of a traditional Korean dynasty and not just a communist state. However, it is highly anticipated that after the death of Kim Jong II, North Korea will experience a cumulative rule. Around December 2010, the US had established that the North Korean state had assembled new uranium-enrichment facilities, hence confirming speculations that it might be putting together an underground silo for running nuclear tests. The attacks on Yeonpyeong were publicly condemned by the US, Japan and South Korea concurrently. Now, both the US and South Korean airforces are willing to strike if such a scenario is repeated READ MORE >

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1. Executive Summary

2. Emergence of a New Geopolitical Scenario
2.1 Global Political Overview & Outlook
2.2 Cutbacks in Public Spending
2.3 Divided Electorates
2.4 Inflation Risks
2.5 Role of the US under Question
2.6 United States: Possible Loss of Superpower Status
2.7 Role of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) & Japan
2.8 China: A Possible Challenger to the US
2.9 Role of Japan & the Koreas
2.10 Emergence of India
2.11 Russia: Strategic Revival in Sight?
2.12 Europe: Suffering from the Debt Crises of 2010
2.13 Saudi Arabia, Egypt & Pakistan – Important for the Muslim World
2.14 Growing Role of Africa
2.15 Growing Threat of Terrorism

3. Emergence of a Multi-Polar World Order
3.1 Emergence of New Great Power
3.2 Possible Power Conflicts
3.3 Growing Cyber Warfare & Technological Challenges
3.4 Critical Political Figures
3.5 Emerging Political Outlook & End of Globalization

4. Security Market in North East Asia
4.1 Geopolitical Significance of North East Asia
4.1.1 Korean Peninsula
4.1.2 China-North Korea Border: Potential Flashpoint
4.1.3 Taiwan Strait: Potential Flashpoint
4.1.4 China’s Growing Military Presence
4.2 Disputed Islands in North East Asia
4.2.1 Dokdo/Takeshima
4.2.2 Diaoyutai/Senkaku Islands
4.2.3 Kuril Islands
4.3 Situation on the Russia-China Border
4.4 Situation at China’s Western Border
4.5 China’s Dominance in North East Asia Unlikely
4.6 Challenge of North Korea
4.7 Japan’s Influence in the Region
4.8 US Influence in the Region
4.9 Geopolitical Status Quo in North East Asia

5. Political Landscape in North Korea
5.1 Succession of Kim Jong Un
5.2 Importance of the Military in North Korea
5.3 Reshuffling of Kim Jong Il’s Foreign Policy Team
5.4 Further Rise of Kim Jong Un
5.5 Challenges & Threats to Political Stability
5.5.1 Autocratic Political System
5.5.2 Uncertain Succession of Kim Jong Un
5.5.3 Truf Rivalries amongst the Military
5.5.4 Economic Instability
5.5.5 Growing Cross-Border Trade with China
5.5.6 Hostile External Environment due to Nuclear Testing
5.6 Expected Political Change
5.7 Conclusion

6. Security Market in North Korea
6.1 Domestic Security Situation
6.2 Refugee Challenge
6.3 External Security
6.4 Dispute over Nuclear Weapons
6.5 North Korea-US Relations
6.6 North Korea-China Relations
6.7 North Korea-Japan Relations
6.8 North Korea-Russia Relations
6.9 North Korea-South Korea Relations

7. North Korea Security Market: SWOT Analysis
7.1 Strengths
7.2 Weaknesses
7.3 Opportunities
7.4 Threats

8. North Korea’s Armed Forces
8.1 Market Profile
8.2 North Korea’s Weapons of Mass Destruction
8.3 North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons
8.4 North Korea’s Chemical & Biological Weapons

9. North Korea’s Defense Industry
9.1 Market Profile
9.2 Recent Industry Developments
9.3 Trading of Arms
9.3.1 Imports
9.3.2 Exports
9.4 Industry Trends

10. North Korea Defense Industry: SWOT Analysis
10.1 Strengths
10.2 Weaknesses
10.3 Opportunities
10.4 Threats

11. Major Industry Players

12. Industry Forecast
12.1 Forecast for Armed Forces
12.2 Forecast for Defense Expenditure

13. Glossary

14. Research Methodology

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown