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Metals Pastes for Solar Cells: Technology Research Trend and Market Forecast Product Image

Metals Pastes for Solar Cells: Technology Research Trend and Market Forecast

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  • January 2013
  • 221 Pages
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  • Advanced Nano Products
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  • Giga solar materials
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Metal pastes are one of the key components that affect solar cell efficiency. Especially, front electrodes are known to have the greatest influence on solar cell efficiency. Consequentially, there is a very high entry barrier in the front electrode market. Front electrode paste manufacturers are falling behind top tier companies in terms of performance. They are also poor records in launching new products. Accordingly, the front electrode market is still being dominated by Top 2 companies, Heraeus and DuPont.

In the case of the rear electrode market, where there is a relative low entry barrier, it is becoming Red Ocean with market entry of numerous companies.

To gain the upper hand in the metal paste market, multi-faceted analysis is necessary. This report provides in-depth analysis based on classification into markets, technologies, and prices.

Section I : market analysis
- Analysis of metal paste suppliers of major Chinese solar cell manufacturers (Front Ag, Rear Ag, Rear Al)
- Forecast of global and major 8 metal paste markets (based on demand, and market revenue)

Section II : Technology and research trend
- Analysis of patent trends of Top 3 companies (DuPont, Heraeus, Ferro)
- New product launch trend
- Trend in research on metal pastes for solar cells
- Trend in research on metal pastes for high efficiency solar cells
- Major business trend

Section III : Price trend and cost analysis
- Development of Ag and Al LME prices
- Metal paste price forecast

Appendix : Metal Paste basic theory

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  • Advanced Nano Products
  • Cheil Industries
  • DuPont
  • Giga solar materials
  • Jinko Solar
  • Noritake
  • MORE


Section I : Metal Paste Market Analysis

1. Top 5 Solar Cell Manufacturers Metal Paste Supplier Analysis
1.1. Suntech
1.1.1. Cell Production
1.1.2. Front Ag paste
1.1.3. Rear Ag paste
1.1.4. Rear Al paste
1.2. Yingli Solar
1.2.1. Cell Production
1.2.2. Front Ag paste
1.2.3. Rear Ag paste
1.2.4. Rear Al paste
1.3. JA Solar
1.3.1. Cell Production
1.3.2. Front Ag paste
1.3.3. Rear Ag paste
1.3.4. Rear Al paste
1.4. China Sunergy
1.4.1. Cell Production
1.4.2. Front Ag paste
1.4.3. Rear Ag paste
1.4.4. Rear Al paste
1.5. Jinko Solar
1.5.1. Cell Production
1.5.2. Front Ag paste
1.5.3. Rear Ag paste
1.5.4. Rear Al paste

2. Metal Paste Market Forecast (2008~2015F)
2.1. Global Market Forecast (2008~2015F)
2.1.1. Cell Production
2.1.2. Metal Paste Demand
2.1.3. Metal Paste Market
2.2. Korea Market Forecast (2008~2015F)
2.2.1. Cell Production
2.2.2. Metal Paste Demand
2.2.3. Metal Paste Revenue
2.3. China Market Forecast (2008~2015F)
2.3.1. Cell Production
2.3.2. Metal Paste Demand
2.3.3. Metal Paste Revenue
2.4. Taiwan Market Forecast (2008~2015F)
2.4.1. Cell Production
2.4.2. Metal Paste Demand
2.4.3. Metal Paste Revenue
2.5. Japan Market Forecast (2008~2015F)
2.5.1. Cell Production
2.5.2. Metal Paste Demand
2.5.3. Metal Paste Revenue
2.6. Germany Market Forecast (2008~2015F)
2.6.1. Cell Production
2.6.2. Metal Paste Demand
2.6.3. Metal Paste Revenue
2.7. U.S.A Market Forecast (2008~2015F)
2.7.1. Cell Production
2.7.2. Metal Paste Demand
2.7.3. Metal Paste Revenue
2.8. Italy Market Forecast (2008~2015F)
2.8.1. Cell Production
2.8.2. Metal Paste Demand
2.8.3. Metal Paste Revenue
2.9. Spain Market Forecast (2008~2015F)
2.9.1. Cell Production
2.9.2. Metal Paste Demand
2.9.3. Metal Paste Revenue

Section II : Technology Trend Analysis

1. Patent Trend of Major Companies
1.1. DuPont
1.2. Ferro
1.3. Heraeus

2. Product Line Up (2010~2012)
2.1. Product Line Up by Type (2010~2012)
2.2. High Efficiency Type Metal Paste Product Line Up (2010~2012)
2.3. Conventional Type Metal Paste Product Line Up (2010~2012)
2.4. Product Line Up of Major Companies (2011~2012)

