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Microscopy Markets

  • ID: 5531
  • Report
  • October 2013
  • Region: Global
  • 238 Pages
  • TriMark Publications
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  • Applied Precision, Inc
  • Buehler Ltd
  • Gatan, Inc
  • KLA-Tencor Corporation
  • Nanonics Imaging Ltd
  • Olympus Corporation
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Microscopy is a complex, high-technology market focused on producing enlarged images of very small objects. There is a perception that traditional light and electron microscopy will gradually be replaced by the newly emerging Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Raman confocal systems, but traditional techniques will in reality continue to thrive as they contribute to a growing trend toward correlative microscopy in which multiple microscopy and/or spectroscopy techniques combine to investigate several integrated facets of a problem.

Microscopy industry players face numerous challenges, including the complexity of the instrumentation and the technical support required to maintain customer bases, but the broad applicability of microscopy techniques and ongoing innovations continue to drive growth in the sector. This report describes major microscope market segments and includes examinations of light, confocal, electron, ion and scanning probe microscopes. It assesses the microscopy market drivers and bottlenecks from the perspective of the medical and scientific communities and discusses the potential benefits of the microscopy market for different sectors.

The focus is on end-user markets, including hospitals, research facilities, freestanding clinics and equipment-leasing companies. This study also examines companies that are actively developing and marketing microscopy products around the world. The report includes current and forecasted market shares by company and profit/business opportunities by imaging segment.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • Applied Precision, Inc
  • Buehler Ltd
  • Gatan, Inc
  • KLA-Tencor Corporation
  • Nanonics Imaging Ltd
  • Olympus Corporation
  • MORE
1. Overview
1.1 Statement of Report
1.2 Scope of This Report
1.3 Objectives
1.4 Methodology
1.5 Aims of This Report
1.6 Executive Summary

2. Microscopy Technologies: An Overview
2.1 Basic Optical Microscopy
2.2 Electron Microscopy and Other Charged Particles Technologies
2.2.1 Advanced Optical Microscopy Scanning Probe Microscopy Fourier Transform Infrared Microscopy Ultraviolet Microscopy Scanning Acoustic Microscopy X-Ray Microscopy/Microtomography (MCT, XMT, Micro-CT)

3. Optical Microscopy: An Overview
3.1 Basic Components of an Optical Microscope
3.1.1 Lens Systems
3.1.2 Resolution
3.1.3 Illumination Systems
3.2 Innovations
3.2.1 Stereo Microscope
3.3 Major Applications of Optical Microscopy
3.3.1 Applications in Semiconductor Industry
3.3.2 Automated Medical Imaging
3.4 Market Drivers for Automated Systems for Semiconductor and Medical Applications
3.5 Real-Time Imaging

4. Fluorescence Microscopy: An Overview
4.1 Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy
4.2 Multi-Photon Microscopy
4.2.1 Basic Principles
4.2.2 Lasers
4.2.3 Fluorophores for Multi-Photon Work
4.2.4 Uncaging
4.2.5 Antifluorescence

5. Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy
5.1 Basic Principles
5.2 Photobleaching
5.3 High-Throughput Fluorescence and Confocal Imaging Systems
5.4 Optical, Fluorescence, Multi-Photon and Confocal Microscopes from Major Vendors
5.4.1 Clinical and Cell Kinetics Microscope from Becton Dickinson (BD)
5.4.2 Optical Metrology Microscopes for Semiconductor Industry from KLA-Trencor
5.4.3 Korima, Inc.ís Protein Review Station
5.4.4 Leica Microsystemsí Products Upright Clinical and Fluorescence Microscopes Leicaís Inverted Clinical and Fluorescence Microscopes Leicaís Optical Microscopes for Education Stereo- and Modular Microscopes for Quality Control, Routine Inspection, Education and Research from Leica Automated Research Microscopes from Leica High-Precision Fluorescence Microscopes from Leica Confocal Microscopes (Including Fluorescence and Multi-Photon Capability) from Leica Surgical Operating Microscopes from Leica
5.4.5 Nikonís Products Nikonís Upright Microscopes Specialized for Life Sciences Research Nikonís Upright Models Specialized for Industrial Applications Nikonís Inverted Microscopes Specialized for Life Sciences Research Inverted Microscopes Specialized for Industrial Applications from Nikon Nikonís Stereomicroscopes Nikonís Educational Microscopes Nikonís Clinical and Research Microscopes Nikonís Polarizing Microscopes Nikonís Confocal Microscopes Nikonís Measuring Microscopes (Including Confocal Capability) and Industrial Microscopes
5.4.6 Olympusí Products Olympusí Stereomicroscopes Polarizing Microscopes from Olympus Inverted Microscopes from Olympus Olympusí Fluorescence Microscope for Biology Confocal Microscopes for Biology from Olympus
5.4.7 Products from Veeco Instruments White Light Interferometry (Optical Profiler) Microscopes from Veeco
5.4.8 Products from Carl Zeiss Stereomicroscopes (Including Fluorescence Capability) from Carl Zeiss Upright Microscopes from Carl Zeiss Inverted Microscopes from Carl Zeiss Polarizing Microscopes from Carl Zeiss Confocal Microscopes (Including Fluorescence and Multi-Photon Capabilities) from Carl Zeiss
5.4.9 Products from Visitron Systems GmbH Modular Confocal Scanners from Visitron

6. Scanning Probe Microscopy: An Overview
6.1 Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy
6.1.1 Resonance Frequency
6.1.2 Aperture
6.1.3 Reflection Mode
6.2 Near-Field Scanning Thermal Microscopy
6.3 Atomic Force Microscopy
6.3.1 Semiconductor Applications
6.3.2 Magnetic Material Applications
6.3.3 Electrochemical Applications
6.3.4 Life Sciences Applications
6.4 Major Players and Products of AFM
6.4.1 Atomic Force Microscopes from Agilent Technologies
6.4.2 Atomic Force Microscopes from Asylum Research
6.4.3 Scanning Probe Microscopes from JEOL USA, Inc.
6.4.4 Atomic Force Metrology Tool for the Semiconductor Industry from KLA-Tencor
6.4.5 Scanning Probe Microscopes from Nanonics Imaging Ltd.
6.4.6 Surface Science Systems from Omicron NanoTechnology GmbH
6.4.7 Scanning Probe and AFM for Industry and the Life Sciences from Veeco
6.4.8 Automated AFM/AFP Systems for Metrology and Instrumentation
6.4.9 Combination Scanning Probe Microscopes from WITec Instruments Corp.

7. Infrared and Ultraviolet Microscopy: An Overview
7.1 Fourier-Transfer Infrared Microscopy (FT-IR)
7.2 Ultraviolet Microscopy
7.3 Infrared Microscopes for the Life Sciences from Bruker Optics
7.4 Multidisciplinary UV-Visible-NIR Microscopes and Modules from Craic Technologies
7.5 UV Metrology Tools for the Semiconductor Industry from KLA-Tencor Corporation
7.6 UV-Visible-NIR Microscopes for the Semiconductor Industry from Korima, Inc.
7.7 Infrared Microscopes from Thermo Scientific
7.8 Scanning Acoustic Microscopy, X-Ray Microtomography and Raman Spectroscopy
7.8.1 Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM)
7.8.2 X-Ray Microtomography
7.8.3 Raman Spectroscopy Microscopy
7.8.4 Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microscopy
7.8.5 Scanning Acoustic Microscopes for Industrial Applications from Sonix, Inc.
7.8.6 Scanning Acoustic Systems for Industrial Applications from Sonoscan, Inc.
7.8.7 Tomographic Atom Probe for Semiconductors and Materials from Cameca
7.8.8 Microtomography for Industry, Research and the Life Sciences from SkyScan
7.8.9 Raman Microscopy from Bruker Optics
7.8.10 Raman Analytical Microscopes from Horiba Jobin Yvon
7.8.11 Raman Microscope from Renishaw
7.8.12 Raman Hybrid Microscopes from Renishaw

8. Electron Microscopes: An Overview
8.1 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)
8.1.1 Electron Source
8.2 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
8.2.1 Rastering
8.2.2 Exploring the Sample
8.2.3 Types of Images
8.2.4 Environmental SEM and Variable Pressure SEM (VPSEM)
8.2.5 Low-Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy
8.2.6 Tabletop Models
8.3 Applications
8.4 Scanning/Transmission Electron Microscope
8.5 Electron Probe Microanalyzer (Microprobe)
8.6 Auger Electron Microscopy/Spectroscopy (Auger)
8.7 Electron Beam (E-Beam) Lithography
8.8 Focused Ion Beam and Dual-Beam Microscope
8.9 Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS)
8.10 X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy/Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis
8.11 Scanning Helium Ion Beam Microscopy
8.12 Ancillary Analytical Attachments
8.12.1 Energy-Dispersive and Wavelength-Dispersive X-Ray Microanalyzers
8.12.2 Electron Backscatter Diffraction
8.12.3 Cathodoluminescence (CL)
8.12.4 X-Ray Microtomography
8.12.5 Raman Spectroscopy
8.13 Major Players and Products
8.13.1 Electron Probe Microanalyzer for Research from Cameca Instruments, Inc.
8.13.2 Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) for Materials and Semiconductors from Cameca
8.13.3 Magnetic Sector Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) for Semiconductor Technology
8.13.4 SIMS Microprobe for Materials, Semiconductors, Geology, Space Science and Biology
8.13.5 Metrology SIMS for Semiconductors and Materials from Cameca
8.13.6 Metrology ULE SIMS for Semiconductors
8.13.7 TEM and SEM from FEI Company
8.13.8 SEM for Education, the Life Sciences, Materials Sciences, Semiconductor and Data Storage Industries from FEI
8.13.9 Focused Ion Beam Microscopes for Materials Science and Industry from FEI
8.13.10 FIB/SEM Dual-Beam Systems for Electron Imaging with Ion and Electron Milling from FEI
8.13.11 TEM and STEM for Industry, Materials Sciences and Life Sciences from Hitachi
8.13.12 Scanning Electron Microscopes for Education, Industry, the Materials Sciences and Life Sciences from Hitachi
8.13.13 Focused Ion Beam Microscopes from Hitachi
8.13.14 Dual Beam System from Hitachi
8.13.15 Metrology SEM from Hitachi
8.13.16 Defect-Review SEM from Hitachi
8.13.17 Transmission Electron Microscopes (Including STEM) from JEOL USA
8.13.18 Scanning Electron Microscopes from JEOL
8.13.19 Focused Ion Beam Microscope from JEOL
8.13.20 Dual-Beam Microscopes from JEOL
8.13.21 Traditional, ESCA and Auger Microprobes from JEOL
8.13.22 Electron Beam Lithography Systems from JEOL
8.13.23 Wafer Inspection Scanning Electron Microscopes from JEOL
8.13.24 Electron-Beam Metrology Tools for the Semiconductor Industry from KLA-Tencor
8.13.25 Auger-Capable Scanning Electron Microscope from Omicron Nanotechnology GmbH
8.13.26 Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis/X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (ESCA/XPS) and Auger from Omicron
8.13.27 Independent Scanning Probe/SEM/STM/Auger Analytical Measurement System for Industry from Omicron
8.13.28 In Situ SPM/SEM/SAM/FIB Systems from Omicron
8.13.29 Focused Ion/SEM Dual-Beam System from Omicron
8.13.30 Electron-Beam Lithography Systems from Vistec Lithography
8.13.31 Transmission Electron Microscopes (Including STEM) from Carl Zeiss
8.13.32 Scanning Electron Microscopes from Carl Zeiss
8.13.33 FIB/SEM Dual-Beam Systems from Carl Zeiss
8.13.34 Helium-Ion Microscope from Carl Zeiss

