Technological Advances in Microscopy

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  • March 2009
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This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Technological Advances in Microscopy provides an overview of the technological developments in the field of microscopy, particularly in terms of applications. The research also details the drivers and challenges associated with this industry. This research service elaborates on the current and future trends of the industry and substantiates the findings with examples of technical progress in the field of biological sciences. The application sectors covered in this research are biology, nanotechnology, semiconductors, material science, and forensics.

Technology Overview

Rapid Strides in Technology Boost the Microscopy Industry

Technological developments in the field of microscopy have resulted in the in vivo imaging of live cells and tissues. A growing interest in nanotechnology has led manufacturers to develop sophisticated equipment that integrate advanced software and miniaturization. Digitization of microscopes has brought with it increased resolution, greater precision, and less distorted images. "Technological developments have significantly impacted the microscopy industry which is poised to grow further with READ MORE >

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1. Executive Summary

- 1.1 Scope and Methodology

- 1.2 Microscopy Overview and Key Trends

2. Technology Adoption Factor Analysis

- 2.1 Technology Primer

- 2.2 Advances in Microscopy

3. Key Innovations in Microscopy

- 3.1 Key Innovations in Microscopes and Microscopic Applications--North America

- 3.2 Key Innovations in Microscopes and Microscopic Applications--Europe

- 3.3 Key Innovations in Microscopes and Microscopic Applications--APAC

4. Strategic Evaluation and Trend Analysis

- 4.1 Strategic Assessment of the Microscopy Industry

- 4.2 Impact of Recession and Future Trends

5. Patents and Key Industry Participants

- 5.1 Patents

- 5.2 Key Industry Participants

6. Decision Support Database

- 6.1 Decision Support Database Tables

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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