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Quantum Dot Solar Cells

  • ID: 1085875
  • February 2013
  • 175 Pages
  • Aruvian's R'search
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The Sun, believed by the mankind to be just a mere centerpiece of the solar system in which we live is in reality not just a unit but an entire symphonic system which was in place much before the first humans ever walked on planet earth. This system which has been the primary energy source for origin of life on earth is in fact very well adequately positioned by nature to fulfill the needs of energy for humans for many more centuries to come.

An effort by humans to harness this abundant source of energy available around us has manifested in the form solar energy being converted to many applications as diverse as heat channelizing, electricity conversion, electro mechanical applications and many more as these. The dream of solar energy for human applications was realized in the early part of this century by the invention of solar cells which when arranged in photovoltaic arrays deliver power for bigger applications.

The next leap of invention in this direction is “Quantum Dot Solar Cells or Nanocrystal Solar Cells”. Aruvians Rsearch’s report Quantum Dot Solar Cells earmarks the immense potential that this technology holds for the future of mankind and READ MORE >

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  • Cyrium Technologies
  • Innovalight
  • Konarka Technologies
  • Kopin Corporation
  • NanoMas Technologies
  • Natcore Technology Inc.
  • MORE

A. Executive Summary

B. What are Quantum Dots?
B.1 Overview of Quantum Dots
B.2 Looking at Quantum Confined Semiconductors
B.3 How to Make Quantum Dots
B.3.1 Synthesis of Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals
B.3.2 Fabrication Process
B.3.3 Viral Assembly
B.3.4 Self-Assembly by Electrochemical Methods
B.3.5 Bulk Manufacturing
B.3.6 Problem with Cadmium-based Quantum Dots
B.4 Looking at Optical Properties of Quantum Dots
B.5 Application Areas of Quantum Dots
B.5.1 Overview
B.5.2 Uses in Biology
B.5.3 Uses in Quantum Computation
B.5.4 Role in Photovoltaics
B.5.5 Uses in Light Emitting Devices
B.6 Endless Possibilities of Quantum Dots

C. Introduction to Photovoltaics
C.1 Overview
C.2 Historical Background of Solar Cells
C.3 Looking at Solar Electricity
C.4 Photovoltaic Systems
C.5 Looking at the Balance of System (BOS)
C.6 Analyzing the 3 Generations of Photovoltaic Cells
C.6.1 First Generation PV Cells
C.6.2 Second Generation PV Cells
C.6.3 Third Generation PV Cells
C.7 What are Concentrator Cells?
C.8 Analyzing Concentrated Photovoltaics
C.9 Applications of Solar Cells
C.10 Types of Solar Cells
C.11 PV Technology in Isolated Generation
C.12 Looking at Thin Film Solar Cells
C.13 PV Family Tree – A Diagrammatic Representation

D. Global Market Overview of Solar PV Cells
D.1 Market Profile
D.2 Market Size
D.3 Growth Patterns of the Market
D.4 Market Statistics – Production Side
D.5 Commercialization Potential & Market Development
D.6 Future of the Market

E. Analysis of Various Solar Cell Materials
E.1 Silicon – Crystalline and Amorphous
E.2 Thin Film Materials - CIS, CdTE, Dye Sensitized
E.3 Organic Polymers
E.4 Nanoscale Materials

F. Analyzing the Performance Metrics & Characterization of a PV Cell

G. How to Increase the Efficiency of Solar Cells
G.1 Overview
G.2 Hot Carrier Cells
G.3 Tandem Solar Cells
G.4 Intermediate Band Solar Cells

H. Looking at Nanocrystal/Quantum Dot Solar Cells

I. Nanostructured Solar Cells and Wide Band Gap Materials

J. How the Quantum Dot Achieves Higher Efficiency

K. How the Manufacturing Process of Quantum Dots is Evolved for Solar Cells

L. Increasing the Efficiency of Inorganic Solar Cells with Quantum Structures
L.1 Overview
L.2 Superlattice and Multiple Quantum Well Systems
L.3 Hot Carriers and Carrier Multiplication System
L.4 Development of Protocrystalline Silicon Multilayer
L.5 Development of Nanorod-shape Heterojunction

M. Analysis of Quantum Structured Solar Cells
M.1 Overview
M.2 Looking at Multiple - Exciton Generation Solar Cells
M.3 Looking at Intermediate - Band Solar Cells
M.4 Looking at Electron–Hole Pair Multiplication in Quantum Dots
M.5 Understanding the Interaction of Hot Carriers in Bulk Semiconductors
M.6 Understanding Superlattices and Quantum Wells
M.7 Determining Hot Electron Cooling Times
M.8 Quantum Dots and Dynamics of Hot Excitons
M.9 A Brief Look at the Phonon Bottleneck Phenomenon
M.10 Historical R&D Data
M.11 Formation of Multiple Electron–Hole Pairs in Quantum Dots
M.12 Configurations of Quantum Dot Solar Cells
M.12.1 Photoelectrodes and Quantum Dot 3-D Array
M.12.2 Quantum Dots and Nanocrystalline TiO2 Solar Cells
M.12.3 Quantum Dots and Organic Semiconductor Polymers
M.13 Summing Up

N. Analyzing Quantum Dot Intermediate Band Solar Cells
N.1 Overview
N.2 How to Design the Quantum Dot
N.3 Coupling of Quantum Dot
N.4 Process of Quantum Dot Doping

O. Analysis of Quantum Dot Solar Concentrators
O.1 Overview
O.2 What is the Quantum Dot Concentrator?
O.3 Modeling of the Concentrator
O.4 Looking at the 3-D Models
O.5 Analysis of Results
O.6 Summing Up

P. Case Studies
P.1 Manufacturing Multi-Stacked Quantum Dots in Higher Efficiency Solar Cells
P.2 Developing a Silicon Quantum Dot Structure for Silicon Tandem Solar Cells

Q. Leading Industry Contributors
Q.1 Cyrium Technologies
Q.2 Innovalight
Q.3 Konarka Technologies
Q.4 Kopin Corporation
Q.5 NanoMas Technologies
Q.6 Natcore Technology Inc.
Q.7 Quantum PV
Q.8 QuNano
Q.9 Sol Voltaics
Q.10 Solasta
Q.11 Solterra Renewable Technologies Inc
Q.12 Voxtel

R. Appendix
R.1 Using Tandem Solar Cells for Increased Efficiency
R.1.1 Overview
R.1.2 Design Considerations
R.1.3 Performance Characteristics
R.1.4 Fabrication of Tandem Solar Cells on Silicon
R.1.5 Facing the Challenge for High Conversion Efficiency
R.2 Figures & Tables

S. Glossary of Terms

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

Cyrium Technologies
Konarka Technologies
Kopin Corporation
NanoMas Technologies
Natcore Technology Inc.
Quantum PV
Sol Voltaics
Solterra Renewable Technologies Inc

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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