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Global Digital Pathology Market (Components, End-Users and Geography) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Growth Trends, Share, Opportunities and Forecast 2012-2020

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  • March 2014
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Digital Pathology Market is Expected to Reach $5.7 Billion, Globally, by 2020


  • 3DHISTECH Ltd.
  • Definiens AG
  • Digipath Inc.
  • Indica Labs Inc
  • Leica Microsystems Gmbh
  • Nikon Corporation
  • MORE

The digital pathology is a new technology that has digitalized the instruments used in the pathology labs for testing. The digitalization has led to the automation of the tests done during the diagnosis procedures. For example, a single digital instrument operated by a single pathologist can perform tests that were previously done using five instruments. The global digital pathology market, valued at $1.98 billion in 2012, is estimated to reach $5.7 billion by 2020. Automation in the conventional methods of pathology is the major driving force of this market, which has resulted in workflow efficiency, efficiency in analysis. Thus, resulting in fast and accurate results of the pathology tests. The other driving factors of this market are diagnosis that can be provided to patients in the remote regions and reduction in the cost of diagnosis. The cost includes procedure cost and the cost involved in delivery of the slides & data. The major limitation of the digital pathology market is the stringent regulations involved during the approval of digital pathology systems. The other limitation is the cost involved in the integration of DPS in the pathology labs. The challenges faced by the DP market are standardization and interoperability of the technology as the formats differ from region to region.

The digital pathology market is segmented into components, end users and geography. The products market consists of the Whole slide imaging (WSI), Image analysis- informatics and Storage, communication and integrated platforms. The WSI is the highest revenue generating market among the segments; however, image analysis-informatics market is expected to have the highest growth potential. The end users market is segmented into pharmaceutical research, clinical organizations READ MORE >

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  • 3DHISTECH Ltd.
  • Definiens AG
  • Digipath Inc.
  • Indica Labs Inc
  • Leica Microsystems Gmbh
  • Nikon Corporation
  • MORE

1.1 Key benefits
1.2 Key audiences
1.3 Research methodology
1.3.1 Secondary research
1.3.2 Primary research
1.3.3 Analyst tools and models


3.1 Market definition and scope
3.2 Introduction
3.3 Conventional pathology Vs digital pathology
3.4 Image analysis and data retrieval
3.5 Management systems in digital pathology
3.6 Global access to data
3.7 Clinical trials using digital pathology
3.8 Information systems in digital pathology
3.9 Key findings
3.9.1 Top ten factors impacting digital pathology market
3.9.2 Top winning strategies in the digital pathology market
3.9.3 Top investment pockets in digital pathology market Digital pathology market by product Digital pathology market by end users
3.9.4 Porter's Five Forces Analysis Competition among the suppliers reduces the power of the suppliers Availability of wide range of products enhances the buyer's power Emerging market creates high competition Cost factor lowers the threat of new entrants High cost encourages substitution
3.10 Reimbursement scenario
3.11 Regulatory issues
3.12 Case study
3.12.1 Case study: 1 digital pathology used in critical diagnosis
3.12.2 Case study: 2 examples and initiatives of deploying telepathology in emerging economies
3.12.3 Case study: 3 Role of digital pathology in saving cost of pharma companies
3.13 Market dynamics
3.13.1 Drivers Cost efficiency Ease in transportation Efficient analysis Raise in adoption Efficiency in workflow System efficiency Diagnosis in remote regions High efficiency
3.13.2 Restraints
3.13.3 Opportunities and challenges

4.1 Global DP market by products, 2012-2020($Million)
4.2 Global DP products market by geography, 2012-2020 ($Million)
4.3 Whole slide imaging (WSI)
4.3.1 Global DP Whole slide imaging market by geography, 2012-202 ($Million)
4.4 Image analysis- informatics
4.4.1 Drivers Helps in decision making Automation to analyze numerous images Compare image data with other data To study complex morphologies and features
4.4.2 Global DP image analysis- informatics market by geography, 2012-2020 ($Million)
4.5 Storage, communication and information management systems
4.5.1 Global DP information management system ,storage & communication market by geography, 2012-2020 ($Million)

5.1 Global DP market by end users, 2012-2020 ($Million)
5.2 Global DP end user market by geography, 2012-2020 ($Million)
5.3 Pharmaceutical research
5.3.1 Global DP pharmaceutical research market by geography, 2012-2020 ($Million)
5.4 Clinical organizations
5.4.1 Global DP clinical organizations market by geography, 2012-2020 ($Million)
5.5 Educational institutes
5.5.1 Global DP educational institutes market by geography, 2012-202 ($Million)

