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Research and Investment Prospect of China Mobile Health Market, 2014-2018 - Product Image

Research and Investment Prospect of China Mobile Health Market, 2014-2018

  • Published: March 2014
  • Region: China
  • Huidian Research


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According to the report, the market scale of mobile health in China registered CNY 2.21 billion in 2013, an increase of 18.8% over the previous year; it is projected that the market scale will exceed CNY ten billion, reaching CNY 19.05 billion by the end of 2018.

Data in 2013 show that market scale of mobile conventional services generated CNY 1.36 billion, mobile diagnostic services (only refer to online auxiliary diagnosis) reached CNY 290 million, and treatment services (including hospitalization) achieved CNY 220 million; while the market scale of mobile conventional services will be up to CNY 12.45 billion as of 2018. Because of the technical background of mobile internet, conventional services, diagnostic services and treatment services will occupy the majority of China mobile health market all along.

At present there are more than 2000 types of mobile healthcare apps that mainly can be divided into five categories, namely, e-business apps for pharmaceutical products; apps for meeting professionals' demand to understand special information and inquire medical reference materials; apps for seeking doctors for treatment; service platform used for booking register READ MORE >

1. Overview of Mobile Health
1.1 Basic Overview of Medical Industry
1.2 Definition and Connotation of Mobile Health
1.2.1 Concept
1.2.2 Superiority

2. Overall Operation Status of Global Mobile Health Industry
2.1 Development Status of Global Mobile Health Industry
2.2 Charge Mode of Foreign Mobile Health Industry
2.2.1 Charge Drug Companies
2.2.2 Charge Doctors
2.2.3 Charge Insurance Companies
2.2.4 Charge Hospitals
2.2.5 Charge Consumers
2.3 Development Prospect of Global Telemedicine Industry
2.3.1 The Global Irresistible Trend of E-health Care
2.3.2 Development Prospect of Global Mobile Health

3. Operation Environment of China Mobile Health Market
3.1 Macro Development Environment
3.2 Policy Environment
3.3 Social Environment
3.3.1 Population Size and Structure
3.3.2 Aging of Population and Change of Disease Spectrum

4. Development Analysis of China Mobile Internet Industry
4.1 Internet Basic Resources
4.2 Overall Scale of Netizen
4.3 Internet Application Situation
4.4 Scale of Mobile Netizen
4.5 Structural Analysis of Netizen
4.5.1 Sex Structure
4.5.2 Age Structure
4.5.3 Educational Background Structure
4.5.4 Occupational Structure
4.5.5 Income Structure
4.6 Application Situation of Mobile Netizen

5. Operation Status of China Medical Treatment and Public Health Industry
5.1 Overall Operation
5.2 Existing Problems

6. Development Analysis of China Mobile Health Industry
6.1 Development Situation
6.1.1 Development Status
6.1.2 Market Scale
6.1.3 Application Status of Mobile Health in Current Market
6.1.4 Hotspot in Future Mobile Health Application
6.2 Business Mode of China Mobile Health Market
6.3 Analysis on the Major Operator – China Telecom
6.4 China Mobile Health Technologies
6.4.1 Mobile Computer and EDA Technology
6.4.2 WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
6.4.3 Bar Code and RFID
6.5 Confronting Problems

7. Development Analysis of China Medical Informatization Industry
7.1 Overview of Medical Informatization
7.1.1 Concept and Connotation of Medical Informatization
7.1.2 Concept and Composition of Digital Hospitals
7.1.3 Construction and Development Stage
7.1.4 Development Status
7.2 Development Situation of China Medical Informatization Industry
7.2.1 Four Stages
7.2.2 Characteristics of Demand
7.3 Problems and Challenges
7.4 Development Prospects

8. Development Analysis of China Telemedicine Industry
8.1 Overview of Telemedicine
8.1.1 Concept
8.1.2 Technical Characteristics
8.1.3 Main Contents
8.2 Development Situation of China Telemedicine Industry
8.3 Core Technologies
8.3.1 Multimedia Data Base
8.3.2 Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
8.3.3 Network Technique
8.3.4 Medical Image Processing Technology
8.3.5 Video Conferencing Technology
8.4 Existing Problems
8.5 Prospect Forecast of Telemedicine System

9. Comprehensive Analysis on Major Enterprises in China Mobile Health Industry
9.1 Leading Enterprises of Mobile Healthcare App
9.1.1 Spring Rain Online Doctors
9.1.2 HaoDF
9.2 China Mobile Medical Solution Suppliers
9.2.2 Andon
9.2.3 Life Care Networks
9.2.4 KingYee
9.2.5 CONTEC

10. Prospect Forecast and Investment Analysis of China Mobile Health Industry
10.1 Prospect and Trend Prediction
10.2 Investment Risks
10.3 Investment Proposals

- Andon
- HaoDF
- KingYee
- Life Care Networks
- Spring Rain Online Doctors

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