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Weekly China PV Price Tracker Product Image

Weekly China PV Price Tracker

  • ID: 2117507
  • January 2015
  • Region: China
  • 1 Pages
  • SNE Research

The global PV market has explosively grown with the help of subsidy packages of each government for the sake of PV industry growth. With increasing financial burdens, however, the government subsidies are drastically being slashed, causing a lot of side effects. As European countries, as major PV markets, began to carry out policies focused on the rooftop market, excluding large-scale power generation projects, the PV market is currently entering the era of limitless competition. In this situation, the price trend by supply chain is emerging as the hottest issue in the PV market.

Despite the current global economic repression, China is turning itself as one of key countries in the PV market, with complete preparation aggressive investment by Chinese Government, low labor costs, cost competitiveness through rapid vertical integration, and balanced demand and supply of raw materials. Judging from the fact that among global 10 companies are five Chinese material manufacturers (Suntech, JA Solar, Yingli Solar, Trina Solar, and Canadian Solar) based on 2011 production, you can see that how well China is displaying its potential energy.

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Chapter1. p-Si ~ Module Price
1.1 p-Si
1.1.1 International solar grade p-Si
1.1.2 High purity / Normal p-Si

1.2 Ingot
1.2.1 Single / Multi crystal ingot

1.3 Wafer
1.3.1 Mono wafer 125mm x 125mm
1.3.2 Mono wafer 156mm x 156mm
1.3.3 Multi wafer 125mm x 125mm
1.3.4 Multi wafer 156mm x 156mm

1.4 Cell
1.4.1 Mono cell 125mm x 125mm
1.4.2 Mono cell 156mm x 156mm
1.4.3 Multi cell 125mm x 125mm
1.4.4 Multi cell 156mm x 156mm

1.5 Module
1.5.1 Mono module 180~200W
1.5.2 Mono module 200~240W
1.5.3 Mono module 240~280W
1.5.4 Mono module 280W ~
1.5.5 Multi module 150~180W
1.5.6 Multi module 180~220W
1.5.7 Multi module 220~260W
1.5.8 Multi module 260W ~

Chapter2. Part & Materials Price
2.1 p-Si Materials
2.1.1 Metal Silicon (99% 0.3-0.6mm)
2.1.2 Slim Rod (Diameter: 7-12mm, Length: 2-2.6meter)

2.2 Ingot/Wafer Materials
2.2.1 Quartz Crucible Quartz Crucible (mono (24??) Quartz Crucible (Multi(880*880*420 square)
2.2.2 Wire Wire (normal(Copper plating wire 0.12mm)) Wire (Diamond Wire(0.35mm))
2.2.3 Hot Zone (Three valve crucible)
2.2.4 Slurry (SIC)
2.2.5 PEG
2.2.6 Gas (5N(99.999%))

2.3 Cell/Module Materials
2.3.1 Metal Paste Front Ag electrode Back Ag electrode Back Al electrode
2.3.2 Glass Glass (Pattern) Glass (FTO)
2.3.3 EVA Sheet
2.3.4 Back Sheet Back Sheet(PVF) Back Sheet(PVDF) Back Sheet(PET)
2.3.5 Junction Box
2.3.6 Frame
2.3.7 Ribbon
2.3.8 Inverter Inverter(100kW)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Question Does the report contain information on the orders, backlog and inventory information on the key Chinese manufacturers included in this report?
Answer Inventory information is not included in this report.
Question Does this report include overall demand, supply and capacity forecast?
Answer This report only offers price information.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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