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Market Forecast for Backsheet in Solar Cells - In Depth Analysis Product Image

Market Forecast for Backsheet in Solar Cells - In Depth Analysis

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  • March 2013
  • 164 Pages
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  • DNP
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Backsheet is a major component material used for weatherproofing solar cell and can largely be classified as fluoride and non-fluoride types.

After Isovoltaic first presented non-fluoride backsheet with polyamide in 2002, companies such as Coveme, DNP, Dunmore and Toppan Printing brought out non-fluoride type products in the market one after another. In the period when photovoltaic market was in boom, non-fluoride backsheet products were more actively released than fluoride backsheet due to supply and cost issue of fluoride film.

But as the structure of the product is changing from double layer to single layer, easing the supply issue of fluoride film and as the stability problem of non-fluoride products are constantly being raised, the release of non-fluoride backsheet products is expected to be reduced for the time being.

The market share of fluoride products which has a higher price range compared to non-fluoride products is expected to increase gradually and by year 2013 the backsheet market is expected to increase to a size of 1.7 trillion.

The report focuses on the Backsheet Market with deep market analysis.

Section I : Market Analysis
- Backsheet supply chain analysis of China's major solar cell manufacturers.
- Backsheet market forecast for global 8 major countries. (Market Demand)
- Price trend of major products. (by month, by manufacturer)

Section II : Product and Industry Status
- New product launch trend analysis.
- Status of over 20 major backsheet manufacturers.

Section III : Basic Theory of Backsheet

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  • 3M
  • DNP
  • First PV
  • MA Packaging
  • SKC
  • MORE


Section I : Backsheet for PV Market Analysis
1. Top 5 Solar Cell Manufacturers - Backsheet Supplier Analysis
1.1. Suntech
1.1.1. Module Production & Backsheet Demand
1.1.2. Backsheet Supply Status
1.2. Yingli
1.2.1. Module Production & Backsheet Demand
1.2.2. Backsheet Supply Status
1.3. China Sunergy
1.3.1. Module Production & Backsheet Demand
1.3.2. Backsheet Supply Status
1.4. JA Solar
1.4.1. Module Production & Backsheet Demand
1.4.2. Backsheet Supply Status
1.5. Jinko Solar
1.5.1. Module Production & Backsheet Demand
1.5.2. Backsheet Supply Status

2. Solar Cell Backsheet Market Forecast (2008~2015F)
2.1. Global Market Forecast (2008~2015F)
2.1.1 Backsheet Demand Forecast (demand quantity)
2.1.2 Backsheet Demand Forecast (market revenue)
2.2. China Market Forecast
2.2.1 Backsheet Demand Forecast (demand quantity)
2.2.2 Backsheet Demand Forecast (market revenue)
2.3. Taiwan Market Forecast
2.3.1 Backsheet Demand Forecast (demand quantity)
2.3.2 Backsheet Demand Forecast (market revenue)
2.4. Germany Market Forecast
2.4.1 Backsheet Demand Forecast (demand quantity)
2.4.2 Backsheet Demand Forecast (market revenue)
2.5. U.S.A. Market Forecast
2.5.1 Backsheet Demand Forecast (demand quantity)
2.5.2 Backsheet Demand Forecast (market revenue)
2.6. Japan Market Forecast
2.6.1 Backsheet Demand Forecast (demand quantity)
2.6.2 Backsheet Demand Forecast (market revenue)
2.7. Korea Market Forecast
2.7.1 Backsheet Demand Forecast (demand quantity)
2.7.2 Backsheet Demand Forecast (market revenue)

3. Major Company Backsheet Price Status of by Type
3.1. Monthly Average Transaction Price
3.2. Major Company Average Transaction Price by Type (Year 2013)
3.3. Backsheet Manufacturing Company by Type (Based on Year 2012)

Section II : Backsheet Release and Major Company Status
1. Backsheet Release Status
1.1 Backsheet Product Family Analysis
1.2. Backsheet Specification Analysis

2. Backsheet Company Trend
2.1. Dupont
2.2. 3M
2.3. Madico
2.4. Dunmore
2.5. Flexcon
2.6. Honeywell
2.7. Lintec
2.8. Toppan Printing
2.9. Toyo Aluminum
2.10. DNP
2.11. MA Packaging
2.12. SFC
2.13. SKC
2.15. Krempel
2.16. Coveme
2.17. Taiflex
2.18. First PV
2.19. Skultuna Flexible
2.20. Bekaert

Section III : Basic Theory of PV Backsheet
1. PV Technology
1.1. Introduction to PV

2. Solar Module Manufacturing Process
2.1. Crystalline Solar Cell Model Technology
2.1.1. Cell Selection
2.1.2. Tabbing &String
2.1.3. Module Setting
2.1.4. Lamination
2.1.5. Appearance Check
2.1.6. Assembly
2.1.7. Performance Test
2.2. Silicon Thin-film Solar Cell Module Technology

3. Backsheet
3.1. Structure and Function of Backsheet
3.2 Manufacturing Process of Backsheet
3.2.1. Coating
3.2.2. Vacuum Evaporation Coating Technology
3.2.3. Laminating
3.3 Backsheet Characteristic Evaluations
3.3.1. Climatic Tests
3.3.2. Physical Tests
3.3.3. Chemical Tests
3.3.4. Electrical Tests

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

- 3M
- Bekaert
- Coveme
- Dunmore
- Dupont
- First PV
- Flexcon
- Honeywell
- Krempel
- Lintec
- MA Packaging
- Madico
- Skultuna Flexible
- Taiflex
- Toppan Printing
- Toyo Aluminum

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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