Global Digital Logistic Market Insights, Opportunity Analysis, Market Shares and Forecast 2016 - 2022

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  • January 2016
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The Global Digital Logistics Market is Expected to Grow Up to $14 Billion by 2021 Growing at 9.5% CAGR During 2015-2021


  • Advantech Corportion
  • Cognizant
  • Epicor Software
  • Infosys
  • LeanLogistics
  • Oracle
  • MORE

The adoption of digital logistics in enterprise operations has increased significantly in last few years. Digital logistics provides a competitive edge to the organizations by making the operational activities more flexible and cost effective. The growing number of e-commerce businesses has led to excessive big data generation and a huge online customer base. Thus, to serve the vast customer base, faster processing has come the need of the time. Also, the growing adoption of cloud services such as storage and analytics are expected to create huge potential for the market. Digital systems offers an effective management of organization’s assets which include transportation management, manpower management, and material management.

Digital logistics provide a cost effective way to manage operations and to fulfill increasing customer expectations. Thus, increasing adoption among various organizations and constant development and innovations in technologies are major factors accelerating the market growth. Investment in new technologies will be the winning strategy of most firms to cope up with the changing market dynamics and the challenging environment. The major players discussed READ MORE >

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  • Advantech Corportion
  • Cognizant
  • Epicor Software
  • Infosys
  • LeanLogistics
  • Oracle
  • MORE

1. Executive summary
1.1. Estimation methodology
2. Market Overview
2.1. Key findings
2.2. Parametric analysis
2.2.1. Growth in Big data logistic market
2.2.2. RFID adoption across the world
2.2.3. IT investment by organizations
2.3. Key market insight
2.3.1. Top 3 emerging countries
2.3.2. Top 3 revenue generating segments
2.3.3. Top growing markets and emerging trends
2.3.4. Top 3 geography
2.4. Competitive Landscape
2.4.1. Market share analysis
2.4.2. Top winning strategies
2.4.3. Case studies: Top competitive Moves
2.5. Porter’s Five Force Model
2.5.1. Threat of New Entrants
2.5.2. Threat of Substitute Products or Services
2.5.3. Bargaining Power of Buyer
2.5.4. Bargaining Power of Supplier
2.5.5. Intensity of Competitive Rivalry
2.6. Key buying criteria
2.7. Strategic recommendation
2.8. Strategic conclusions
3. Sector Analysis
3.1. Parent Market
3.2. Competitors Market
3.3. Alternative Market
4. Market determinants
4.1. Market drivers
4.1.1. Cost and Time Saving
4.1.2. Growing big data among organizations
4.1.3. Growing Use of Application
4.1.4. High Volume of Data and Improved Service Quality
4.2. Market restraints
4.2.1. Security, Privacy, and Trust
4.2.2. Lack of ICT Infrastructure
4.3. Market opportunities
4.3.1. Cloud-Based Technological Advancement
4.3.2. Growing E-Commerce
4.4. Market challenges
4.4.1. Expensive Data Communication
4.4.2. System Scalability
5. Market Segmentation
5.1. Global digital logistic market, By systems, 2014-2021,($ million)
5.1.1. Global digital logistic Tracking and monitoring Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.1.2. Global digital logistic Information integrated Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.1.3. Global digital logistic Electronic data interchange Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.1.4. Global digital logistic Database management Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.1.5. Global digital logistic Fleet management Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.1.6. Global digital logistic Order management Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.2. Global digital logistic market, By services, 2014-2021,($ million)
5.2.1. Global digital logistic Consulting services Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.2.2. Global digital logistic System integration services Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.2.3. Global digital logistic Other services Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.3. Global digital logistic market, By applications, 2014-2021,($ million)
5.3.1. Global digital logistic Warehouse management Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.3.2. Global digital logistic Labor management Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.3.3. Global digital logistic Transportation management Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.4. Global digital logistic market, By verticals, 2014-2021,($ million)
5.4.1. Global digital logistic Automotive Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.4.2. Global digital logistic Government, Defense and Aerospace Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.4.3. Global digital logistic Healthcare and Life Science Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.4.4. Global digital logistic Telecommunication and IT Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.4.5. Global digital logistic Industrial, Engineering and Manufacturing Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.4.6. Global digital logistic Retail Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.4.7. Global digital logistic Chemical Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.4.8. Global digital logistic Oil and Gas Market,2014-2021,($ million)
5.4.9. Global digital logistic Others Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6. Geographical analysis
6.1. North America digital logistics market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.1.1. United States (U.S.)DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.1.2. Canada DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.2. Europe DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.2.1. United Kingdom (UK)DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.2.2. France DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.2.3. Germany DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.2.4. Spain DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.2.5. Italy DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.2.6. RoE DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.3. Asia Pacific DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.3.1. India DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.3.2. China DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.3.3. Japan DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.3.4. Korea DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.3.5. Australia DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.3.6. RoAPAC DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.4. Rest of the world DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.4.1. Latin America DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.4.2. MENA DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
6.4.3. Africa DIGITAL LOGISTIC Market,2014-2021,($ million)
7. Company Profiling: - (Over, SCOT analysis, strategic review)
7.1. Advantech Corportion
7.2. Digilogistics
7.3. Hexaware Technologies
7.4. Ibm Corporation
7.5. Jda Software
7.6. Oracle
7.7. Samsung Electronics Co
7.8. Sap Ag
7.9. Tech Mahindra
7.10. Uti Worldwide Inc
7.11. Cognizant
7.12. TCS
7.13. Infosys
7.14. Preactor
7.15. Centum
7.16. Aurionpro
7.17. HCL Tech
7.18. Nulogx
7.19. Numerex
7.20. SAP
7.21. Integration Point
7.22. Intellect Technologies
7.23. Cheetah Software Systems
7.24. LeanLogistics
7.25. LLamasoft
7.26. E2open
7.27. Elemica
7.28. Epicor Software
7.29. QuestaWeb
7.30. SciQuest

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Advantech Corportion
Hexaware Technologies
IBM Corporation
JDA Software
Samsung Electronics Co
Tech Mahindra
UTI Worldwide Inc
HCL Tech
Integration Point
Intellect Technologies
Cheetah Software Systems
Epicor Software

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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