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Rehabilitation Robots, Active Prostheses, and Exoskeletons - Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020 - Product Image

Rehabilitation Robots, Active Prostheses, and Exoskeletons - Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020

  • ID: 2723012
  • January 2014
  • Region: Global
  • 326 Pages
  • Wintergreen Research, Inc


  • AlterG
  • Focal Meditech
  • InMotion Robots
  • KDM
  • RU Robots
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Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the rehabilitation robots, active prostheses, and exoskeletons are used inside rehabilitation treatment centers and sports facilities providing rehabilitation for all patients with injuries or physical dysfunction.

Relearning of lost functions in a patient depends on stimulation of desire to conquer the disability. The independent functioning of patients depends on intensity of treatment, task-specific exercises, active initiation of movements and motivation and feedback. Rehabilitation robots can assist with this task in multiple ways. Creating a gaming aspect to the rehabilitation process has brought a significant improvement in systems.

As patients get stronger and more coordinated, a therapist can program the robot to let them bear more weight and move more freely in different directions, walking, kicking a ball, or even lunging to the side to catch one. The robot can follow the patient's lead as effortlessly as a ballroom dancer, its presence nearly undetectable until it senses the patient starting to drop and quickly stops a fall. In the later stages of physical therapy, the robot can nudge patients off READ MORE >

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  • AlterG
  • Focal Meditech
  • InMotion Robots
  • KDM
  • RU Robots
  • MORE

Rehabilitation Robot Market Executive Summary

Home Rehabilitation Robot Market Driving Forces

Rehabilitation Robotics Market Driving Forces

Rehabilitation Robot Market Driving Forces

Rehabilitation Robot Markets

Rehabilitation Robot Market Shares

Telemedicine Rehabilitation Robot

Rehabilitation Robot Cleaners

Market Forecasts

1.Telemedicine Rehabilitation Robot Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1Seizing the Robotics Opportunity
1.1.1Modular Self-Reconfiguring Robotic Systems
1.2Public Aware That Robotics Have “Arrived”
1.3Next Generation Personal And Service Robotics – Robot Home Medical and Hospital Medical
1.4Domestic Robots
1.5Automatic Rehabilitation Robots
1.6Market Research Risk Mitigation

2.Rehabilitation Robot Market Shares and Forecasts
2.1Home and Hospital Rehabilitation Robot Market Driving Forces
2.1.1Rehabilitation Robotics Market Driving Forces
2.1.2Rehabilitation Robot Market Driving Forces
2.2Rehabilitation Robot Markets
2.2.1Rehabilitation Robot Market Shares
2.2.2Telemedicine Rehabilitation Robot Market Forecasts
2.3Rehabilitation Conferencing and Exercise Robot Markets
2.3.1AVA Robot Market Shares
2.3.2iRobot Remote Presence KBZ
2.3.3LG Electronics
2.3.4MIT-Manus, Bi-Manu-Track and MIME
2.3.5Carnegie Tech Robotics
2.3.7Panasonic Nanotechnology Rehabilitation Robot
2.3.8Rehabilitation Robot Market Forecasts
2.4Rehabilitation Robot Markets Shares
2.4.1Telepresence Rehabilitation Robot Markets Shares
2.4.2InMotion 2 Rehabilitation Robots
2.4.3Fluidra / Aqua Products
2.4.4Pool Rehabilitation Robot Market Forecasts
2.5horizontal Plane Rehabilitation Robot Markets
2.6Residential Rehabilitation Robot Markets
2.6.1iRobot Strategy
2.7iRobot Rehabilitation
2.8Rehabilitation Robot Prices
2.9Regional Market Analysis of Robots for Rehabilitation
2.9.1Domestic and International

3.Home, Hospital, and Nursing Homer Rehabilitation
Robot Product Description
Current robotic devices
Exoskeletons for aiding limb or hand movement
Tibion Bionic Leg
Myomo Neuro-Robotic System
MRISAR's STRAC (Symbiotic Terrain Robotic Assist Chair)
Berkeley Bionics eLegs
Enhanced treadmills
Hocoma's Lokomat
Robotic arms to retrain motor movement of the limb
Finger rehabilitation devices
Tyromotion's AMADEO
Aid strength development of specific motor movements
Aid strength development movements directly
Robotic technologies leverage the principles of neuroplasticity
Improving quality of movement
Increasing the intensity of task
Increasing repetition of the task

4. Research Into Robot Mediated Therapy Rehabilitation Robot Technology
4.1 Robotics Industry Technology Synergies
4.2 Sensors
4.2.1 Robotic Lasers
4.3 Rehabilitation Robotic Technology
4.3.1 Automatic Suction-Side Devices
4.3.2 Robotic Automatic Limb Movers
4.4 Rehabilitation Robot Key Technology Needs
4.5 Rehabilitation Robots
4.6 Robotics Technology Solutions
4.7 Classification Of Rehabilitation Robots By Mechanical Structure
4.7.1 Rehabilitation Robots By Type
4.7.2 Classification Of Industrial Robots By Mechanical Structure II
4.8 Open Robotic Control Software
4.8.1 PC-Bots
4.8.2 Tablet-Bots
4.9 Advanced Robot Technology: Navigation, Mobility, And Manipulation
4.9.1 RehabilitationRobot Intelligence Systems
4.9.2 Real-World, Dynamic Sensing
4.10 User-Friendly Interfaces
4.10.1 Tightly-Integrated, Electromechanical Robot Design
4.11 Field Based Robotics Iterative Development
4.11.1 Next-Generation Products Leverage Model
4.11.2 Modular RehabilitationRobot Structure And Control
4.11.3 Lattice Architectures
4.11.4 Chain / Tree Architectures
4.11.5 Deterministic Reconfiguration
4.11.6 Stochastic Reconfiguration
4.11.7 Modular Robotic Systems
4.12 Autonomous Modular Robotics Used in Space
4.13 Telepario
4.14 Self-Reproducing Machines
4.14.1M-TRAN Modular Transformer
4.15 Attitude Control In Space By Control Moment Gyros
4.16 Robotics Government Regulations
4.17 Mobile RehabilitationRobotic Technology
4.17.1Brains And The Brawn
4.18 Hitachi Configuration Of Robots Using The SuperH Family
4.18.1Hitachi Concept of MMU And Logic Space
4.19 Rehabilitation Robot Parts Work Together

5. Rehabilitation Robot Company Profiles

List of Tables

Tables and Figures

Rehabilitation Robots Executive Summary
Rehabilitation Robots Market Description and Market Dynamics
Rehabilitation Robots Market Shares and Market Forecasts
Rehabilitation Robots Product Description
Rehabilitation Robots Technology
Rehabilitation Robots Company Profiles

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

- AlterG
- InMotion Robots
- Ekso Bionics
- Myomo
- Hocoma

Market Participants

- Berkley Robotics and Human Engineering Laboratory 260
- Catholic University of America
- Fanuc
- Focal Meditech
- Hocoma
- Honda Motor
- Instead Technologies
- Invacare
- iRobot
- Kinova
- Reha-Stim
- Robotdalen
- RU Robots
- Secom
- Sunrise Medical
- Touch Bionics
- Tyromotion

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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