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NAFTA Diesel Engine Production Database

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  • May 2015
  • Region: NAFTA
  • 1000 Pages
  • Rhein Associates, Inc
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NAFTA Diesel Engine Production Database

This NAFTA Diesel Engine Production Database is a Five Year History and Five Year Forecast Diesel Engine Database that includes:

- Eight Applications - On-Highway (light, medium, heavy), Off-Highway Mobile, Industrial Stationary, Gen Set, Marine, Agriculture and Automotive
- Twelve Specification Fields – Country, Manufacturer, Model, HP/KW, Governed RPM, # of Cylinders, Configurations, Aspirations, Displacement, and Application
- NAFTA Production - U.S., Canada & Mexico
- Over 1,000 individual entries
- Anticipated New Manufacturers, Models & Ratings
- Frequent updates as new pertinent information is obtained

This database is the main source of data for the Future of Diesel Engines: Five Year Forecast book, a forecast book providing specific application trends, logical assumptions, detailed graphs and experienced insights. The Five Year Forecast book is included Free with the database or can be purchased separately. The intent of the forecast database is to provide invaluable references and information sources for manufacturers and dealers in the diesel engine and related industries, financial institutions, consulting and research organizations. You will receive accurate, pertinent, comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable diesel engine production forecasts in an Excel format.

The diesel engine industry and manufacturers are not like other industries, i.e. automobiles. The information on future programs is well guarded and manufacturers like to announce new and updated programs at the last minute keeping competitors off balance. As we continue our journey through the emissions regulations era, secrecy and security have become more intense. As a result, to forecast accurately, a number of sources must be fine-tuned by market trends and intuition.

The major sources of information used for this NAFTA five year diesel engine production forecast database include:

- Conversations and interviews with diesel engine manufacturers, distributors, dealers and components suppliers,
- Discussions with vehicle and equipment OEM's, analysts and industry experts,
- Industry reports, publications and analyses,
- Government data sources for economics, trends and engine information,
- Industry association contacts and reports,
- Over 45 years of industry knowledge, insights and intuition.

In this rapidly changing industry, it is vital that you keep up-to date with any changes that can affect your company. This report can provide you with that in depth look at your industry, highlight new market opportunities, and provide important information to help develop accurate business plans.


The standard annual subscription consists of 4 quarterly issues (Excel format). An annual subscription with two biannual issues is also available, for more information please contact us.
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The specifications and terms used in our Excel database include the following:

CTRY - Country: Canada, Mexico or US
MFG - Diesel Engine Manufacturer
MODEL - Diesel Engine Model
HP - Rated Horsepower
KW - Kw Rating
RPM - Rated Speed in Revolutions per Minute
CYL - Number of Cylinders
CFG - Configuration: V or In-Line
ASP - Aspiration: NA – Naturally Aspirated,
TC – Turbocharged,
TCA – Turbocharged and Aftercooled)
CC Displacement is Cubic Centimeters
APP - Application
AG - Propulsion Engine for Agricultural Vehicles
GEN - Generator Sets or Power Generation
IND - Industrial Stationary Equipment
MAR - Marine Propulsion Engines
OFF - Off-Highway Mobile Vehicle Propulsion Engines
ON - On-Highway Vehicle Propulsion Engines
AUTO - Automobiles
BORE - In millimeters
STROKE - In millimeters

Please note

- Annual subscription consists of 2 issues
- Single user consists of 1 issue
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Question What type of engine builders are included in this report, what engine power does it start from and how is it banded i.e horse power bands?

Answer The database includes all NAFTA diesel manufacturers by application, model, HP, Kw, rpm, displacement, bore, stroke, number of cylinders and configuration for 5 year history and 5 year forecast. The production volumes are by HP so no range is needed.
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