6.1 North America
6.1.1 North American DP market, 2012-2020 ($Million)
6.2 Europe
6.2.1 European DP market, 2012-2020 ($Million)
6.3 Asia
6.3.1 ASIAN DP market, 2012-2020, ($million)
6.4 RoW
6.4.1 RoW DP market, 2012-2020 ($Million)

7.1 Philips healthcare
7.1.1 Company overview
7.1.2 Company snapshot
7.1.3 Business performance
7.1.4 Strategic moves and developments
7.1.5 SWOT Analysis of Philips healthcare
7.2 Definiens AG
7.2.1 Company overview
7.2.2 Company snapshot
7.2.3 Strategic moves and developments
7.2.4 Swot Analysis of Definiens
7.3 Digipath, Inc.
7.3.1 Company overview
7.3.2 Company snapshot
7.3.3 Strategic moves and developments
7.3.4 Swot Analysis of Digipath, Inc.
7.4 Leica Microsystems Gmbh
7.4.1 Company overview
7.4.2 Company snapshot
7.4.3 Strategic moves and developments
7.4.4 Swot Analysis of Leica Microsystems
7.5 Ventana Medical systems, Inc.
7.5.1 Company overview:
7.5.2 Company snapshot
7.5.3 Strategic moves and developments
7.5.4 SWOT Analysis of Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
7.6 Nikon Corporation
7.6.1 Company overview
7.6.2 Company snapshot
7.6.3 Business performance
7.6.4 Strategic moves and developments
7.6.5 SWOT Analysis of Nikon Corporation
7.7 Visiopharm
7.7.1 Company overview
7.7.2 Company snapshot
7.7.3 Strategic moves and developments
7.7.4 SWOT Analysis of Visiopharm
7.8.1 Company Overview
7.8.2 Company snapshot
7.8.3 Strategic moves and Development
7.8.4 Swot Analysis of 3DHISTECH
7.9 Indica labs
7.9.1 Company overview
7.9.2 Company snapshot
7.9.3 Strategic moves and developments
7.9.4 SWOT Analysis of Indica Labs
7.10 Omnyx
7.10.1 Company overview
7.10.2 Company snapshot
7.10.3 Strategic moves and developments
7.10.4 SWOT Analysis of Omnyx, LLC

List of Tables

Table 1 Global Dp Products Market By Geography, 2012-2020($Millions)
Table 2 Global Dp Market By Products, 2012-2020 ($Million)
Table 3 Global Dp Products Market By Geography, 2012-2020($Million)
Table 4 Whole Slide Imaging Scanners By Various Companies
Table 5 Global Dp Whole Slide Imaging Market By Geography, 2012-2020($Million)
Table 6 Image Analysis Sofware By Various Companies
Table 7 Global Dp Image Analysis- Informatics Market By Geography, 2012-2020 ($Million)
Table 8 Global Dp Information Management System ,Storage & Communication Market By Geography, 2012-2020 ($Million)
Table 9 Global Dp Market By End User, 2012-2020 ($Million)
Table 10 Global Dp End User Market By Geography, 2012-2020($Million)
Table 11 Global Dp Pharmaceutical Research Market By Geography, 2012-2020 ($Million)
Table 12 Global Dp Clinical Organization Market By Geography, 2012-2020 ($Million)
Table 13 Global Dp Educational Institutes Market By Geography, 2012-2020 ($Million)
Table 14 North American Dp Market, 2012-2020 ($Million)
Table 15 Europe Dp Market, 2012-2020 ($Million)
Table 16 Asian Dp Market, 2012-2020 ($Million)
Table 17 Row Dp Market, 2012-2020 ($Million)
Table 18 Philips Healthcare Business Snapshot
Table 19 Definiens Business Snapshot
Table 20 Digipath, Inc Business Snapshot
Table 21 Leica Microsystems Business Snapshot
Table 22 Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.Business Snapshot
Table 23 Nikon Corporation Business Snapshot
Table 24 Visiopharm Business Snapshot
Table 25 3Dhistech Business Snapshot
Table 26 Indica Labs Business Snapshot
Table 27 Omnyx, Llc. Business Snapshot

List of Figures

Fig. 1 Digital Pathology Market Definition
Fig. 2 Top Factors Impacting Ivf Market (2013-2020)
Fig. 3 Top Investment Market By Product
Fig. 4 Top Investment Market By End User
Fig. 5 Porter'S Five Force Analysis
Fig. 6 Digital Pathology Workflow
Fig. 7 Storage Workflow
Fig. 8 Cloud Storage System
Fig. 9 Revenue By Sales In Business Units, 2012
Fig. 10 Swot Analysis Of Philips Healthcare
Fig. 11 Swot Analysis Of Definiens
Fig. 12 Swot Analysis Of Digipath, Inc
Fig. 13 Swot Analysis Of Leica Microsystems
Fig. 14 Swot Analysis Of Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
Fig. 15 Revenue By Geographic Sales , 2013
Fig. 16 Revenue By Sales In Business Units, 2013
Fig. 17 Swot Analysis Of Nikon Corporation
Fig. 18 Swot Analysis Of Visiopharm
Fig. 19 Swot Analysis Of 3Dhistech
Fig. 20 Swot Analysis Of Indica Labs
Fig. 21 Swot Analysis Of Omnyx, Llc.

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  • 3DHISTECH Ltd.
  • Definiens AG
  • Digipath Inc.
  • Indica Labs Inc
  • Leica Microsystems Gmbh
  • Nikon Corporation
  • MORE

The global digital pathology market was valued at $2.2 billion in 2013, is estimated to reach $5.7 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 14.3% during 2013-2020. North America led the overall digital pathology market, closely followed by Europe. The two regions accounted for about 79% of total revenue in 2013. However, their collective share will be reduced to 2/3rd of the total revenue generated in 2020, largely due to the growing dominance of Asia Pacific region. Digital pathology is an emerging technology in the pathology field, where the glass slides are converted into digital images for easy viewing, analysis, storage and management of the data collected. The development and recent technological findings in the digital pathology market would push the conventional pathology to more advanced and strategic levels. Due to the advancement in the technology, concerns such as lack of qualified pathologists would be addressed more effectively.

"The decentralization approach in the digital pathology market will make huge difference in the field of pathology. The major factors influencing the market growth are cost efficient diagnosis, efficiency in mundane workflow and analysis," according to analysts. "These factors are impacting the outcome of the overall diagnosis process. The efficient technology impacts time, productivity and the level of patient care. However, the factors restraining the market growth are the lack of reimbursement policies by the governments, inefficient infrastructure and delayed approvals," explained the analysts.

The digital pathology market is segmented based on components, namely whole slide imaging (WSI), image analysis - informatics & storage, and communication & integrated platforms. The WSI segment is largest contributor to the overall global digital pathology market revenue in 2013. Though the segment will partially lose market share over the next seven years, it will continue to be the largest digital pathology product segment throughout the forecast period. This is largely due to its capability to convert and share glass slides digitally with ease, safety and at lower cost. The image analysis-informatics market is expected to have the highest potential during 2013-2020, when compared to the other components. The gradual refinement of analysis software to provide higher accuracy in the analysis of digital slides will enable the faster growth of the segment. The end users segment of the digital pathology market is segmented into pharmaceutical research, clinical organizations and educational institutes. The pharmaceutical research accounted for the largest revenue in 2013 and will continue to dominate the global pathology market throughout the analysis period at highest CAGR of 16.9% during 2013 - 2020. The rise in revenue is due to the increase in the use of digital pathology systems (DPS) for drug development and discovery.

The report segments the global digital pathology market into four major regions namely North America, Europe, Asia and Row. North America is the largest segment due to the higher adoption of DPS in most of the labs across the region. The Asian market is expected to have the highest CAGR compared to the other regions during the analysis period. The rise in the Asian market is due to the demand for better infrastructure and need for skilled pathologists.

The key strategies that are implemented by the manufactures to increase the adoption, development and sales of the DPS are product launches, agreements and partnerships. Most of the product launches target product up-gradation with new and improved benefits, example- 3DHISTECH, in 2013, launched Pannoramic 250 Flash - a next generation slide scanner, which has high speed and faster scanning capacity.

The key companies profiled in the report are Definiens AG, Digipath, Inc., Leica Microsystems Gmbh, Ventana medical systems, Inc., Nikon Corporation, Visiopharm, Philips healthcare, Indica Labs, Inc, Omnyx LLC and 3DHISTECH, Ltd.

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- Definiens AG
- Digipath Inc.
- Leica Microsystems Gmbh
- Ventana medical systems Inc.
- Nikon Corporation
- Visiopharm
- Philips healthcare
- Indica Labs Inc
- Omnyx LLC

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown