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Key Fob Design - Remote System Operation in the Future

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  • February 2013
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Four designs to change the face of key fobs

Research shows that customers are now demanding more from their key fob than just to lock and unlock their vehicle, but how can these demands be met? SBD’s study of the remote system operation device market presents the four potential solutions and the future trends.

This report explains the shift from traditional key fobs, and covers the design considerations for new and more capable devices, the current devices on offer and the likely future market trends for VMs and suppliers.

We now live in an increasingly connected world, where there is a convergence in technologies between key fob devices and Consumer Electronics (CE) systems, Wireless Communication Technology, and In-Car Telematics systems. In the future, customers will demand more than their current key fob can provide, including physical demands for a more portable device and feature demands for a more capable and flexible device. This report analyses four solution types identified by SBD that could meet these physical and feature demands; Enhanced Key Fobs, Gateway Key Fobs, Direct Controland 3rd Party Control.

- Identify the right device solutions
- Benchmark competitor features
- Insight into market trends
- Develop your future key fob strategy

IMPORTANT CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: Due to the confidential nature of the report content, your request to purchase SBD's security reports will be vetted by SBD's security team, prior to any sale agreement.

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1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. The Market for RSO Devices
3.1 Why Change?
3.2 Customer Demand
3.2.1 Mature Markets
3.2.2 Emerging Markets
3.3 Reasons to be Optimistic
3.4 Reasons to be Cautious
4. Implementing the Right Solution
4.1 High-Level Considerations
4.1.1 Theft Prevention
4.1.2 Cost Reduction
4.1.3 End-User Convenience
4.2 Specific Technology Considerations
4.2.1 Data Type
4.2.2 Display Options
4.2.3 Battery Configuration
4.2.4 Wireless Communication Technology
5. Device Types
5.1 Enhanced Key Fob (EKF)
5.2 Gateway Key Fob (GKF)
5.3 Direct Control
5.4 3rd Party Control
5.5 RSO Device Summary
5.5.1 Common Requirements
6. Future Predictions
6.1 Current Situation
6.1.1 Other Early Concepts
6.2 Analysis
6.3 Future Trends
6.3.1 Short-Medium Term
6.3.2 Long Term

List of Figures
Figure 1. Report Overview
Figure 2. Current Technology Trends
Figure 3. Customer Demands
Figure 4. The Desirability of Monitoring Vehicle Data
Remotely on Key Fob
Figure 5. High-Level Considerations
Figure 6. RSO Device Type Overview
Figure 7. Summary of RSO Devices
Figure 8. Current VM RSO Devices (1)
Figure 9. Current VM RSO Devices (2)
Figure 10. Current Supplier RSO Devices (1)
Figure 11. Current Supplier RSO Devices (2)
Figure 12. Summary of Current Devices
Figure 13. Option 1: Niche Devices
Figure 14. Option 2: Split Functions

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Callum Tulloch specialises in key fob technology and associated device trends. He also contributes towards a variety of Secure Car projects.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown