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DNA Sequencing and PCR Markets

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  • Report
  • November 2013
  • Region: Global
  • 176 Pages
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  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • FASMAC Co, Ltd
  • Hy Laboratories Ltd
  • MWG Biotech AG
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DNA sequencing and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) are two major technology platforms of value in life science research, drug discovery and clinical diagnostics. The markets for sequencing are extremely competitive, driven by rapid technological advancements and aggressive price wars. Next-generation sequencing presents an exciting area of growth for life science tool vendors, including those providing sequencers, ancillary instrumentation, reagents and software.

This publication provides an in-depth analysis of key technology and market trends in the high-throughput sequencing space while analyzing the main drivers of growth in markets for PCR products and applications. The study provides a thorough overview of DNA sequencing and PCR, including applications, opportunities, technological trends, and market share and dynamics with a particular focus on the U.S, Japan, European, and Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) markets.

The report also analyzes almost all of the companies known to be marketing, manufacturing or developing DNA sequencing and PCR products in the U.S. and worldwide. Each company is discussed in extensive depth with a section on its history, product line, business and marketing analysis, and a subjective commentary of the company's market position. Detailed tables and charts with sales forecasts and market data are also included.
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  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • FASMAC Co, Ltd
  • Hy Laboratories Ltd
  • MWG Biotech AG
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1. Overview
1.1 Statement of Report
1.2 About This Report
1.3 Scope of the Report
1.4 Methodology
1.5 Executive Summary

2. Introduction to DNA Sequencing and PCR Technology
2.1 Science Overview: Introduction to DNA
2.2 DNA Sequencing and PCR Applications Space
2.2.1 DNA Sequencing Technologies
2.2.2 DNA Sequencing Applications
2.2.3 Proteomics
2.2.4 Products for the Genomics Market
2.3 The Impact of the Human Genome Project on Molecular Biology
2.4 Impact of DNA Sequencing Techniques on Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries
2.5 Molecular Diagnostics in the Post-Genomic Era—The Role of SNPs
2.6 Advances in Molecular Diagnostic Technologies
2.7 The Use of PCR Technology
2.8 Genetic Variability and Disease

3. DNA Sequencing Technologies and Market Analysis
3.1 Overview of the Sequencing Market
3.1.1 Market Opportunity
3.1.2 Highlights of DNA Sequencing Market
3.1.3 Genomic Analysis Market Development
3.1.4 Companies Offering Sequencing Technology Platforms
3.1.5 Competition
3.1.6 Markets for DNA Sequencing
3.1.7 Market Opportunity
3.1.8 Market Dynamics
3.1.9 Overview of Current DNA Sequencing Technology Platforms and Players
3.1.10 Limitations of Current Sequencing Technologies
3.1.11 Next-Generation Sequencing Software
3.1.12 Sequencing Services Industry: Market Size and Outlook
3.2 Overview of the Life Science Marketplace
3.2.1 Research Laboratories
3.2.2 Market Share
3.2.3 Paradigm Shift in Drug Discovery and Development
3.2.4 Systems Biology and the Need for More Effective Tools
3.2.5 Molecular Medicine and the New Therapeutics
3.2.6 Pharmacogenomics Using Genotyping and Phenotyping Clinical Biomarkers
3.3 The Market for Genetic Analysis Products

4. PCR and DNA Amplification Technologies and Markets
4.1 Technology Overview
4.1.1 Nucleic Acid Amplification Methods
4.1.2 Overview of PCR Technology PCR Components Primers for PCR Equipment for PCR Sources of DNA for PCR PCR Primer Sequence Thermostable DNA Polymerases PCR Protocols
4.1.3 Variations of PCR
4.1.4 Detection of Amplified Gene Products High Resolution Melting Analysis Microparticle-Based Flow Cytometry
4.2 Overview of Current PCR Technology Platforms and Players
4.2.1 Future Directions for PCR Technology
4.3 DNA Amplification Market
4.3.1 Market Size and Growth Projections in DNA Amplification Instrumentation, 2010-2018 U.S. Market European Market
4.3.2 Market Share of Key Players in DNA Amplification
4.3.3 Markets for Emerging Amplification Technologies
4.3.4 The Drivers for Amplification Technologies
4.4 Instrumentation Outlook for the Life Sciences Industry
4.5 Products for the Genomics Market

5. Technical Trends in Nucleic Acid Analysis
5.1 Amplification of Nucleic Acids
5.1.1 Overview
5.1.2 Quality Control Issues in PCR
5.1.3 Detection of the Amplified Product
5.1.4 Novel Nucleic Acid Amplification Techniques
5.2 Alternatives to PCR Amplification
5.2.1 Locked Nucleic Acids (LNAs)
5.2.2 Multiplexed Nuclease-Protection Assay and ArrayPlate
5.2.3 Biosensor Technologies DNA Hybridization Biosensor Chips PNA-Based Biosensors
5.3 Microplate Readers
5.4 DNA Sequencing Technologies
5.4.1 Capillary-Based Sequencers
5.4.2 Pyrosequencing
5.4.3 High-Throughput Sequencing
5.4.4 Emerging Technologies
5.4.5 Emerging Markets for Next-Generation Sequencing
5.5 Nucleic Acid Sample Prep Platforms
5.6 RNA Isolation Kits
5.7 DNA Microarrays
5.7.1 The Technique
5.7.2 The Market
5.7.3 Advantages of Microarrays
5.7.4 Next-Generation Sequencing vs. Microarrays

6. Corporate Directory
6.1 Abbott Laboratories
6.2 Affymetrix, Inc.
6.3 Agilent Technologies, Inc.
6.4 AgriGen Biotech Pty Ltd.
6.5 Ambry Genetics
6.6 Avesthagen Gengraine Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
6.7 BD Biosciences
6.8 Beckman Coulter Genomics, Inc.
6.9 BGI Life Tech
6.10 BioCat GmbH
6.11 BioChain, Inc.
6.12 Biogazelle
6.13 bioMérieux
6.14 Bioneer
6.15 Bio-Rad Laboratories
6.16 BioServe
6.17 Cepheid
6.18 Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc.
6.19 Complete Genomics
6.20 Comprehensive Biomarker Center GmbH
6.21 Danaher Corporation
6.22 DNA LandMarks
6.23 DNAVision
6.24 DNASTAR, Inc.
6.25 ELITech Molecular Diagnostics
6.26 Enigma Diagnostics Limited
6.27 Enzo Biochem
6.28 Eppendorf AG
6.29 Eurofins Medigenomix GmbH
6.30 Exiqon
6.31 FASMAC Co., Ltd.
6.32 Fluidigm Corporation
6.33 GE Healthcare
6.34 GenapSys, Inc.
6.35 GeneticTechnologies Limited
6.36 GeneWorks Pty. Ltd.
6.37 Genia
6.38 Genisphere, Inc.
6.39 Genovoxx
6.40 GnuBIO, Inc.
6.41 GVK BIO
6.42 Helicos BioSciences Corporation
6.43 High Throughput Genomics, Inc.
6.44 Hokkaido System Science
6.45 Hologic, Inc.
6.46 Hy Laboratories Ltd.
6.47 Illumina, Inc.
6.48 Inqaba Biotechnical Industries Ltd.
6.49 IntegenX, Inc.
6.50 Integrated DNA Technologies
6.51 Kreatech Holding BV
6.52 LaserGen, Inc.
6.53 LI-COR Biosciences
6.54 Life Technologies Corporation
6.55 Lucigen Corporation
6.56 Luminex Corporation
6.57 Meridian Biosciences
6.58 Microsynth AG
6.59 MilleGen SA
6.60 Monoquant
6.61 MWG Biotech AG
6.62 Nabsys
6.63 NanoString Technologies
6.64 NobleGen Biosciences
6.65 OncoDNA SA
6.66 Orchid Cellmark
6.67 Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd.
6.68 Pacific Biosciences
6.69 PamGene
6.70 PerkinElmer, Inc.
6.71 PPD, Inc.
6.72 PrimmBiotech
6.73 Promega
6.74 QIAGEN N.V.
6.75 RainDance Technologies
6.76 Research Biolabs Pte
6.77 Roche Diagnostics
6.78 Rubicon Genomics, Inc.
6.79 Saturn Biotech Limited
6.80 SeeGene
6.81 Sequenom, Inc.
6.82 Sequetech
6.83 SeqWright
6.84 Shanghai Sangon Biological Engineering Technology and Services Co., Ltd.
6.85 Shimadzu Biotech
6.86 Siemens AG
6.87 SolGent, Inc.
6.88 Stratos Genomics, Inc.
6.89 TATAA Biocenter
6.90 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
6.91 Third Wave Technologies, Inc.
6.92 Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
6.93 ZS Genetics

