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Glutamine Research in China - Product Image

Glutamine Research in China

  • Published: December 2012
  • Region: China
  • 25 Pages
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Glutamine, as one kind of amino acids with high added value, has been developing gradually in China in recent years. Nevertheless, the output and the number of glutamine producers are still small at present. As of 2012, there is only 1,800 tonnes of glutamine produced in China. And there are less than 10 glutamine producers. In current time, China has been paying more and more attention to the development of amino acid industry, especially those with high added value. As a large producer of amino acid, China has great potential in glutamine industry in the future.

Now, glutamine industry in China highly depends on overseas market. In 2011, more than 80% of glutamine produced in China is consumed by foreign countries in health care products, while the demand from China is quite small.

However, with fast development of health care industry, more and more glutamine will be needed in China.

Furthermore, researchers are continually trying to apply glutamine in new products, such as new cosmetics, new feed products, etc. Therefore, there are many opportunities in China's glutamine market. Then how do those glutamine suppliers catch the opportunities at present? In READ MORE >

Methodology and instructions

1 Global market trend

2 Market size of supply in China (2008-2017)

3 Market size of demand in China (2008-2017)

4 Major producers (top 5) in China

5 Major distributors and end users in China
5.1 Sales channel and strategies
5.2 List of top 5 distributors
5.3 List of top 5 end users

6 Price trend in China
6.1 Trend (2008-2017)
6.2 Influencing factors

7 Estimated manufacturing cost of fermentation technology in China

8 Production cost of top 3 producers in China


Table 1-1 Major function and application of glutamine, 2012
Table 4-1 Major glutamine producers (top 5) in China
Table 4-2 Product portfolio for top 5 glutamine producers in China, 2012
Table 4-3 Potential capacity of glutamine in China, 2013-2017
Table 5.2-1 Top 5 distributors of glutamine in China, 2011
Table 5.3-1 Top 5 end users of glutamine in China, 2011
Table 7-1 Estimated production cost of glutamine fermentation technology in China, Nov. 2012
Table 8-1 Estimated production cost of Meihua Group, Nov. 2012
Table 8-2 Estimated production cost of Nanchong Kangjian, Nov. 2012
Table 8-3 Estimated production cost of Hunan Hanjingrui, Nov. 2012


Figure 1-1 Glutamine application pattern worldwide by consumption volume, 2011
Figure 1-2 Consumption volume of food grade glutamine in the world, 2008 and 2011
Figure 2-1 Output and market value of glutamine in China, 2008-2012E
Figure 2-2 Forecast on output and market value of glutamine in China, 2013-2017
Figure 3-1 Demand and market value of glutamine in China, 2008-2012E
Figure 3-2 Forecast on demand and market value of glutamine in China, 2013-2017
Figure 4-1 Market share for glutamine producers in China by output, 2012E
Figure 5.1-1 Sales channel of China's glutamine market, 2011
Figure 6.1-1 Annual market price of glutamine in China, 2008-2012E
Figure 6.1-2 Forecast on market price of glutamine in China, 2013-2017

- Meihua Group Co., Ltd.,
- Nanchong Kangjian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.,
- Hunan Hanjingrui Amino Acid Co., Ltd.,
- Shandong Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd.,
- Linghua Group Co., Ltd.

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