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Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VIII

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  • October 2008
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Measurement, rigorously defined as ‘ascertaining the size, amount or degree of a measurand by instrumental comparison with a standard unit or by indirect calculation based upon theory’, is what makes science and technology different to imagination. Measurement is essential in industry, commerce and daily life. In the manufacturing industry in particular, measurement and instrumentation technology play increasingly important roles not only in the traditional field of manufacturing but also in the new fields of micro/nanotechnology and bioengineering.

This book presents recent advances in the use of measurement and instrumentation in the manufacturing industry. A wide range of topics are covered including: micro/nanometrology, precision measurements, online and in-process measurements, surface metrology, optical metrology and image processing, bio-measurement, sensor technology, intelligent measurement and instrumentation, uncertainty, traceability and calibration and signal-processing algorithms.

The 163 peer-reviewed papers in this book include contributions from all over the world, including Australia, Austria, China, Croatia, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Poland, the Republic of Korea, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK, the USA and Vietnam.

This work certainly presents the most up-to-date information on the use of measurement technology and intelligent instrumentation in areas ranging from basic research to industrial manufacture.

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I. Micro/ Nano-Metrology

Engineering Nanotechnology: The Top Down Approach
R.J. Hocken, R. Fesperman, J. Overcash, O. Ozturk and C. Stroup

Dimensional Measurements for Micro- and Nanotechnology
G.L. Dai, F. Pohlenz, H.U. Danzebrink and L. Koenders

Recent Advances in our Research on Ultrahigh Resolution Laser Confocal Microscopy
J.B. Tan and J. Liu

Reliable Detection of Periodic Micro Structures on Open Surfaces
F. Härtig, M.P. Krystek and S. Klein

The Assessment of Functional Properties of Surfaces with Morphological Operations
M. Dietzsch, S. Gröger, M. Gerlach and M.P. Krystek

Tactile and Optical Microsensors - Test Procedures and Standards
U. Neuschaefer-Rube, M. Neugebauer, W. Ehrig, M. Bartscher and U. Hilpert

Simulation of Light Scattering from Nanostructured Surfaces
A. Tausendfreund, S. Patzelt, S. Simon and G. Goch

Characterization and Manipulation of Boron Nanowire inside SEM
M. Chang, C.H. Lin and J.R. Deka

AFM with the Slope Compensation Technique for High-Speed Precision
Measurement of Micro-Structured Surfaces
Y.G. Cui, B.F. Ju, J. Aoki, Y. Arai and W. Gao

Compact Displacement Measurement System Based on Microchip Nd:YAG Laser
with Birefringence External Cavity
Y. Tan and S. Zhang

New Synthetic Heterodyne Laser Doppler Vibrometer for Measurement of Mechanical Vibrations with Submicron Amplitude
S.G. Kang, J.P. La, H.S. Yoon, D.Y. Choi and K.H. Park

Development of the Precision Stage with Nanometer Accuracy and a Millimeter Dynamic Range
D.H. Jeong, H.K. Kweon and Y.S. Kim

Quasi-Common-Path Laser Feedback Interferometers for Precision Measurement
of Non-Cooperative Targets
X.J. Wan and S.L. Zhang

Self-Mixing Interferometer Based on Four-Bucket Integration Technique for Micro-
Displacement Measurement
D.M. Guo and M. Wang

Micro-Nanometer Positioning Control of Bimodal Ultrasonic Motor Based on Wavelet Differential Actuation Pattern
C.Y. Xu and X.F. Yu

Adaptive Fiber-Optical Sensor System for Pico-Strain and
Nano-Displacement Metrology
R.V. Romashko, Y. Kul'chin, S.D. Girolamo, A. Kamshilin and J.C. Launay

The Development of a Separated Mini-Environment
H. Zhang, Z. Cai and K.C. Fan

Signal Denoising of MEMS Microstructure Profile
K. Hu, X.Q. Jiang and X.J. Liu

Measurement and Analysis of Radial Error Motion of a Miniature
Ultra-High-Speed Spindle K. Fujimaki and K. Mitsui

II. Precision Measurement

Development of Measurement System for Accuracy Control in
Subsection Manufacture
F. Zhang, X.H. Qu, J.F. Dai and S. Ye

Study on the Composite Measuring Method for Small Module Gears
J.J. Ding, Z.D. Jiang, B. Li and J.J. Guo