3. Electrode Material Technologies for Next-generation c-Si Solar Cells
3.1. Technological improvement - pastes
3.1.1. High Aspect Ratio
3.1.2. Pb-Free Glass Frit and Other Frit Issues
3.2. Cost-effective Electrode Material Technology
3.2.1. Effort to Reduct Ag Consumption
3.2.2. Paste for Partial Substitution of Ag
3.2.3. Technology for Complete Ag Substitution
3.3. Development of New Electrode Material for New Processes
3.3.1. Ag Pastes for Inkjet Printing
3.3.2.Ag Pastes for Gravure Off-set Printing
3.3.3. Ag paste for Hot-melt Screen Printing Hot melt
3.4. Development of Electrode Materials for High Efficiency Solar Cells
3.4.1. Paste for Shallow Emitters
3.4.2. Pastes for Metal Wrap Through (MWT)
3.4.3 Paste for Back Contact Cells
3.4.4 Selective emitter and Fine Line-width Printing
3.4.5 Other issue

4. Trend in Electrode Materials for Solar Cells
4.1. Front Ag Electrode
4.2. Rear Ag Electrode
4.3. Rear Al Electrode
4.4. Plating Eletrode

5. Major Business Trends
5.1. Business Trend- Overseas companies
5.1.1. FERRO Elelctronic Material
5.1.2. Giga solar materials
5.1.3. Heraeus
5.1.4. Rutech
5.1.5. DuPont
5.1.6. Monocrystal
5.1.7. Noritake
5.1.8. Namics
5.1.9. AgPRO
5.2. Business Trend- Korean Companies
5.2.1. Daejoo Electronic Materials
5.2.2. Dongjin Semichem
5.2.3. Cheil Industries
5.2.4. Advanced Nano Products
5.2.5. Others

Section III : Metal Paste Price trend

1. LME & Metal Paste Price of Ag and Al (2008~2012)
1.1. Ag Price (2008.01.01~2012.11.30)
1.2. Al Price (2008.01.01~2012.11.30)
1.3. Metal Paste Price Forecast (2008~2015)

2. Material Cost Analysis
2.1. Front Ag Paste
2.2. Rear Ag Paste
2.3. Rear Al Paste

Appendix : Basic Theory of Metal Paste

1. Metal Paste Overview
1.1 Definition of Metal Paste
1.1.1. What is Metal Paste?
1.1.2. Metal Paste Design
1.2. Basic Metal Paste Theory
1.2.1. Requirement for Metal Paste
1.2.2. Basic Components for Metal Paste Metal Powder Glass frit Organic Material Including Binders and Solvents Surfactant
1.2.3. Metal Paste Manufacturing Technologies Conductive Filler Dispersion Process Filler Dispersion Process
1.2.4. Metal Paste Management Paste Mixing and Defoamation Paste Fintering
1.3. Determinant of Metal Paste Printing Quality
1.3.1. Surface Tension of Pastes (Cohesion of Materials)
1.3.2. Surface Free Energy of Substrates
1.4. Relation between Metal Paste and Firing Temperature
1.5. Metal Paste for Solar Cells
1.5.1. Requirement for Solar Cell Applications ; Front Electrode
1.5.2. Requirement for Solar Cell Applications ; Rear Electrode

2. Metal Paste Property
2.1. Thixotropy
2.1.1. Thixotropy and Hydrogen Bond
2.1.2. Thixotropy and Particle Size and Shape
2.1.3. Thixotropy and Printing Quality
2.1.4. Viscosity Recovery Time and Printing Quality
2.1.5. Thixotropy Measurement
2.2. Rheology
2.2.1. Newtonian Flow
2.2.1. Pseudoplastic Flow
2.2.2. Dilatant Flow
2.2.3. Plastic Flow
2.3. Dynamic Viscoelasticity
2.3.1. Definition of Dynamic Viscoelasticity
2.3.2. Evaluation through Measurement of Dynamic Viscoelasticity

3. Metal Paste Printing Method
3.1. Screen Printing
3.1.1. Overview of Screen Printing
3.1.2. Scrren Printing Conditions 202
3.1.3. Problems of Screen Printing Process and Solutions
3.2. Inkjet Printing
3.2.1. Overview of Inkjet Printing
3.2.2. Characteristics of Inkjet Ink
3.2.3. Characteristics of Inkjet Head
3.2.4. Characteristics of Inkjet Process
3.3. Gravure Printing
3.3.1. Overview of Gravure Printing
3.3.2. Gravure Printing Plate
3.3.3. Conductive Paste for Gravure Painting
3.4. Gravure Offset
3.4.1. Overview of Gravure Offset Printing
3.4.2. Variables of Gravure Offset Printing
3.5. Reverse Gravure Offset
3.5.1. Overview of Reverse Gravure Offset Printing
3.5.2. Electrode Paste using Photolithography Method

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

- Advanced Nano Products
- Cell Production
- Cheil Industries
- China Sunergy
- Daejoo Electronic Materials
- Dongjin Semichem
- DuPont
- FERRO Elelctronic Material
- Ferro
- Front Ag paste
- Giga solar materials
- Heraeus
- JA Solar
- Jinko Solar
- Monocrystal
- Namics
- Noritake
- Rear Ag paste
- Rear Al paste
- Rutech
- Suntech
- Yingli Solar

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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