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Carbon Market Analysis for LED & PV (2009 - 2015F) Product Image

Carbon Market Analysis for LED & PV (2009 - 2015F)

  • Published: November 2012
  • 258 Pages
  • SNE Research


  • Germany SGL Carbon
  • Japan KUREHA
  • Japan Tokai Carbon
  • Morgan
  • USA Americarb
  • USA Graphite Machining
  • MORE

With the development in various industries, carbon has been applied to various materials due to its excellent electric and thermal properties and chemical stability. In addition, it also is used as a key material to improve products performance. Its applications include coke (metallurgical industry), artificial graphite (electrodes), ultra-pure graphite (nuclear industry), carbon black (tires, ink), pyrolytic graphite (Air, X-ray diffraction, electrical conductivity, heat-resistant parts), carbon fibers (aviation, aerospace, sporting goods), activated charcoal (purification process), synthetic diamond (electronic, cutting and abrasive industry).

This report covers the technology development trend of carbon materials for solar cell and LED applications, industry trends, and market forecasts.

-. Carbon block, carbon component manufacturing processes
-. Carbon materials used for manufacturing poly-silicon and ingots for solar cells
-. Carbon parts for manufacturing LEDs LED
-. Production/shipment, prices, production costs, supply/demand forecasts by manufacturer (2009~2015F)
-. Feasibility study for establishment of carbon production lines

1. Carbon Products Industry Overview
1.1. Definition
1.2. Classification and Application
1.2.1 Classification by function and purpose
1.2.2 Classification by Material
1.2.3 Classification of graphite
1.3. Carbon Product Industry Chain Structure
1.4. Market status and trends

2. Carbon Product Technical Parameters and Manufacturing Process
2.1. Structure and properties of graphite
2.2. Carbon Product Manufacturing Process
2.2.1 Calcined
2.2.2 Powder preparation
2.2.3 Ingredients
2.2.4 Kneading
2.2.5 Pressed
2.2.6 Roast
2.2.7 Dipping
2.2.8 Graphitization
2.3. Raw materials and materials outlined
2.3.1 Petroleum coke
2.3.2 Pitch coke
2.3.3 Needle coke
2.3.4 Anthracite
2.3.5 Metallurgical coke
2.3.6 Natural graphite
2.3.7 Coal tar pitch
2.3.8 Anthracene oil

3. LED Carbon Products Industry Chain
3.1. Carbon Products Application in the LED industry
3.1.1 LED Definition
3.1.2 LED Technology
3.1.3 LED production equipment MOCVD
3.1.4 LED carbon products
3.2. Carbon Product Application in Polysilicon Industry
3.2.1 Polysilicon Definition
3.2.2 Polysilicon production process
3.2.3 Polysilicon production equipment
3.2.4 Polysilicon Production Carbon Products
3.3. Carbon Product Application in the Monocrystalline Silicon Industry
3.3.1 Monocrystalline Silicon Definition
3.3.2 Silicon drawn process
3.3.3 Monocrystalline silicon production equipment
3.3.4 Silicon Drawn Carbon Products

4. Global LED, PV Carbon Product Industry Production Supply Sales, Demand status and forecast
4.1. Global LED, PV Industry Carbon Product Capacity
4.2. Global LED,PV Industry Carbon product Production
4.3. Global LED,PV Industry Carbon product Demand & Supply
4.4. Global LED,PV Industry Market Forecast (Revenue)

5. Global and China LED, PV Carbon Product Industry Key Companies Analysis
5.1. Germany SGL Carbon
5.2. Japan Toyo Tanso
5.3. USA GrafTech
5.4. Japan Tokai Carbon
5.5. USA Graphite Machining
5.6. Japan Nippon Carbon
5.7. USA Americarb
5.8. USA Mersen Group
5.9. Japan KUREHA
5.10. Morgan
5.11. Japan Ibiden
5.12. Sichuan Chengdu Carbon Co.,Ltd
5.13. Gansu Haoshi Carbon Fibre Co.,Ltd
5.14. Beijing Sanye Carbon Co.,Ltd
5.15. Hunan Nanfang Boyun Novel Material Co.,Ltd
5.16. Shandong Sanhua Carbon Technology Co.,Ltd
5.17. Tianjin Kimwan Carbon

6. Investment Feasibility Analysis of Carbon Products
6.1 Project Overview
6.2 Construction Content & Schedule
6.3 Supply of Raw Materials
6.4 Main Production Equipment
6.5 Project Target

7. Conclusion

8. Index
8.1 Figure
8.2 Table

- Beijing Sanye Carbon Co.,Ltd
- Gansu Haoshi Carbon Fibre Co.,Ltd
- Germany SGL Carbon
- Hunan Nanfang Boyun Novel Material Co.,Ltd
- Japan Ibiden
- Japan KUREHA
- Japan Nippon Carbon
- Japan Tokai Carbon
- Japan Toyo Tanso
- Morgan
- Shandong Sanhua Carbon Technology Co.,Ltd
- Sichuan Chengdu Carbon Co.,Ltd
- Tianjin Kimwan Carbon
- USA Americarb
- USA GrafTech
- USA Graphite Machining
- USA Mersen Group

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