Collinear Constraint Based Mobile Vision Coordinate Measurement System
Z.J. Yu, X. Li, X. Si, J. Zhu, D. He and Q. Gao

Designing a System of Interferometry Based on DSP
X. Ding, Z.M. Zhao, Y. Chen and Y. Hou

Multiple Measurement Techniques for Coordinate Metrology
S. Osawa, O. Sato and T. Takatsuji

Novel High-Precision Pitch Artifact Using Balls
M. Komori, S. Osawa, O. Sato, T. Kiten, D. Shirasaki and T. Takatsuji

Refractive Index and Thickness Determinations Using a Dual-Path Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
S.T. Lin and T.L. Lin

Measuring and Machining of Ripples on Silicon Surface with Femtosecond Pulse Laser
X. Fu, L. Li, Y. Wu and N. Geng

Straightness Error Compensation for Ultra-Precision Machining Based on a Straightness Gauge
G.H. Cao and Y. Namba

R&D of Ray Tracing Simulation Software and Fabrication Technologies Based on
VCAD (Volume-CAD) Concept for GRIN Lens
N. Itani, Y. Watanabe, W. Lin, Y. Uehara, S. Morita, T. Mishima, H. Ohmori and A.

Surface Topography of Chromium Coatings after Pneumatic Ball Peening
A. Dzierwa, P. Pawlus and R. Reizer

A Calculating Method in Design Flat Air Bearing with Central Feedhole and Pocket
V.T. Thang and L.C. Du

Research on a Novel Vibration System for Dynamic Balancing Measurement Based
on Flexure Hinge Mechanism
D. Zhao, P. Qin and P. Cai

Hydraulic Pressure Wave Generator for Performing the Calibration
of Hydraulic Components
S.H. Wang, L.L. Han and T.T. Tsung

The Research of Data Acquisition and Control Method about On-Line Measurement System on High Precision of Large Diameter
B. Wang, X.F. Yu and H. Zeng

Online Measurement for Dimensions of Thermal Train Wheel
Y. Yang, S. Deng and Z. Hong

Stability Derivatives Estimation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Y.P. Sun, L.T. Wu and Y.C. Liang

Design of a Compliant Micromechanism for Optical-Fiber Alignment
Y.H. Hu, K.H. Lin, S.C. Chang and M. Chang

Measurement Method for Measuring Circular Motion Error of CNC Machine Tools
K.H. Lin, Y.H. Hu, C.A. Chan and M. Chang

Optical-Electronic System for Remote Measurements of Shifts and Deformations in
Huge Mechanical and Engineering Constructions
Y.V. Chugui, A. Verkhogliad, V. Bazin, V. Kalikin, S. Kalichkin, S. Makarov and S.

Incompressible and Analytical Study on a Basic Model of Out-Pump Type Complex
Journal Gas Bearings
S. Yao, S.M. Barrans and L. Blunt

Capacitance Automatic Measurement Method of the Thickness of Liquid
Film on Plat Form
S.X. Xu, B. Wang and Y.Z. Zheng

Calibration Technology of the Articulated Arm Flexible CMM
X.Y. Wang, S.G. Liu, G.X. Zhang, B. Wang and L.F. Guo

Theory and Application Research of Dynamic Measuring Accuracy
Y.T. Fei and M. Jiang

Research on the Application Technology of Linear CCD in Dynamic Measuring Molten Tin Glass Surface
Y. Yu and S.X. Xu

III. Online and In-Process Measurement

Online Measurement of Micro-Aspheric Surface Profile with Compensation of Scanning Error
Y. Arai, A. Shibuya, Y. Yoshikawa and W. Gao

Development of Ultra Precision Gear Measuring Instrument/UPGMI
H. Ogasawara, N. Maeda and T. Hayashi

Use of Air Beam for In-Process Optical Measurement in Precision Machining
Y. Gao, K. Xiao, Y. Zhang and Y.S. Chan

Development and Evaluation of a Non-Contact On-Machine Profile Measurement
System Using a Compact Laser Probe
R. Kobayashi, S. Morita, Y. Watanabe, Y. Uehara, W. Lin, T. Mishima and H. Ohmori

Measurement Method for Micro-Cavity Based on Improved MAP Algorithm
J.W. Cui, J.B. Tan and Q. Shi

A Novel Control Method Using Nonlinear Observer for a XY?z Planar Actuator
Y. Arai, S.Y. Dian and W. Gao

Machining Accuracy Improvement by Automatic Tool Setting and
On Machine Verification
E.S. Lee, C.H. Lee and S.C. Kim

Study on the Multifunctional Bearing Test-Bed for Testing the
Limit PV Performance
J.W. Yu, T. You and X.F. Yu

Online Stereo Vision Coordinate Measurement System Using on Aircraft Assembly
Z.J. Yu, X.X. Li, D.R. He, J.G. Zhu, X.Y. Si and L. Zhang

Laser Remote Inspection of Live Contact Wire for Railways
Y.V. Chugui, A. Verkhogliad, V. Bazin, V. Kalikin, S. Kalichkin, S. Makarov
and I. Vykhristyuk

IV. Surface Metrology

Analysis of Digitizing and Traditional Measuring System at Surface Measurement of Lids
B. Barisic, M. Rucki and Z. Car

High Precision Measurement and Evaluation of the Fine Mould Surface Structures
N.M. Durakbasa, P.H. Osanna, M.E. Yurci and A. Nomak-Akdogan

3D Topography for Drilled Surfaces
G. Varga and I. Dudas

Study on the Key Technology of Airport Runway Frictional
Coefficient Measurement
L.W. Wang, Z.J. Yu, L. Zhang, J. Gao and J. Song

Simultaneous Flatness and Surface Roughness Measurement of a Plastic Sheet
Using a Fan-Shaped Laser Beam Scanning System
F.J. Shiou and Y.W. Deng

A Surface Texture Information System Integrated with AutoCAD for
Next Generation GPS
Q. Qi, X. Liu and X.Q. Jiang

A Study on Surface Material Measures for Areal Surface Texture Measuring
Instruments: Measuring Conditions for the Areal Profiling
K. Nemoto, K. Yanagi, M. Aketagawa, D. Kanda, I. Yoshida and M. Uchidate

V. Optical Metrology and Image Processing

Laser Diode Self-Mixing Interference Based on Phase Measurement Method
M. Wang and D.M. Guo

A Novel Laser Feedback Interferometer for Metrology of Large Range Displacement
W. Mao and S.I. Zhang

Eliminate of the Nonlinearity in Heterodyne Interferometer
W.M. Hou, L.Y. Shen and X. Ren

Characterizing the Thermal Properties of Solid Materials with Weakly Absorption
by the Transient Thermal Grating Method
X.D. Xu and X.J. Liu

Aspheric Surface Testing Using a Partial Compensation Lens
Q. Hao and Q.D. Zhu

New Approach to Fringe Pattern Analysis Obtained by Scanning Polished Metal Cylinders with Gaussian Beam
R. Jablonski and J. Makowski

Theoretical Study on Self-Calibration for the Wide-Range Laser
Auto-Collimation Method
H. Shimizu and O. Hayashi

Study on the Phase Unwrapping Method with Colored Encoded Grating Pattern in
3-Dimension Profile Measurement
B. Li, Z.D. Jiang and X.Q. Wang

A Study of the Surface Profile Measurement Using a Reference
Error Free Interferometer
E. Okuyama and T. Yamasuge

3D Displacement Measurement with Pico-Meter Resolution Using Single
Heterodyne Grating Interferometry
C.C. Hsu, J.Y. Lee, C.C. Wu and H.C. Shih

Merging Phase Shifting Interferometry with Confocal Chromatic Microscopy
J. Cohen-Sabban

Positional Detection in Grating Mosaic Based on Image Processing of Far-Field
Diffraction Intensity Patterns in Two Wavelengths
Y. Hu and L.J. Zeng

A Comparison of Image Registration Methods Used for Printed Circuit Board Inspection
S.C. Lin, C.T. Chen and C.H. Chou

Analyzing the Grating Profile Parameters Based on Scanning-Electron Microscope Images
Y. Li and L.J. Zeng

Machine Vision Based Tracking Control of a Ball-Beam System
C.C. Ho and C.L. Shih

A Point Matching Method for Stereovision Measurement
N.G. Lu, M.L. Dong, P. Sun and J.W. Guo

Photogrammetric Measurement of Deformation of Large Deployable Mesh
Microwave Antenna
M.L. Dong, W.Y. Deng, Y.N. Sun and Y.Q. Wang

Photogrammetric Method with Distance Constraint for Profile of
Inflatable Space Antenna
W.Y. Deng, M.L. Dong, N.G. Lu and Y.Q. Wang

A Research on the Colorimetric Characterization of Digital Camera
G.X. Jia, X.H. Qu, H. Gong and S.H. Ye

Autofocusing System for Optical Microscope Based on DVD Pick-Up Head
C.L. Chu, C.Y. Chung, C.M. Tseng, Y.C. Lin, C.F. Li and K.M. Yeh

Automatic Inspection System for Grain Size Distribution Using a
Commercial Grind Gauge
M. Yoshida, K. Yanagi, M.H. Hafiz and M. Hara

Optical Detection Using Multi-Wavelength Modulation
B.P. Ng, S.H. Luen, Y. Zhang and Y.C. Soh

An Improved Active Homodyne Detector
H.L. Seck, Y. Zhang and Y.C. Soh

Improved Accuracy of 2-D Non-Contact Range Sensors Using 2-D Lateral Effect
Position Sensitive Detector
S. Cui, Y. Zhang, S.Y. Lim and Y.C. Soh

A Dynamic Model of Two-Beam Tuning Fork
Z.G. Dong, Y. Zhang and Y.C. Soh

VI. Biomeasurement

Direct Measurement of NO in Biological Samples
S. Mochizuki, M. Goto, Y. Ogasawara and F. Kajiya

On the Measurement of the Effective Refractive Index of Biological Colloids
A. García-Valenzuela, C. Sánchez-Pérez, A. Reyes-Coronado and R.G. Barrera

Surface Plasmon Resonance Bio-Sensor with Full Field Phase Detection
J.Y. Lee, T.K. Chou, H.C. Shih and C.C. Hsu

Study on the Intravenous Lung Assist Device (ILAD) Using PZT Actuators
and PVDF Sensors
G.B. Kim, S.J. Kim, Y.C. Lee, C.U. Hong, H.S. Kang, J.S. Kim, S.Z. Kim, S.J. Yoon
and M.H. Kim

Study on the Immobilization of Ni-NTA and NTA on PMMA Substrate Base
W.S. Chong, G.B. Kim and C.U. Hong

A Basic Study of the CNT-Biomolecule Conjugation by Molecular
Dynamics Analysis
S.M. Kim and H.K. Kweon

Lie Detection Experiment Methodology: Infrared Image and Spectrum Analysis
W.S. Li, H. Li, S. Lu and Q. Hu

Study of Equilibrium Sense Improvement Displaying Visual Information
G.B. Kim, S.H. Jeong, W.S. Chong, H.S. Kang, S.J. Kim, M.H. Kim, J.W. Hwang
and C.U. Hong

VII. Sensor Technology

A Robotic Facial Expression Recognition System Using Real-Time Vision System
K.T. Song, M.J. Han, F.Y. Chang and S.H. Chang

Freeform Surface Measurement from a Single Encoded Image Captured by a Camera with Varying Parameters
R.S. Lu, Z.J. Liu, X.M. Dang and P.H. Hu

Development of a Flexible Temperature Sensor Array System
Y.J. Yang, B.T. Chia, D.R. Chang, H.H. Liao, W.P. Shih, F.Y. Chang and K.C. Fan

Signal Detection and Control of an Intelligent Robot
F.C. Wang, H.M. Lin, P.K. Chen, F.Y. Chang and K.C. Fan

Fabrication and Characterization of Electro-Active Polymer for Flexible
Tactile Sensing Array
L.C. Tsao, D.R. Chang, W.P. Shih and K.C. Fan

Advanced Measurement Methods of Geometric Object Properties Using
Airborne Ultrasound
H. Schweinzer, G. Kaniak and J. Kellner

Measurement of Acoustic Emission Wave by Using Optical Fiber Sensor
during Microsecond Discharge
Y. Akematsu, A. Hirao, H. Takezawa, K. Kageyama, N. Mohri and H. Murayama

Predictive Measurement Method for Time Grating Displacement Sensor
X.K. Liu, Y.T. Fei, D. Peng and X. Wang

Intelligent Profile Measurement for Wide-Area Resist Surface Using
Multi-Sensor AFM System
S.J. Liu, K. Watanabe, S. Takahashi and K. Takamasu

Increasing the Metrological Reliability of Sensors. New Problems and Ways
of Solution
K. Sapozhnikova and R. Taymanov

Consistency Checking and Combining Measurement Results for a
Wireless Sensor Network
M.D. Duta and M.P. Henry

Validated Uncertainty Evaluation for Self-Validating Sensor
Z.G. Feng, Q. Wang and K. Shida

