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Latest Agricultural Technology Innovation: Companies and Breakthroughs - Product Image

Latest Agricultural Technology Innovation: Companies and Breakthroughs

  • Published: November 2012
  • 59 Pages
  • Kachan & Co.


  • 312 Aquaponics
  • Alterrus Systems
  • Chromatin
  • Grasslands
  • Martin Industries
  • Precision Planting
  • MORE

Dwindling water, farmland and fossil-based fertilizers are making it increasingly difficult to feed people today, let alone those expected in the future. This report investigates the companies and breakthroughs most likely to help the world produce more food with less.

Select companies are poised to reinvigorate large scale agriculture with clean-tech innovations that help expand yields, increase efficiencies, reduce waste and address concerns about toxicity, safety and the environment.

How do established organizations manage risk around the disruptive change of breakthrough new agricultural innovation? Which new agriculture companies stand the best chances of success? Why?

This report on new agricultural clean-tech, offers definitions and identifies drivers, as well as critically examining companies with important emerging technologies in bio-based fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides, micro-irrigation, precision agriculture, aquaculture, vertical farming, waste management and more. The report concludes with recommendations for investors, large corporations, policy makers and entrepreneurs.

Based on interviews with 20+ agricultural cleantech vendors, READ MORE >

Executive summary

Defining agricultural cleantech

Clean agricultural technology drivers
-Growth in demand
-Land availability
-Water scarcity
-Climate change
-Ecosystem impacts

Varying takes on sustainable agriculture

Emerging agricultural cleantech sectors and companies
A. Crop farming
-Natural fertilizers and amendments
-Biological weed, pest and disease control
-Precision irrigation and fertilization
-Land management
-Tools and equipment
-Waste innovations
-Transport decay prevention
B. Controlled environment agriculture
-Hydroponics, aeroponics and vertical farming
-Improved greenhouses
C. Sustainable forestry
D. Animal farming
-Waste innovations
E. Aquaculture
-Health & yield
-Waste innovations

-Policy makers
-Large agricultural and other corporations


Methodology and bibliography

Secondary sources

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- BioDiscovery
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- Bright Farms
- Chromatin
- Cibus
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- GreenScene Agritek
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- TyraTech
- Urban Barns and Vestaron.

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