7. Market Trends and Forecasts
7.1 Market Dynamics
7.2 Future Considerations for Molecular Diagnostics
7.2.1 How Genomics is Transforming Pharmaceutical R&D
7.2.2 Genetic Markers for Disease
7.2.3 NAT and Personalized Medicine
7.2.4 Growth Areas of Molecular Diagnostics
7.3 RNA Detection
7.4 Ramification Amplification Method
7.5 Invader Assays/Hologic
7.6 Molecular Beacons
7.7 PCR-on-a-Chip
7.8 ChIP Sequencing
7.9 Methylation Analysis
7.10 Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (dPCR)
7.11 Personal or Desktop Sequencers

8. Major Activities in DNA Sequencing and PCR Markets
8.1 Product Innovations/Launches in DNA Sequencing and PCR Industries
8.2 M&A, and Other Major Activities in the DNA Sequencing and PCR Industries

Index of Figures

Figure 2.1: Segment of Double-Stranded DNA Showing the Base-Pair Relationship
Figure 3.1: Cost of Sequencing a Human Genome, 2001-2013
Figure 3.2: Market Share in the Sequencing Industry, by Application, 2012-2017
Figure 3.3: Number of Sequencing Machines by Continent, 2013
Figure 3.4: Factors influencing Researchers’ Choice of Next-Generation Sequencing Platform
Figure 3.5: Next-Generation Sequencing Platforms Market Share, 2013
Figure 3.6: Applications for Next-Generation Sequencing in the Research Laboratory
Figure 3.7: Consumables in Research Laboratories: Market Breakdown and Corresponding Growth Rates, 2012-2015
Figure 3.8: The Market for Genetic Analysis Tools
Figure 4.1: Cepheid’s I-CORE Module
Figure 4.2: Market Share for Thermal Cycler Manufacturers
Figure 5.1: Nanopore Sequencing
Figure 7.1: Market Shares for Benchtop Sequencers, 2013
Figure 7.2: Evolution of the Market for Benchtop Sequencers, Predicted Market Shares for 2015

Index of Tables

Table 2.1: First- and Second- (Next-) Generation Sequencers
Table 2.2: Third- and Fourth-Generation Sequencing Platforms
Table 2.3: Applications of Next-Generation Sequencing
Table 2.4: Comparative Strengths of qPCR and dPCR
Table 3.1: Global Market for Next-Generation Sequencing, 2012-2018
Table 3.2: Sequencing Platforms on the Market and in Development
Table 3.3: DNA Sequencing Market Players
Table 3.4: Major DNA Product Companies in Europe
Table 3.5: Major DNA Product Companies in Asia and Australia
Table 3.6: Major DNA Product Companies in Japan
Table 3.7: Major DNA Product Companies in Rest of the World
Table 3.8: Comparison on Pricing of Current NGS Platforms, 2013
Table 3.9: Number of Sequencers Currently in Use at Academic and Sequencing Centers Worldwide, by Platform
Table 3.10: Comparison of Established Genomic Analysis Technologies
Table 3.11: Integrated Software Solutions for Next-Generation Sequencing
Table 3.12: Software Solutions for Resequencing
Table 3.13: Software Solutions for De novo Alignment/Assembly
Table 3.14: Software Solutions for SNP/Indel Discovery
Table 3.15: Software Solutions for Genome Annotation
Table 3.16: Software Solutions for ChIP-Sequencing and Methylome-Sequencing
Table 3.17: Software Solutions for Transcriptomics
Table 3.18: Tools for the Analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing Data
Table 3.19: Sequencing Services Market Size, 2010-2018
Table 3.20: Top 30 Genome Centers Worldwide
Table 3.21: Genome Centers by Country
Table 3.22: Frequently Used Life Science Techniques
Table 3.23: Reagents Used by Life Science Researchers
Table 3.24: The Most Commonly Used Instruments and Apparatus in Life Science Research
Table 3.25: The Most Widely Reported Categories of Software in Life Science Research
Table 3.26: Global Market Size for Life Science Research Tools, 2011-2018
Table 3.27: Key Bioassay Technologies in the Life Sciences Industry
Table 4.1: Nucleic Acid Amplification Methods
Table 4.2: Properties of Various Acid Amplification Techniques
Table 4.3: Global Market Size for DNA Amplification Instrumentation, 2010-2018
Table 4.4: Global Market Size for Reagents and Consumables in the DNA Amplification Segment, 2010-2018
Table 4.5: Market Share of Key Players in qPCR Enzymes and Supplies
Table 4.6: Leading Manufacturers of Thermal Cyclers and Market Share
Table 4.7: High Growth in the Global Market for Digital PCR, Market Size, 2012-2017
Table 4.8: Commercially Available Digital PCR Platforms
Table 5.1: Next-Generation Sequencing Platforms
Table 5.2: Comparative Benefits of Next-Generation Sequencing over Microarray Technology
Table 8.1: The Key Bioassay Technologies in the Life Sciences Industry
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- Abbott Laboratories
- Affymetrix, Inc
- Agilent Technologies, Inc
- AgriGen Biotech Pty Ltd
- Ambry Genetics
- Avesthagen Gengraine Technologies Pvt Ltd
- BD Biosciences
- Beckman Coulter Genomics, Inc
- BGI Life Tech
- BioCat GmbH
- BioChain, Inc
- Biogazelle
- bioMérieux
- Bioneer
- Bio-Rad Laboratories
- BioServe
- Cepheid
- Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc
- Complete Genomics
- Comprehensive Biomarker Center GmbH
- Danaher Corporation
- DNA LandMarks
- DNAVision
- ELITech Molecular Diagnostics
- Enigma Diagnostics Limited
- Enzo Biochem
- Eppendorf AG
- Eurofins Medigenomix GmbH
- Exiqon
- FASMAC Co, Ltd
- Fluidigm Corporation
- GE Healthcare
- GenapSys, Inc
- GeneticTechnologies Limited
- GeneWorks Pty Ltd
- Genia
- Genisphere, Inc
- Genovoxx
- GnuBIO, Inc
- Helicos BioSciences Corporation
- High Throughput Genomics, Inc
- Hokkaido System Science
- Hologic, Inc
- Hy Laboratories Ltd
- Illumina, Inc
- Inqaba Biotechnical Industries Ltd
- IntegenX, Inc
- Integrated DNA Technologies
- Kreatech Holding BV
- LaserGen, Inc
- LI-COR Biosciences
- Life Technologies Corporation
- Lucigen Corporation
- Luminex Corporation
- Meridian Biosciences
- Microsynth AG
- MilleGen SA
- Monoquant
- MWG Biotech AG
- Nabsys
- NanoString Technologies
- NobleGen Biosciences
- OncoDNA SA
- Orchid Cellmark
- Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd
- Pacific Biosciences
- PamGene
- PerkinElmer, Inc
- PPD, Inc
- PrimmBiotech
- Promega
- RainDance Technologies
- Research Biolabs Pte
- Roche Diagnostics
- Rubicon Genomics, Inc
- Saturn Biotech Limited
- SeeGene
- Sequenom, Inc
- Sequetech
- SeqWright
- Shanghai Sangon Biological Engineering Technology and Services Co, Ltd
- Shimadzu Biotech
- Siemens AG
- SolGent, Inc
- Stratos Genomics, Inc
- TATAA Biocenter
- Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc
- Third Wave Technologies, Inc
- Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
- ZS Genetics
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown