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Strategic Business Review: Future of Smart Grids, the ICT and Data Management Perspective

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  • October 2012
  • Region: Global
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  • Engerati
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High impact issues facing utilities, ICT, governments, regulators and investors, includes strategic recommendations for each player to grow the industry, written by a thought leader with 35 years experience, and shaped by VIPs in the energy space. The Strategic Business Review delivers insight for companies, investors and nations looking for growth opportunities in this fast developing and widely hyped market, together with actionable recommendations that will help to minimise risk and at the same time avoid the danger of failure to act in a timely enough fashion.

The content is useful to
- Assess key obstacles to achieving goals
- Explore results you can get from changing
- Review how others are adapting to the landscape
- Provide fresh ways of thinking about issues
- Look at industry trends impacting business

An Engerati report gives you a powerful blend of data, insights and opinion from a trusted independent point of view, helping you assess the high impact issues facing the whole of the market saving you time, adding a useful point of view to your research and actionable recommendations to help you position for success in your strategic planning. Engerati findings are described as, 'powerful, concise and containing precise insights' by Bram Reinders, strategic alliances director at Alliander NV

Using our triple filtered research process we are:
- investing over 200 hours research time per topic, signposting useful research sources to support your existing research process, saving your time and resources
- adding a layer of expert insights to pinpoint meaningful intelligence, helping you focus on better opportunities and see off threats as the landscape changes
- shaping our findings with input from key players in the energy sector and a thought leader to ensure that you have the best informed opinion at your fingertips

We have over 60 years experience of building business worldwide with our conference division, running probably the largest energy conference and exhibition in the world at Metering Europe, and the team behind the reports have a combined experience of over 70 years in the B2B space. That means when we say we are supporting sustainable industry growth by looking for smart ways to bridge knowledge gaps between the different players in the ecosystem, then you can trust us - and so can the customers, partners, investors, government officials and regulators you need to convince to continue your success.
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Table of Figures: Strategic Business Review

Table of Tables: Strategic Business Review

Table of Figures: The Big Report

Table of Tables: The Big Report



About the Authors

Strategic Business Review

Where the market is heading

The counterview to the utility centric vision of smart grid “smart vision 1.0”

Engerati vision of the smart grid “smart vision 2.0”

Evidence of the need for a business model

Accelerators and Brakes acting on the market



The road ahead

Three emerging business models

Smart technology opens up markets to new suppliers

The next destination

The Format Wars - locking in strategic markets

National trends for transnational approaches

The Asian Century?

High impact issues – consistent supply, market lock-in and ICT performance

New technology

The way forward

Smart grid and the optimal ecosystem of the future

Recommendations for utilities

Recommendations for Government, regulators, standard-setters

Recommendations for ICT


Supporting Research

List of Tables and Figures:

Table of Figures: Strategic business review
Figure 1: T he total matrix view of the NIST* model of 7 domains and 3
Figure 2: Blue skies disruption and counterview
Figure 3: Engerati commercial smart grid model
Figure 4: Generation and Distribution, transnational approach
Figure 5: The raw ingredients of the IT and data management solution
Figure 6: The optimal ecosystem of the future
Figure 7: Adapt regulation for smart grid 2.0 to avoid the vicious circle
Figure 8: New entrants from a range of ICT related organizations

Table of Tables: Strategic business review
Table 1: The detail behind the disruption and counterview to the utility-centric model
Table 2: Poor RoI resulting from smart grid 1.0 thinking
Table 3: Major brakes on smart grid development
Table 4: Strategic and external factors applying brakes
Table 5: Technical factors applying brakes
Table 6: Major accelerators for smart grid development
Table 7: Smart grid hype
Table 8: Three emerging business models
Table 9: The competition to supply smart home elements
Table 10: Format issues in the energy market
Table 11: Recommendations for utilities
Table 12: Recommendations by type of ICT player
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With further development of the smart grid, utilities and nations can resolve the world's energy needs - and enjoy major potential benefits - without taking further risks with their own security or inflicting damage on the environment. However, in order to achieve this, development of the smart grid requires a new vision (“smart vision 2.0”), as outlined in this report. The dangers inherent in the initial vision of the smart grid (“smart vision 1.0”) is that it attempts to set down a single roadmap, drawn up on the desks and in the lecture halls of academics and policy theorists, where the vision would arguably satisfy some general community good but requires all players to work together and various groups agreeing to forego benefits - such as remuneration for their effort and control of their energy supply.

In summary, smart vision 1.0 is an altruistic declaration of how the world should be, but in the real world this is unlikely to happen because in a free market – and in the world at large – different business and consumer groups have different needs and objectives, therefore this report is intended to highlight the most significant ways that those interests – of companies, investors, consumers and individual nations – may diverge. This report has a more realistic point of departure, highlighting the different issues likely to be faced by each of these groups, and urging all involved to start working now on the next stage of smart development – “smart vision 2.0” – on the basis of a realistic appraisal of one another's point of view, and in doing so helping each other position for the best chance of sustainable growth for the industry in the changing landscape."
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown