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Cutting Tools Volume I - Executive Summary: 2013-2018

  • ID: 2729102
  • January 2014
  • 50 Pages
  • Dedalus Consulting Inc

This executive summary presents a detailed overview of the global market for cutting tools by product type, total consumption value, demand trends, end-user markets, regions, workpiece materials, and competition.

Products covered include: solid tools and indexable inserts; milling, turning and drilling tools. Grades include carbide, ceramic, cermet, cBN/PcBN, diamond and steel. Products are analyzed by country and end-use markets. Market trends and forecasts are provided for the years 2013-2018.

Scope of Coverage


- Study Objectives
- Methodology & Sources
- Statistical Notes

Product Application Types

Milling Tools

- End/Face Milling
- Slotting/Slitting
- Plunge Milling
- Contouring
- Profiling
- Threading
- Micromachining
- Other

Turning Tools

- ISO Turning
- Parting/Grooving
- Threading
- Profiling
- Micromachining
- Other

Drilling Tools

- Standard Depth Drilling
- Deep Hole Drilling
- Threading
- Micromachining
- Interchangeable Tip
- Other

Other Cutting Tools

- (e.g., reamers, taps, burrs, other)
- Global Focus on READ MORE >

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

Section One: Technology Overview

Global Technological Environment

- International Standards
- ANSI Standards
- ISO (International Standards Organization) Standards

Product Definitions

- Indexable Inserts
- General Terminology
- Geometry
- Coatings
- Solid Cutting Tools
- Milling Tools
- Turning Tools
- Drilling Tools
- Micromachining Tools
- Other Tools (e.g., reamers, burrs, etc.)

Cutting Tool Selection

- Application Definition
- Specifications
- Workpiece Material Evaluation

Advances in General Machining Processes

- Cutting Tool versus Machine Tool Development
- Knowledge Gap: Education on Tool Selection and
- Machine Capability
- Consultant Tool Specialists Create Cottage Industry
- Impact of Advances in Cutting Tool Grade Technology
- Adjusting to Ceramic versus Tungsten Carbide Tooling
- Impacts of Advances in Workpiece Material
- Automotive Industry Increases Use of Aluminum
- Aerospace Industry and Hardened Materials
- Developments in Machine Tool Design and Construction
- Quick-Change Tooling
- Multitasking Lathes
- Modular Tooling
- High-Speed Machining
- Coolant Based Machining
- Dry Machining
- Environmental Impact
- Hard Turning
- Powder Metallurgy

Developments in Cutting Tool Grades

- Cutting Tool Grade Technology
- Trends in General Materials Science
- Sintered Tools
- Brazed Tools
- Insert Technology Overview
- General Terminology
- Insert Geometry

Coatings Overview

- Coatings: Changing the Face of Tooling
- Nanostructured Materials Coatings
- Ceramic Coatings
- TiN, TiCN, TiC, TiCN, TiAlN
- Diamond Coatings
- Advances in Coatings Technology
- TiAL Black and gold developments
- Diamond-like-carbon (DLC) Developments
- Nanostructured Materials
- Impact on Tooling and Productivity
- Coatings Processes
- CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)
- PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition)
- Developments in Coatings Technology

Technology Outlook

- Cutting Tool Technology on the Horizon
- Advances in Materials Science Offer Both Challenges and Measurable Productivity Gains
- Nanostructured Materials
- Ultrafine Grain (Micrograin) Carbides
- Ceramics
- Increasing Productivity with New Designs

Section Two: Market Overview

Global Cutting Tools Market Overview

- Total Demand by Country for Cutting Tools ($MM): 2012-2018
- Trends & Forecasts in Cutting Tool Consumption
- Factors Affecting Cutting Tool Demand
- Global Industry Trends
- Cutting Tool versus Machine Tool Development
- World Machining Industry by Product Type ($MM): 2012-2018
- Machine Tools Industry Overview
- Global Demand ($MM) for Machine Tools by Region and Type: 2012-2018
- Trends & Forecasts
- Machine Tool Design and Productivity

Technological Drivers

- Shifts in Manufacturing Technology
- Material Advances Increase Efficiency
- General Machining
- High-Speed Machining
-- Definition
-- What are the economic benefits?
-- Impact on Tooling
- Milling/Turning
- Screw Machining
- Swiss Style
- Quick-Changing
- Multitasking Lathe Concept
- Impacts of Advances in Workpiece Material
- Super Alloys
- Productivity and Manufacturing Research

Techniques in Weathering a Down Market and Slow Recovery

- Cutting Tool Producer Strategies in Reducing Costs
- Machine Shop Strategies in Reducing Costs
- Offsetting Increasing Labor Costs
- Reduction of Energy Costs
- Machine Tool Selection
- Trends in Machine Tool Productivity Designs
- Impacts of Just-In-Time Practices
- Economics of Machining
- Economics of High-Speed Machining
- Economic Benefits of Dry Machining

Supply Chain Analysis

- Raw Materials
-- Tungsten
-- Cobalt
-- Tantalum
-- High-speed steel
-- Ceramics
--- Aluminum oxide
--- Silicon carbide
-- Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN)
-- PCD Diamond
- Blanks
- Coatings

Regional Market Data and Analysis

- Global Demand ($MM) for Cutting Tools by Region: 2012-2018
- Regional Trends
- High growth markets in a slow global economy
- Developing Nations versus Mature Economies
- Manufacturing Trends by Country

Distribution Channels

- Global Demand ($MM) by Distribution Channel: 2012-2018
- Distributors
- Direct to the End-User
- Value Added Resellers


- Average Selling Price by Product Type
- End-User Industry Pricing Analysis
- Pricing Trends by Country

Cutting Tool Grade Trends

- Product Grade Overview
- Global Demand ($MM) for Cutting Tools by Grade: 2012-2018
- Carbide Tools
- Ceramic Tools
-- Advantages of Ceramic Tools
-- Solid Ceramic Tools, Alumina
-- SiC (silicon carbide), SiN (silicon nitride)
-- SiC Whisker Reinforced Tools
-- CMC (ceramic matrix composites)
- Cermet Tools
- CBN/PCBN Tools
- Diamond Tools
- General Conclusions
- Machining Non-Metallic Materials
-- Plastics
-- Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRPs)
-- Ceramic Composites
- High-growth Markets


- Global Demand ($MM) for Micromachined Tools: 2012-2018
- Advances and Market Growth in Small-Part Machining
- Custom Tool Market

Tool Type

- Global Demand ($MM) for Cutting Tools by Product Type — Milling, Turning, Drilling & Other: 2012-2018
- Product Trends by Type
- Global Demand ($MM) for Cutting Tools by Type — Solid versus Indexable Tooling: 2012-2018
- Advances in Insert Design and Application
- Trends in Solid versus Indexable Tooling
- Interchangeable Tip Drills

Workpiece Material

- Global Demand ($MM) for Cutting Tools by Workpiece Material: 2012-2018
- End-User Trends by Workpiece Material

End-User Analysis

- Total Demand for Cutting Tools ($MM) by End-User Industry: 2012-2018
- Statistics & Overall Market
- Percentage GDP
- Growth Levels
- High growth markets in a slow global economy
- Key Sectors
- Production Capabilities
- End-User Trends by Workpiece Material
- Key Producers by Industry
- Government Regulation/Associations

Relevant Legislation

- Waste Removal
- Coolant Use and Disposal
- Work Environment

Competitive Environment

- Competitive Market Factors (e.g., pricing, product development...)
- Supplier Sales and Market Share ($MM)
- Marketing Strategies
- General Conclusions

Industry Trends & Forecasts

- Cycles of Growth and Decline
- High-growth Markets (CAGR by Year)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown



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