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Market Forecast of Global Energy Storage System (Forecasts to 2020) Product Image

Market Forecast of Global Energy Storage System (Forecasts to 2020)

  • ID: 2515295
  • February 2013
  • Region: Global
  • 273 Pages
  • SNE Research

ESSs are devices to store electricity across the entire process from power generation to consumption (power plant-power transmission-substation-power distribution-consumer). Pumped storage power plants or UPSs (uninterruptible power supply systems) are the most typical ESSs. The ESS applications market is composed of total 19 areas, including the above.

This report is dedicated to examining when and where demand for ESSs occurs and how big it is. The existing application markets are expected to continue to grow steadily, but the growth rate will be very low. It will be new application markets that boost the ESS market in the future. Especially, the TOU (Time of Use) Cost Management market will rapidly grow with the development of ESS technologies, although it is forming a very small part now.

There are numerous factors affecting the growth of the ESS market. This report examines these factors. Except for a few applications such as pumped storage power plants, and UPSs, most are in the demonstration stage. Thus, a lot of attention is focused on the future growth of the ESS market. The potential for the ESS market is large enough, with DOE expecting over $200 billion market. READ MORE >

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1. Introduction
1.1 Necessity of ESSs
1.2 ESS Market Factor
1.3 ESS Technology

2. Electric power industries worldwide
2.1 Electric power industry in Asia
2.1.1 Electric power industry in Korea
2.1.2 Electric power industry in Japan
2.1.3 Electric power industry in China
2.2 Electric power industry in North America
2.2.1 Electric power industry in the United States
2.2.2 Electric power industry in Canada
2.3 Electric power industry in South America
2.3.1 Electric power industry in Brazil
2.4 Electric power industry in Central America
2.4.1 Electric power industry in Mexico
2.5 Electric power industry in Europe
2.5.1 Electric power industry in EU
2.5.2 Electric power industry in the United Kingdom
2.5.3 Electric power industry in France
2.5.4 Electric power industry in Italy
2.5.5 Electric power industry in Germany
2.5.6 Electric power industry in Spain

3. Power Quality
3. Power Quality
3.1.1 Power Quality

4. ESS policies in different countries
4. ESS policies in different countries
4.1 Korea
4.2 Japan
4.3 USA
4.3.1 ESS subsidies in the United States
4.3.2 ESS policies and supports of the U.S. Government
4.3.3 ESS policies and supports of California State
4.4 Europe
4.4.1 ESS subsidies in Europe

5. ESS Market
5.1 ESS Market Necessity
5.1.1 ESS Market Necessity
5.1.2 ESS Market Base
5.2 ESS Application
5.2.1 Energy Supply Applications Electric Energy Time-Shift Electric Supply Capacity
5.2.2 Ancillary Service Applications Load Following Area Regulation Electric Supply Reserve Capacity Voltage Support
5.2.3 Grid System Applications Transmission Support Transmission Congestion relief T&D Upgrade Deferral Substation On-site Power
5.2.4 End User/Utility Customer Applications Time-of-Use Energy cost Management Demand Charge Management Electric Service Reliability Electric Service Power Quality
5.2.5 Renewable Integration Applications Renewable Energy Time-Shift Renewable Capacity Firming Wind Generation Grid Integration
5.3 ESS Solutions
5.3.1 Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage (PHES)
5.3.2 Compressed air energy storage (CAES)
5.3.3 Flywheel (FWES)
5.3.4 Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES)
5.3.5 Sodium Sulfur Energy Storage (NAS)
5.3.6 Lead Acid Battery (LAB)
5.3.7 Flow Battery
5.4 ESS Market Potential
5.4.1 Sandia National Laboratory (SNL)
5.4.2 Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
5.4.3 Panasonic
5.4.4 IEA
5.4.5 YANO
5.5 ESS Market Forecast
5.5.1 Market Segmentation for market forecasting
5.5.2 Power storage capacity requirements by market segmentation
5.5.3 Issues and characteristics by market segmentation Electricity Supply Grid System Ancillary Services Renewable Integration End User/Utility Customer
5.5.4 Market Status (USA)
5.5.5 ESS Market Forecast

Appendix 1: Dissemination of ESSs in Japan
Appendix 2: Electric rate in Japan
Appendix 3: Currently available ESS products in Japan
Appendix 4: PHESs in Japan

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

- Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
- Panasonic
- Sandia National Laboratory (SNL)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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