Ultrareliable Measuring Complex for Nuclear Reactor of New Generation
R. Taymanov, I. Druzhinin and K. Sapozhnikova

Key Technique of Tip Clearance Measurement for Rotational Blades
Y.Z. Ma, F.J. Duan, Y.Z. Zheng, C.S. Ai and S.H. Ye

Optimal Design of Microaccelerometer
Y.C. Liang and Y.P. Sun

Measurement of Strain Induced by Impact with Fiber Bragg Grating
P.Y. Zhu, D. Liu and Y. Lin

Sensor Dynamic Modeling Based on LS-SVM and NGA
Q. Wang, Z.G. Feng and K. Shida

Application of Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Digital Beamforming Technique
to the Identification of Multiple SAW Tags
H. Zhu, Q. Li and W. Shi

Study on Oil and Gas Pipeline Leakage Real-Time Inspection System Based on
Distributed Optical Fiber
Y. Zhou, S.J. Jin, H. Feng, Z.M. Zeng and Z.G. Qu

Effect of Arc Discharge Pressure on Discharge Current in EDM
A. Hirao, S. Tai, H. Takezawa, N. Mohri, K. Kageyama, H. Murayama and Y.

VIII. Intelligent Measurement and Instrumentation

Material Tester Using a Controlled Oscillator and an Inertial Mass
S. Hashimoto and Y. Fujii

Reconsideration of Body Mass Measurement on the International Space
Station and Beyond
K. Shimada and Y. Fujii

Flatness-Based Control of a Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
H. Röck, T. Schröder, K. Kolahi and F. Koschmieder

Fabrication of Micro Tetrahedron Patterns Using Ultra-Precision Shaping System
J.W. Park, S.C. Choi, H.S. Oh, Y.W. Kim, S.W. Kim, C.M. Lee and D.W. Lee

Load and Damage Monitoring of Intelligent Structures Based on Optical Fibers
Z.M. Zhao, L. Guo, W. Li, X. Hong and C. Ma

Development of a High-Precision Temperature Measurement Instrument Based on Quartz Tuning-Fork Temperature Sensor
J. Xu, B. You and X. Li

A New Method and Characterization for Pollution Preventing of Camera Window
D.H. Kim, J.Y. Song and M.R. Lee

Measurement Method for Four Degrees of Freedom Using Reflective
Diffraction Grating
T.H. Ha, C.W. Lee and J.W. Song

Development of Durability Test Bench and Experimental Evaluation for Refrigerant Compressor of Automotive Air Conditioning System
J.N. Lee, C.B. Huang, K.J. Jang and C.W. Tsai

A Study on Dynamic Performance of Precise XY Stages Using Real-Time
Input Shaping
S.W. Park, S.W. Hong, H.S. Choi and W.E. Singhose

Performance Evaluation of Ultra-Precision Motion Controlled Positioning Stage
E.S. Buice, S.T. Smith, R.J. Hocken, D.L. Trumper and D. Otten

Theory Study of Nanometer Metrological Grating Based Two Times Moiré Fringe
X.S. Ma, Y.T. Fei, G.H. Li, Z.Y. Ying and S.Y. Li

Lag Time and Working Frequency of FBG Strain Sensor
L. Sun, H.N. Li, D.Z. Liang and J. Fang

A Planar Capacitive Sensor for Large Scale Measurement
W. Wang, X.X. Li and Z.C. Chen

Temperature Characterization for Nano-Polishing of PCD Composites
Y.Q. Chen, L.C. Zhang and J.A. Arsecularatne

Measurement and Characterization of Surface Quality in Fast Tool Servo
Machining of Optical Microstructures
C.F. Cheung, T.C. Kwok, S. To, W.B. Lee, X.Q. Jiang and H.F. Li

Abrasive Dispersing in Ultra-Fine Diamond Tools
J. Liu, H. Huang and X.P. Xu

Nanomechanical Properties and Nanostructure of CMG and CMP
Machined Si Substrates
B.L. Wang, H. Huang, J. Zou and L. Zhou

Development of Nanometrology for Nanoelectronics: Growth and Characterization
of Transition Metal Monolayer Films on Silicon
N.I. Plusnin, W.M. Il'yashenko, S.A. Kitan and S.V. Krylov

On the Measurement of Dielectric Constant of Coatings with Capacitance Sensors
Guadarrama-Santana and A. García-Valenzuela

