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Global Polysilicon Market Report: 2011 Edition Product Image

Global Polysilicon Market Report: 2011 Edition

  • Published: January 2012
  • Region: Global
  • 45 Pages
  • Koncept Analytics


  • GCL
  • Hemlock Semiconductor
  • Renewable Energy Corp
  • Wacker Chemie
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Polysilicon has a major influence on its end markets - Semiconductor and Photovoltaic industry. Polysilicon is the substrate upon which primarily all semiconductors are manufactured. Polysilicon is an important component for silicon-based solar cells. Consumption of solar industry grew more than its traditional share of available polysilicon, thereby spreading concerns about potential polysilicon shortages in the mid 2000's. Consequently, ambitious capacity expansions were announced by established silicon suppliers.

Global market for polysilicon has been growing rapidly resulting into an imbalance between demand and supply, with rigorous growth in its end markets especially in solar industry. All the major producers have begun thinking about enhancing their capacity by making strategies for polysilicon capacity addition. However, global polysilicon imbalance has been anticipated to shift from deficit to oversupply in the years ahead due to the addition of new polysilicion capacities. A lot of attention has been given to polysilicon availability, given the explosive growth of photovoltaics in recent years.

Competition in polysilicon market is highly dependent on capacity. READ MORE >

1. Introduction

Production Chain
Supply Chain

2. Polysilicon Market

2.1 Market Overview

Demand Growth
Production Growth
End Markets

2.2 Polysilicon Production

2.3 Consumption by Application Segment

2.3.1 Solar Products
2.3.2 Semiconductors

2.4 Polysilicon Price Scenario

3. Polysilicon Market - Regional Analysis

3.1 China

Production Growth
Restructuring Plans

3.2 Korea

Market Overview
Investment Plan

4. Polysilicon's End Markets' Analysis

4.1 Solar Photovoltaic Market
4.2 Semiconductor Market

5. Market Dynamics

5.1 Market Trends

5.1.1 Polysilicon Spot Average Price
5.1.2 Polysilicon Unit Production Cost of Major Players
5.1.3 Polysilicon ASP and Unit Cost
5.1.4 Segments of GCL Polysilicon Production

5.2 Key Drivers

5.2.1 Global Wafer Demand and Supply
5.2.2 Growth in World GDP
5.2.3 Rise in Solar Cell Demand
5.2.4 Growth in Semiconductor Market

6. Key Issues

6.1 Cost Cutting Scope
6.2 Oversupply in the Industry
6.3 Difficulty faced by China for Meeting Polysilicon Demand
6.4 High Barriers to Entry

7. Competitive Landscape

Competitive Overview
Capacity Comparison
Market Share

8. Company Profile

8.1 Hemlock Semiconductor

Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Maintaining Quality Standards
Improving Environment & Safety Performance

8.2 Wacker Chemie

Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Focus on Research & Development
Efficient Control System
Risk Management

8.3 GCL

Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Maintaining Internal Control
Managing Capital Risk

8.4 Renewable Energy Corp

Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Corporate Governance
Maintaining Business Relationships
Administering Sustainability

9. Market Forecast

Forecasted Demand & Production
Forecasted Market Share

List of Charts

Polysilicon Production Chain
Supply Chain of Crystalline Silicon based Solar PV System
Global Polysilicon Demand & Production (2007-2010)
Global Polysilicon Demand by End Markets (2010)
Global Polysilicon Trading Split (2011E & 2012E)
Average silicon and non-silicon production cost (2010-2013)
Polysilicon for Photovoltaic Applications
Global Solar Demand (2005-2013E)
Solar demand- by Region (2011E)
Global Polysilicon Demand for Solar Industry (2007-2010)
Polysilicon for Semiconductors
Global Polysilicon Demand for Semiconductor Industry (2007-2012E)
Polysilicon, wafer and module price outlook (2008-2013E)
Number of Polysilicon Producers (2005-2014E)
Chinese Polysilicon Production (2007-2014E)
GCL Polysilicon Production (2009-2Q11)
GCL Polysilicon ASP & Production Cost (1Q10-2Q11)
Global Annual PV Installation (2000-2010)
Global Annual PV Installation- by Region (2010)
Worldwide Semiconductor Revenues (2005-2011E)
Global Market Share of Semiconductor Companies (2010)
Polysilicon Spot Average Price (Jan 2011- Oct 2011)
Unit Production Cost (2008-2013E)
Polysilicon ASP and Unit Cost (2009-2014E)
Segments of GCL Polysilicon Production (2009-2014E)
Global Wafer Demand and Supply (2009-2013E)
Growth in World GDP (2005 – 2013E)
Market Share of Polysilicon Producers- by Production (2010)
Polysilicon production cost comparison (1Q11)
Ownership Structure of Hemlock Group (2010)
Sales of Wacker Chemie (2006-2010)
Sales of Wacker Chemie- by Business Segments (2010)
Revenue of GCL (2007-2010)
Revenue of GCL- by Business Segments (2010)
Revenue of REC (2006-2010)
Revenue of REC- by Business Segments (2010)
Global Polysilicon Market (2010-2012E)
Global Market Share of Polysilicon Industry (2011E & 2014E)

List of Tables

Polysilicon Production-by Suppliers – tonnes (2007-2012E)
China's restructuring plans for the Polysilicon Industry
Solar Polysilicon Investment plan by Korean Companies (2011)
Solar Cell Demand by Country (2007-2012E)
Solar Industry (2011)
Polysilicon Year End capacity (2007-2013E)

- Hemlock Semiconductor
- Renewable Energy Corp
- Wacker Chemie

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