9. 2012 Microscopy Today Innovation Awards
9.1 Dimension FastScan AFM
9.2 Vion Plasma Focused Ion Beam
9.3 K2 Summit Direct Detection Camera
9.4 Leica SR GSD Super-Resolution Microscope System
9.5 Internal Pulse Generator for the X-Cite XLED1
9.6 SCALEVIEW Microscope Objectives
9.7 Multimodal Electrochemical Probe for In Situ TEM
9.8 ARROW Hyperspectral Imaging Video Camera R
9.9 3D-OMiTEM
9.10 Tousimis Touch Screen 931 with ìStasis Softwareî

10. Microscopy Markets: An Introduction
10.1 Competition in Microscopy Markets
10.2 Barriers to Growth
10.3 Market Drivers
10.4 Purchasersí Perspectives
10.5 The Microscope Market Place
10.6 The Four Market Leaders
10.7 Global Market for Microscopes and Accessories
10.7.1 Global Market for Microscopes Excluding Accessories
10.7.2 Market for Accessories of Microscopes
10.8 Microscopy Market Share by Application
10.8.1 Market for Microscopes in Semiconductor Industry
10.8.2 Market for Microscopes in Life Sciences
10.8.3 Market for Microscopes in Material Sciences Industry
10.8.4 Microscopy Market in Nanotechnology Industry
10.9 Global Market for Optical Microscopes
10.9.1 U.S. Market for Light Microscopes
10.9.2 European Market for Optical Microscopes
10.9.3 Rest of the World Markets for Optical Microscopes
10.10 Market for Electron Microscopes

11. Selected Company Profiles
11.1 Applied Precision, Inc.
11.1.1 DeltaVision OMX
11.1.2 DeltaVision OMX with the Blaze SIM Module
11.1.3 DV Elite
11.1.4 PersonalDV
11.1.5 softWoRx Explorer 2.0
11.1.6 softWoRx Suite 2.0
11.2 Becton, Dickinson and Company
11.2.1 BD Pathway 855
11.3 Bruker Corporation
11.3.1 MultiMode 8
11.3.2 BioScope Catalyst
11.3.3 Dimension FastScan Bio
11.3.4 Innova Atomic Force Microscope
11.3.5 InSight-450 3DAFM
11.3.6 InSight 3DAFM
11.3.7 Dimension Icon
11.3.8 Dimension Edge
11.3.9 ContourGT-1
11.3.10 ContourGT InMotion
11.3.11 ContourGT K
11.3.12 ContourGT X
11.4 Buehler Ltd.
11.4.1 AbrasiMet 250 Abrasive Cutter
11.4.2 AbrasiMatic 300 Abrasive Cutter
11.4.3 Delta Manual Abrasive Cutter
11.4.4 Delta Orbital and Chop Action Cutter
11.4.5 IsoMet 1000 Precision Saw
11.4.6 IsoMet 4000 and 5000 Precision Saws
11.4.7 IsoMet Low Speed Saw
11.5 Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC
11.5.1 Light Microscopes Axio Imager 2 for Biology Axio Imager 2 for Materials Axio Imager for Polarized Light Microscopy Axio Imager Vario Axio Observer for Biology Axio Observer for Materials Axio Examiner for Biology Axio Scope A1 for Biology Axio Scope A1 for Materials Axio Vert A1 for Biology Axio Lab A1 for Biology Primo Vert Primo Star
11.5.2 Laser Scanning Microscopes LSM 710 ConfoCor 3 LSM 710 NLO and LSM 780 NLO LSM 710 LSM 780 LSM 7 MP LSM 700 Biology
11.5.3 X-Ray Microscopy ZEISS Xradia 410 Versa ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa ZEISS Xradia 800 Ultra
11.5.4 Stereo and Zoom Microscopes Axio Zoom V16 SteREO Discovery V20 SteREO Discovery V12 SteREO Discovery V8 Stemi 2000 Stemi DV4 SteREO Lumar V12
11.5.5 Superresolution Microscopy ELYRA
11.5.6 Correlative Microscopy Shuttle & Find
11.5.7 Scanning Electron Microscopes EVO for MA EVO LS EVO HD for Materials EVO HD LS SIGMA MERLIN
11.6 FEI Company
11.6.1 Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) Magellan XHR Verios Nova NanoSEM Quanta SEM Inspect SEM
11.6.2 Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) Titan S/TEM Tecnai TEM
11.6.3 DualBeam Systems Scios DualBeam Helios NanoLab 660
11.6.4 Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Systems V600 FIB V600 CE
11.6.5 Light Microscopy Intravital 2 Photon FEI iMIC
11.7 Gatan, Inc.
11.7.1 Specimen Preparation Tools Ilion II Model 681 PIPS High Resolution Ion Beam Coater Model 682 PECS 683 Met-Etch PIPS II
11.8 Hitachi High-Technologies America, Inc.
11.8.1 TM3000
11.8.2 H-9500 300 kV TEM
11.8.3 HD-2700 Cs-Corrected FE-STEM
11.8.4 HF-3300 300 kV FE-TEM
11.8.5 HT7700 120 kV Compact-Digital Biological TEM
11.8.6 HT7710 120 kV BF/DF STEM
11.9 JEOL Ltd.
11.9.1 Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) JEM-1000 JEM-3100F JEM-3200FS JEM-ARM200F JEM-2200FS JEM-2100F JEM-2100 JEM-2800 JEM-1400Plus JED-2300T
11.9.2 Scanning Electron Microscopes JSM-7800F JSM-7610F JSM-7500F JSM-7100F JSM-6610 JSM-6510 JASM-6200 JSM-6010LA JCM-6000
11.10 KLA-Tencor Corporation
11.10.1 Broadband Patterned Wafer Defect Inspection Systems
11.10.2 Narrowband Patterned Wafer Defect Inspectors
11.10.3 Electron Beam Wafer Inspection Systems
11.10.4 High-Sampling Patterned-Wafer Defect Inspection System
11.10.5 Macro Defect Inspection, Metrology and Review Cluster Tool
11.10.6 Wafer Edge Inspection and Metrology Systems
11.10.7 Macro Defect Inspection Systems for Patterned Wafers
11.10.8 Unpatterned Wafer Surface Inspection Systems
11.10.9 Reticle Defect Inspection Systems for IC Fab Applications
11.10.10 ICOS CI-T620 Component Inspector
11.10.11 ICOS CI-T120/CI-T130
11.10.12 ICOS CI-T120S/CI-T130S
11.10.13 ICOS CI-3050
11.10.14 ICOS WI-2xx0
11.10.15 ICOS WI-22xx Series
11.10.16 ICOS WI-2280 Series
11.10.17 e-Beam Wafer Defect Review and Classification System
11.10.18 Archer Series
11.10.19 SpectraShape Family
11.10.20 Aleris Family
11.10.21 SpectraFx 200
11.10.22 Surfscan Series
11.10.23 Therma-Probe Series
11.10.24 HRP-350
11.10.25 IPRO Series
11.10.26 CIRCL
11.10.27 VisEdge Family
11.11 Leica Microsystems
11.11.1 Leica TCS SP8 STED
11.11.2 Leica TCS SP8X
11.11.3 Leica TCS SP8 MP
11.11.4 Leica TCS SP8 CARS
11.11.5 Leica TCS SP8 SMD
11.11.6 Leica HCS A
11.11.7 Leica TCS SPE
11.11.8 Leica TCS LSI
11.11.9 Leica SD AF
11.11.10 Leica DCM 3D
11.11.11 Leica SR GSD
11.11.12 Leica DM2700 M
11.11.13 Leica DM2700 P
11.11.14 Leica DMshare
11.11.15 Leica DM1000
11.11.16 Leica DM1750 M
11.11.17 Leica DM4000 B LED
11.11.18 Leica DMD108
11.11.19 Leica DM IL LED
11.11.20 Leica DM1000 LED
11.11.21 Leica DM4000 M LED
11.11.22 Leica DM4500 P LED
11.11.23 Leica FS4000 LED
11.11.24 Leica DM2500
11.11.25 Leica DM2000 and DM2000 LED
11.11.26 Leica DMI4000 B
11.11.27 Leica DM8000 M
11.11.28 Leica DM12000 M
11.11.29 Leica SD AF
11.11.30 Leica MMAF
11.11.31 Leica DM16000 B
11.11.32 Leica DM6000 B
11.11.33 Leica MM AF NX
11.11.34 Leica Multiviews
11.11.35 Leica SFL7000
11.11.36 Leitz Optilux
11.11.37 Leica DM100
11.11.38 Leica DM300
11.11.39 Leica DM500
11.11.40 Leica DM750
11.11.41 Leica DCM 3D
11.11.42 Leica DM6000 M
11.11.43 Leica DM2500 MH
11.11.44 Leica DM2500 M
11.11.45 Leica DM750 M
11.11.46 Leica DM15000 M
11.11.47 Leica DM13000 M
11.11.48 Leica DM ILM
11.11.49 Leica DM750 P
11.11.50 Leica AF6000 Modular Systems
11.11.51 Leica AM6000
11.11.52 Leica DM13000 B
11.11.53 Leica DM5500 B
11.11.54 Leica-DM5000 B
11.11.55 Leica DM3000 and DM3000 LED
11.11.56 Leica FS CB
11.11.57 Leica FS C
11.11.58 Leica FS M
11.11.59 Leica M844 F40/F20
11.11.60 Leica M822 F40/F20
11.11.61 Leica M820 F40/F20
11.11.62 Leica M720 OH5
11.11.63 Leica M620 F20
11.11.64 Leica M525 F50
11.11.65 Leica M525 OH4
11.11.66 Leica M525 MS3
11.11.67 Leica M525 F40
11.11.68 Leica M651 MSD
11.11.69 Leica M525 F20
11.11.70 Leica M320 F12
11.11.71 Leica M220 F12
11.11.72 Leica M400 E
11.11.73 Leica ES2
11.11.74 Leica EZ4
11.11.75 Leica EZ4 HD
11.11.76 Leica S4 E
11.11.77 Leica S6 E
11.11.78 Leica DMS300
11.11.79 Leica DMS1000
11.11.80 Leica DMS1000 B
11.11.81 Leica DVM5000 HD
11.11.82 Leica DVM2500
11.12 Nanonics Imaging Ltd.
11.12.1 NSOPM and SPM Systems Academia MultiView 1000 MultiView 4000 Hydra Bio-SPM Fountain Pen Nanolithography Combined AFM FIB and AFM SEM MultiView 2000 Optometronic 4000 CryoView 2000 CryoView 4000 SPM
11.12.2 Dual Optical Microscopes Nanonics Confocal Microscope Dual (Upright/Inverted) Microscope
11.13 Nikon Corporation
11.13.1 ECLIPSE Ni-E
11.13.2 ECLIPSE Ci-E
11.13.3 ECLIPSE E100
11.13.4 ECLIPSE FN1
11.13.5 ECLIPSE E200
11.13.6 ECLIPSE LV100N POL
11.13.7 ECLIPSE Ci-POL
11.13.8 ECLIPSE E200POL
11.13.9 ECLIPSE Ti
11.13.10 ECLIPSE TS100/100-F
11.13.11 NT-88-V3
11.13.12 Laser TIRF System
11.13.13 White-Light TIRF System
11.13.14 SMZ25/SMZ18
11.13.15 SMZ1000
11.13.16 SMZ800
11.13.17 SMZ745/745T
11.13.18 SMZ660
11.13.19 MULTIZOOM AZ100
11.13.20 MULTIZOOM AZ100M
11.13.22 ShuttlePix
11.13.23 N-SIM
11.13.24 N-STORM
11.13.25 A1+/A1R+
11.13.26 C2+
11.13.27 A1 MP+/A1R MP+
11.13.28 AZ-C2+
11.14 Olympus Corporation
11.14.1 Biological Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope FV 1200
11.14.2 FV1200MPE (Multiphoton Laser Scanning Microscope)
11.14.3 FLUOVIEW FV10i
11.14.4 BX63
11.14.5 BX53
11.14.6 BX46
11.14.7 BX43
11.14.8 CX41
11.14.9 CX31
11.14.10 CX22LED and CX22
11.14.11 BX51WI
11.14.12 BX53-P
11.14.13 CX31-P
11.14.14 FSX100
11.14.15 MVX10
11.14.16 CellSens
11.14.17 Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscope (TIRFM)
11.14.18 IX83
11.14.19 IX73
11.14.20 IX53
11.14.21 CKX31 and CKX41
11.14.22 ON3
11.14.23 SZX16
11.14.24 SZX10
11.14.25 SZX7
11.14.26 SZ61
11.14.27 SZ51
11.15 Omicron NanoTechnology GmbH
11.15.1 Low Temperature SPM LT STM Cryogenic STM and SFM
11.15.2 Variable Temperature SPM VT SPM Femi SPM
11.15.3 Room Temperature SPM UHV AFM/STM UHV STM 1
11.15.4 Large Sample SPM
11.15.5 4 Probe SPM UHV Nanoprobe LT Nanoprobe
11.15.6 SPM Probe
11.16 WITec Wissenschaftliche Instrumente und Technologie GmbH
11.16.1 Alpha300 S
11.16.2 Alpha300 R
11.16.3 Alpha300A
11.17 Zao NT-MDT Company
11.17.1 NTEGRA Spectra
11.17.2 NTEGRA Spectrum
11.17.3 Bio AFM
11.17.4 NTEGRA Prima
11.17.5 NTEGRA Aura
11.17.6 NEXT
11.17.7 OPEN
11.17.8 SOLVER Nano