Broadband Dielectric Properties of the Ba3MnTa2O9 Complex Perovskites
J.W. Chen, B.K. Wang, J.C. Hsu and G.N. Rao

IX. Uncertainty, Traceability and Calibration

ESAD Shearing Deflectometry: A Primary Flatness Standard with Sub-Nanometer Uncertainty
R.D. Geckeler

Achieving Nanorad Level Stability of Beam Deflection with Scanning Pentaprisms
R.D. Geckeler

Traceable Dimension Metrology by AFM for Nanoscale Process Control
T. Bao

Test Artefacts for the Verification of Optical Digitizers
O. Sato, S. Osawa, T. Takatsuji, M. Murakami and R. Harada

Kalman Filter for Estimation of a Linear Regression Model with Account of the Regression Vector Error and its Application to Calibration of Measuring Instruments
C. Hajiyev

Research on Specification Uncertainty in the Next Generation GPS
W. Lu, X. Liu, X. Jiang and Z. Xu

Traceable Nanometrology Realized by Means of Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Machine
G. Jäger, E. Manske, T. Hausotte, R. Mastylo, N. Dorozhovets and N. Hofmann

Study on Scanning Squareness Measurement Method and Uncertainty Estimation
X. Chen and K. Takamasu

Improved Abbe Vertical Metroscope for the Calibration of Gauge Blocks
S.Z.A. Zahwi, M. Bahrawy, M. Amer and N. Farid

Analysis of Gear Measurement Using Virtual Gear Checker (VGC)
F. Takeoka, M. Komori, M. Takahashi, A. Kubo, T. Takatsuji, S. Osawa and O. Sato

Industrial Robot Error Compensation Using Laser Tracker System
J.F. Ouyang, W. Liu, X.H. Qu and Y. Yan

Research on Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation Methods Based
on Bayesian Principle
X.H. Chen, Z.Y. Cheng and Y.T. Fei

Uncertainty Estimation Using Monte-Carlo Method Constrained by Correlations
of the Data
M. Nara, M. Abbe and K. Takamasu

Analysis of Deformation and Stress Distribution of the Poly-Axial Pedicle Screw
S.M. Kim, I.C. Yang, D.K. Kim and H.S. Bae

Tooth Form Evaluation Using Ball Artifact Development of a Measuring Instrument of a Ball Center Distance Traceable to National Standard of Length
Y. Kondo, K. Sasajima, S. Noguchi, K. Kondo, S. Osawa, K. Naoi and T. Takatsuji

Using of Validated Software for Uncertainty Analyses Tools in Accredited Laboratories
O. Velychko

X. Signal Processing and Algorithm

Universal Designed Structures for Strict Pitch Measurements Using Scanning Probe Microscopes
K. Sugawara, O. Sato, K. Yoshizaki, I. Misumi and S. Gonda

An Intelligent Design for Foot Orthoses
S.E. Hussein

Study on In-Process Detection and Diagnosis of Faults Arc Based on Early Sounds Signature and Intermittent Chaos
R.C. Zhang, J.H. Yang and J.H. Du

Processing of Complex Modulated Ultrasonic Signals in Gas Flow Metering
O. Ricken and V.H. Hans

Investigation on the Noise Separation in Watt Balance Experiments
W. Zeng, X.Q. Jiang, P. Scott and L. Blunt

Advanced Analog-to-Digital Conversion Using Voltage-to-Frequency Converters for Remote Sensors
S.Y. Yurish

Correlation Processing of the Signals of the Single-Fiber Intermode Interferometer with a Small Number of Excited Modes
Y. Kul'chin, O.B. Vitrik and A.D. Lantsov

Research on Automatic Flaw Classification and Feature Extraction of Ultrasonic Testing
J. Li, X. Zhan, J. Zhuge, Z. Zeng and S.J. Jin

Simulation of Profiles of Normal Ordinate Distribution
P. Pawlus, R. Reizer and A. Dzierwa

Processing Speed Acceleration of an Intelligent Communication Instrument
H. Kikuchi, H. Shen and S. Iwasaki

The Design and Use of F1 Softgauges for Validating Surface Metrology Software
T. Li, X.Q. Jiang, L. Blunt, P. Scott and S. Xiao

Instruction Scheduling on a Pipelined Processor for Mechanical Measurements
H. Shen and N. Numata

The Influence of Form Deviations and Surface Topography of Micro-Components on the Uncertainty of their Geometrical Parameters
M. Neugebauer and M. Krystek

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