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The Hard Disk Drive Industry: Market Analysis And Processing Trends Product Image

The Hard Disk Drive Industry: Market Analysis And Processing Trends

  • ID: 2691032
  • August 2015
  • 300 Pages
  • The Information Network
We project that 585,000,000 HDDs will ship in 2015.

Despite the rapid adoption of Solid State Drives (SSDs), hard disk drives (HDDs) will continue to lead the overall storage market because of their cost advantage on higher densities and dollars-per-gigabyte pricing.

SSDs will become more attractive to PC makers and buyers alike as costs decline for the NAND flash memory at the heart of the storage devices.

This report focuses on the entire hard disk drive market food chain, analyzing the markets for hard disk drives, substrates, and thin film heads. Processing issues in the manufacture of each of these sectors in included and the report details the CMP and Lithography sectors of thin film head processing.

Market forecasts of all sectors are detailed.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
We project that 585,000,000 HDDs will ship in 2015.

Chapter 1 The Disk Drive Market Infrastructure

Chapter 2 The Disk Drive Industry

2.1 Hard Disk Drive Trends
2.2 Hard Disk Form Factors
2.3 Hard Disk Drive Market Analysis
2.3.1 Desktop PCs
2.3.2 Portable PCs
2.3.3 Enterprise
2.3.4 Consumer Electronics
2.4 Competitive Structure
2.4.1 HDD Market Share
2.4.2 Solid-State Drives (SSD)
2.4.3 Hybrid Hard Drives (HHD)

Chapter 3 The Media Market

3.1 Industry Trends
3.2 Media Profiles
3.3 Media Market Supplier Shares

Chapter 4 The Substrate Market

4.1 Platter Substrate Materials
4.1.1 Aluminum Disks
4.1.2 Glass Disks
4.2 Substrate Market
4.3 Substrate Suppliers
4.4 Glass Substrate Supplier Shares

Chapter 5 Recording Heads 5-1

5.1 Thin Film Read/Write Heads
5.1.1 Thin Film (TF) Heads
5.1.2 Magnetoresistive (MR/AMR) Heads
5.1.3 Giant Magnetoresistive (GMR) Heads
5.1.4 Colossal Magnetoresistive (CMR) Heads
5.1.5 Current-Perpendicular-To-Place (CPP) Heads
5.1.6 Ballistic Magnetoresistance (BMR) Heads
5.2 Trends
5.3 Recording Head Market Forecast

Chapter 6 Processing Trends And Markets

6.1 Head Processing
6.1.1 Head Fabrication – CMP, Deposition, Lithography CMP Challenges Lithography Challenges
6.2 Patterned Magnetic Media
6.2.1 Conventional Media
6.2.2 Patterned Media
6.3 Market Analysis Of Discrete Track Media
6.3.1 The Perpendicular Recording Movement
6.3.2 A Blurry Roadmap From HDD Manufacturers
6.3.3 Analogy From The Semiconductor Industry
6.3.4 A Blurry Roadmap From Equipment Suppliers
6.3.5 Cost of Ownership (CoO) Analysis
6.4 CMP Slurry Market
6.4.1 Ceria Slurry For Glass Disk Market
6.4.2 Oxide Slurry For Metal Disk Market
6.4.3 Oxide Slurry For Thin Film Head Market


1.1 Hard Disk Drive Infrastructure

2.1 Hard Disk Drive Roadmap
2.2 Decrease In Average Price Of Storage
2.3 Heads Per Drive -- 2003-2014
2.4 Increase In Areal Density
2.5 HDD Market Forecast By Form Factor
2.6 HDD Market Percentages By Form Factor
2.7 1.8 inch HDD Market Forecast
2.8 Platter Forecast
2.9 Ratio of Platter to HDDs
2.10 Forecast of Desktop Computers
2.11 Forecast of Portable Computers
2.12 2011 HDD Supplier Market Shares –Total Market

3.1 HDD Media Structure
3.2 Market Shares Of Media Suppliers .
3.3 Market Shares Of Independent Media Suppliers .

4.1 HDD Platter Demand
4.2 HDD Shipment Forecast By Media Type
4.3 HDD Shipments By Media Type As Percentage Of Total
4.4 Glass Substrate Market Shares

5.1 Detailed Structure Diagram Of A GMR Head Assembly
5.2 (A) CIP Recording Head Structure (B) CPP Head Structure
5.3 Evolution Of Slider/Air Bearing Surface
5.4 Evolution Of HDD Recording Head Formats
5.5 Market Forecast Of Recording Head Consumption
5.6 Heads Per Drive Forecast
5.7 Market Share Of Head Suppliers

6.1 Thin Film Head Structure
6.2 Critical Features In Thin Film Head Structure
6.3 Spin Valve Head Structure
6.4 Cross-Sectional View TFH Stacks
6.5 Cross-Sectional View Of A TFH Design
6.6 CMP Slurry System For TFH Wafer Polishing
6.7 Critical Feature Trends In Thin Film Heads
6.8 Conventional Multigrain Media
6.9 Patterned Media
6.10a Fabrication Of Patterned Media
6.10b Fabrication Of Patterned Media
6.11 Nanoimprint Lithography Fabrication Of DTR Media
6.12 Hitachi's Technology Roadmap
6.13 Seagate's Technology Roadmap
6.14 Samsung's Technology Roadmap
6.15 Magnetic Materials For DTR
6.16 Example Of A Thin Film Stack For DTR
6.17 Nanoimprint Lithography Process
6.18 DTR Film Deposition Alternatives
6.19 Ion Beam Etching Processes
6.20 Planarization By Etchback
6.21 Total Slurry Consumption For HDD Forecast


2.1 HDD Shipments by Form Factor 2001-2015
2.2 HDD Shipments by Application 2001-2015
2.3 Consumer Electronics HDD Shipments by Application 2001-2015

3.1 Substrate Materials Of Media Suppliers

4.1 Worldwide Glass Disk Capacity

5.1 Market Share of Suspension Manufacturers

6.1 Cost Of Ownership Assumptions
6.2 Cost Of Ownership Analysis
6.3 Cost Of Ownership Analysis
6.4 Slurry And Abrasive Suppliers And Products
6.5 Worldwide Ceria Slurry For Glass Media Market
6.6 Worldwide Oxide Slurry For Metal Market
6.7 Worldwide Oxide Slurry For Thin Film Heads

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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