Index of Figures

Figure 3.1: Basic Components of an Optical Microscope
Figure 3.2: Stereo Microscope
Figure 10.1: Microscopy Market Share by Leading Vendors
Figure 10.2: Global Market for Microscopes and Accessories, 2012-2019
Figure 10.3: Global Market for Microscopes Excluding Accessories, 2012-2019
Figure 10.4: Global Market for Accessories of Microscopes, 2012-2019
Figure 10.5: Microscopy Market Share by Application
Figure 10.6: Market for Microscopes in Semiconductor Industry, 2012-2019
Figure 10.7: Market for Microscopes in Life Sciences, 2012-2019
Figure 10.8: Market for Microscopes in Material Sciences Industry, 2012-2019
Figure 10.9: Market for Microscopes in Nanotechnology Industry, 2012-2019
Figure 10.10: Global Market for Optical Microscopes, 2012-2019
Figure 10.11: U.S. Market for Optical Microscopes, 2012-2019
Figure 10.12: European Market for Optical Microscopes, 2012-2019
Figure 10.13: Rest of the World Markets for Optical Microscopes, 2012-2019
Figure 10.14: Global Electron Microscope Market, 2012-2019

Index of Tables

Table 3.1: Basic Components of an Optical Microscope
Table 6.1: Types of Scanning Probe Microscopes
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- Applied Precision, Inc
- Becton, Dickinson and Company
- Bruker Corporation
- Buehler Ltd
- Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC
- FEI Company
- Gatan, Inc
- Hitachi High-Technologies America, Inc
- JEOL Ltd
- KLA-Tencor Corporation
- Leica Microsystems
- Nanonics Imaging Ltd
- Nikon Corporation
- Olympus Corporation
- Omicron NanoTechnology GmbH
- WITec Wissenschaftliche Instrumente und Technologie GmbH
- Zao NT-MDT Company
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown