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Fluidigm Due Diligence: Company SWOT Analysis and Market Opportunity

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Fluidigm is a life science company that develops and distributes instruments, chips and reagents primarily for genomic analysis. The company owns a disruptive and scalable integrated fluidic circuit technology. This technology enables the execution of thousands of experiments in parallel in nanoliter volumes, and facilitates implementation of experiments with a complex design. The company's products can be used for a number of applications, such as: gene expression, genotyping, digital PCR (dPCR), single cell genomics, next generation sequencing (NGS) sample preparation and protein

In this report, we review Fluidigm's historical financial performance, and forecast Fluidigm's product revenues (2012E-2015F) by platform (BioMark / BioMark HD, EP1, Access array, C1 single cell AutoPrep system [to be launched] and TOPAZ). Overall, we believe the company will grow at >25% p.a. until 2015 and reach revenues in excess of $100M. The majority of this growth is expected to be driven by continued placement of BioMark systems, especially for single-cell analysis. By the end of 2011, the company reported that >80 BioMark systems were being used for single-cell analysis. We expect this number to grow to 250-300 instruments by 2015.

In addition, this report provides an overview of the genomics and molecular diagnostics (MDx) spaces in which Fluidigm participates. We review the market growth and trends of both genomics and MDx by technology. The WW genomics market was estimated at ~$6.8B in 2011, and forecasted to grow at ~6% p.a. Fluidigm focuses on sub-segments of this market, at a specific throughput and plex-level. In addition, Fluidigm addresses three segments within this market: NGS sample preparation, single cell genomics and dPCR. We estimate the current (2011) and future (2015) market size for each of these niche segments.

We also provide an overview of the competitive landscape, with a key focus on dPCR, for which we provide a profile of 7 key competitors.

This report is based on an extensive review of Fluidigm's filings, publications and earning calls. In addition, we supplemented our analysis with an interview campaign of ~18 users and non-users of various Fluidigm platforms. This information is compiled into a SWOT analysis presented at the end of the report.
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Executive summary

What's new

Products and key applications
Product pipeline

Customer types and installed base

Past and current revenues
Past and current revenues and P&L

Forecasted product revenues
BioMark / BioMark HD
EP1 platform
Access Array platform
C1 Single-Cell AutoPrep System
Topaz platform

Market opportunity
Genomics research tools
MDx market

Competitive markets
qPCR competitive landscape
NGS sample preparation
Digital PCR
MDx space

Partnerships and alliances

Fluidigm's SWOT analysis

IP Position

dPCR market (additional information)
Fluidigm Investors
Previous IPO withdrawal
Company timeline
Selected management team bios
Table of exhibits

Table of Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Executive summary*
Exhibit 2: Fluidigm employees by division (2007-11E)
Exhibit 3: Estimated average instrument prices (2011)
Exhibit 4: BioMark system profile
Exhibit 5: EP1 system profile
Exhibit 6: Access Array system profile
Exhibit 7: TOPAZ system profile
Exhibit 8: Characteristics of Fluidigm’s 48.770 and 12.765 Digital Array
Exhibit 9: Characteristics of Fluidigm’s 96:96 and 48:48 Dynamic Array
Exhibit 10: Number of peer-reviewed publications using Fluidigm platforms by application (1999-2011)
Exhibit 11: Comparison of qPCR, IFC and microarrays for gene expression studies
Exhibit 12: Characteristics of Fluidigm’s Dynamic Arrays for SNP genotyping
Exhibit 13: NIH (1995-2013F) in absolute and relative 2011 dollars
Exhibit 14: BioPharma R&D spend (2000-10)
Exhibit 15: Fluidigm installed base by system (2006-2012E)
Exhibit 16: Fluidigm Income by revenue stream (2003-11)
Exhibit 17: Fluidigm gross margin (2006-11)
Exhibit 18: Fluidigm product revenue by geography (2007-11)
Exhibit 19: Fluidigm revenue by revenue stream (2007-11)
Exhibit 20: Fluidigm consolidated balance sheet (2007-11)
Exhibit 21: Fluidigm forecasted product revenue by system (2007-15F)
Exhibit 22: Fluidigm forecasted product revenue by product type (2007-15F)
Exhibit 23: BioMark / BioMark HD installed base (2007-15F)
Exhibit 24: BioMark / BioMark HD revenues by product type (2007-15F)
Exhibit 25: EP1 installed base (2007-15F)
Exhibit 26: EP1 revenues by product type (2007-15F)
Exhibit 27: Access Array installed base (2007-15F)
Exhibit 28: Access Array revenues by product type (2007-15F)
Exhibit 29: C1 Single-Cell AutoPrep System installed base (2007-15F)
Exhibit 30: C1 Single-Cell AutoPrep System revenues by product type (2007-15F)
Exhibit 31: WW genomics market by technology (2007-15F)
Exhibit 32: Key market drivers and moderators for qPCR
Exhibit 33: qPCR market trends
Exhibit 34: Key market drivers and moderators for NGS
Exhibit 35: NGS market trends
Exhibit 36: Key market drivers and moderators for dPCR
Exhibit 37: dPCR market trends
Exhibit 38: WW MDx market by therapeutic area (2007-15F)
Exhibit 39: MDx market drivers and moderators
Exhibit 40: WW MDx market by technology (2007-15F)
Exhibit 41: Strengths and weaknesses of Fluidigm’s platform for MDx applications
Exhibit 42: Multiplex ability and sample throughput of current genomic technologies
Exhibit 43: Target enrichment market size by competitor (2011E)
Exhibit 44: dPCR Company profile (company #1)
Exhibit 45: dPCR Company profile (company #2)
Exhibit 46: dPCR Company profile (company #3)
Exhibit 47: dPCR Company profile (company #4)
Exhibit 48: dPCR Company profile (company #5)
Exhibit 49: dPCR Company profile (company #6)
Exhibit 50: dPCR Company profile (company #7)
Exhibit 51: WW MDx market by competitor (2011E)
Exhibit 52: Advantages and disadvantages of the partnership model
Exhibit 53: SWOT analysis summary
Exhibit 54: Publications using Fluidigm technology (2006-2011)
Exhibit 55: Nasdaq index price and Morgan Stanley stock price (Aug-Oct 2008)
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown