SORAA: Tri-LED and Lightchip Reverse Costing Analysis

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  • June 2013
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- The first GaN on GaN LED by SORAA on the market
- New in this LED: GaN substrate, triangular shape chip, simplified epitaxial structure and an original silicon-based wafer level packaging

SORAA has recently released the first GaN on GaN LED in a 50W halogen equivalent MR16 lamp with several new features.

SORAA smartly used the GaN characteristics like the optical transparency and the high electrical and thermal conductivity to create a unique vertical structure for these LEDs. The layers deposited by epitaxy are very thin.

A high current density per sq cm is obtained, estimated at 120A / sq cm, 4x more than sapphire LED.

The SORAA LEDs have a triangular shape to limit the internal reflection of the light and thus increase the light extraction.

An original silicon package with a multilayer mirror is used to increase the light extraction of the LED lamp.

This report provides a complete teardown of the LED and the package with:

- Detailed photos
- Material analysis
- Detailed structure of dies and package
- Manufacturing Process Flow
- In-depth economical analysis
- Manufacturing cost breakdown
- Selling price estimation

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1. Overview / Introduction
– Executive Summary
– Reverse Costing Methodology

2. Companies Profile
– SORAA Profile

3. Lightchip Package and Tri-LED Characteristics
– Lightchip Characteristics

4. Physical Analysis
– Physical Analysis Methodology
– SORAA MR16 Lamp
– Lightchip Package Views & Dimensions
– Lightchip Package Opening
– Lightchip Package Cross-Section
– Phosphor
– Tri-LED Assembly
– Lightchip Package Characteristics
– Tri-LED Views & Dimensions
– Cathode
– Tri-LED Singulation
– Epitaxy
– Tri-LED Thickness

5. Manufacturing Process Flow
– Global Overview
– Tri-LED Fabrication Unit
– Tri-LED Process Flow
– Lightchip Fabrication Unit
– Lightchip Process Flow

6. Cost Analysis
– Synthesis of the cost analysis
– Main steps of economic analysis
– Yields Hypotheses
– Tri-LED Front-End Cost
– Tri-LED Wafer Cost
– Tri-LED Cost per process steps
– Tri-LED Equipment Cost per Family
– Tri-LED Material Cost per Family
– Back-End : Probe and cleaving Cost
– Lightchip Packaging Cost
– Lightchip Wafer Cost
– Final Assembly Cost
– Component Cost & Price

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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