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Wireless Connectivity Technology Trends Report 2008 Product Image

Wireless Connectivity Technology Trends Report 2008

  • Published: July 2008
  • Region: Global
  • 60 Pages
  • West Technology Research Solutions


  • Amimon
  • CSR
  • Intel
  • Realtek
  • Staccato Communications
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • MORE

The Wireless Connectivity Technology Trends Report examines the market potential, effectiveness of existing technologies and components, global & regional market trends & forecasts, outstanding regulatory issues, progress of de facto standards development, regional economic effects, and strategic developments of market makers.

The report includes a thorough evaluation of emerging “Wireless Connectivity” technologies including applications of Bluetooth, millimeter wave wireless, UWB, and IEEE 802.11n.

Wireless Connectivity is the mechanism for utilizing wireless technologies as the underlying platform to deploy networks for data and multimedia content delivery over distances confined to 30 meters.

Wireless Connectivity Technology Jumps Past the Early Adopter Phase, Finds New Report

The Wireless Connectivity Technology Trends report analyzes the market growth and adoption, volume and pricing forecasts and standards bodies activities in WiFi, Bluetooth, UWB and related technologies. The report tracks the activities of standards bodies such as the WiMedia Alliance, Bluetooth SIG, WiFi Alliance and WirelessHD. The Wireless Connectivity standards READ MORE >

Executive Summary
Industry & Market Overview
Wireless Connectivity Convergence Analysis
Bluetooth Market Assessment
Wireless Connectivity Chipset Pricing Analysis
Wireless LAN Market Evaluation
Global UWB Regulatory Progress
Ultrawideband’s Market Impact
Market Implications of Ultrawideband Protocol & Signal Characterization
Market Drivers
Metro WiFi as End User Adoption Driver
Femtocell Market Development
Business Case
Wired Competitor Analysis: HomePlug
CSR Drives Expansion of Wireless Connectivity
Certified Wireless USB Market Analysis.
Amimon and Wireless HDI
Alliance Activity
IEEE 802.11n Adoption and WiFi Alliance Trends
Bluetooth SIG Evolution
IP & Technical Analysis
IEEE 802.11n Working Group Developments
IEEE 802.15.3c Developments
Analysis of WirelessHD Development
DS UWB Technology Productization Efforts
Pulselink sues Tzero over UWB patent
Q2 2008 Updates
The Unique WiMedia Business Model
The Effect of Wired Standards Bodies on Wireless Connectivity Markets
Bluetooth Market Forecasts
WiFi Market Forecasts
UWB Market Forecasts

Tables & Figures

Wireless Connectivity Shipment Forecast by Technology
Competing Wireless Technologies by Application
Analysis of Component Market Leaders by Technology
Summary Points
Analysis of Wireless Connectivity Use Cases, By Protocol Technology
Assessment of Market Makers by Protocol and Market Sector
UWB Shipment Forecast by Technology (CWave vs CW USB vs Bluetooth over UWB) (2006 - 2012)
UWB Traffic Types
Femtocell Market Forecast (2007 - 2012)
HomePlug Specification Characteristics
Wireless HDI (WHDI) Shipment Forecast (2007-2012)
Summary of PulseLink Patent
Bluetooth Sales Forecast (2005-2012)
Bluetooth Shipment Forecast (2005-2012)
Bluetooth Chipset Selling Price Forecast (2005-2012)
IEEE 802.11 Sales Forecast (2005-2012)
IEEE 802.11 Shipment Forecast (2005-2012)
IEEE 802.11 Chipset Selling Price Forecast (2005-2012)
IEEE 802.11n Sales Forecast (2007-2012)
IEEE 802.11n Shipment Forecast (2007-2012)
IEEE 802.11n Chipset Selling Price Forecast (2007-2012)
UWB Sales Forecast (2006-2012)
UWB Shipment Forecast (2006-2012)
UWB Chipset Selling Price Forecast (2006-2012)
UWB in Bluetooth Sales Forecast (2009-2012)
UWB in Bluetooth Chipset Shipment Forecast (2009-2012)
UWB in Bluetooth Chipset Selling Price Forecast (2009-2012)
Certified Wireless USB Chipset Shipment Forecast (2006-2012)
CWave UWB Chipset Shipment Forecast (2008-2012)
Extreme USB Chipset Shipment Forecast (2007-2012)
UWB in North America Chipset Shipment Forecast (2006-2012)
UWB in Europe Chipset Shipment Forecast (2008-2012)
UWB in Asia Chipset Shipment Forecast (2008-2012)
UWB in ROW Chipset Shipment Forecast (2008-2012)
UWB in Communications Chipset Shipment Forecast (2009-2012)
UWB in Computing Chipset Shipment Forecast (2007-2012)
UWB in Consumer Electronics Chipset Shipment Forecast (2006-2012)
UWB in Enterprise Chipset Shipment Forecast (2009-2012)
UWB in Transportation Chipset Shipment Forecast (2008-2012)

Over the last year four shifts in the connectivity market emerged. These include (1) an evolution of the Bluetooth SIG into an umbrella organization for multiple connectivity radios all running under the Bluetooth stack, (2) PulseLink achieving customer validation of its CW-UWB products, (3) a strong move by CSR towards integrating UWB into its offering, and (4) the consequences of releasing pre-standard 802.11n to the marketplace. These four shifts are the central theme of this report.

As the wireless connectivity protocols mature and gain market acceptance, the differentiation between Bluetooth, WiFi, and UWB begin to blur. The same players involved in promoting and developing UWB-based wireless connectivity options are deeply embedded in the furtherance of the IEEE 802.11 family of specifications that drive Wi-Fi into a competitive stance in the wireless broadband arena. While each protocol and technology under development today will eventually find its own unique application and niche within the market, the component OEMs are maintaining their stake in the various initiatives as a means to ensure a place in the wireless connectivity market. In fact, nearly every player in UWB and Wi-Fi has legacy participation in Bluetooth applications. Now it is simply a matter of letting the market and equipment manufacturers define the application of the various wireless connectivity options.

- Amimon
- Atheros
- Bluetooth SIG
- Broadcom
- Freescale Semiconductor
- Global Interface Technology
- HomePlug Alliance
- Icron
- Intel
- LG Electronics
- Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
- NEC Corporation
- PulseLink
- Realtek
- Samsung Co.
- Sony Corporation
- Staccato Communications
- Synopsis
- Texas Instruments
- Toshiba Corporation
- Tzero
- USB Implementor’s Forum
- WiMedia Alliance
- WiQuest
- WirelessHD
- Wisair

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