Analysis of Gamesa Corporacion

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  • September 2013
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  • Enercon GmbH
  • Gamesa Corporacion
  • Suzlon Energy Limited
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Gamesa Corporacion is one of the world’s leading companies in the development of wind farms. Currently, Gamesa has more than 30 production facilities in Europe, the US, China, India and Brazil and overall in 35 countries. Gamesa, being vertically integrated, addresses business in the Manufacturing and Generation segment. Gamesa has around 4972 MW installed & holds a portfolio of around 23,891 MW which accounted for over 15% of its total revenues. Gamesa is currently exploring to build on it’s predominant position in the Spanish wind market to carve out a major share in the global wind power market.

We present Analysis of Gamesa Corporacion. A complete and comprehensive analysis of Gamesa Corporacion, includes an overview of the industry the company operates in and then moves on to analyzing the company itself.

Company analysis includes a history of Gamesa Corporacion, a business segment analysis of the segments Gamesa Corporacion operates through, a look at the organization structure of the company, a geographical operating segments analysis, an analysis of the company’s major competitors.

A financial analysis of Gamesa Corporacion is presented in the report which includes a ratio analysis, basic profit and loss analysis, presentation of the company balance sheet, and much more.

A SWOT Framework Analysis of Gamesa Corporacion completes this in-depth company analysis.

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  • Enercon GmbH
  • Gamesa Corporacion
  • Suzlon Energy Limited
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A. Executive Summary

B. Looking at the Industry
B.1 Industry Definition
B.2 Brief Profile of the Industry
B.3 Industry Value
B.4 Market Segmentation
B.5 Competition in the Industry
B.6 Future Perspective

C. Looking at Gamesa Corporacion
C.1 Company Profile
C.2 History of the Company
C.3 Organizational Divisions
C.4 Profiling the Key Executives
C.5 Products & Services

D. Looking at Business
D.1 Business Segments
D.2 Geographical Segments
D.3 Company Subsidiaries

E. SWOT Framework Analysis
E.1 Strengths to Build Upon
E.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
E.3 Opportunities to Exploit
E.4 Threats to Overcome

F. Profiling the Competition
F.1 Sinovel Wind Group Co., Ltd.
F.1.1 Corporate Profile
F.1.2 Business Segment Analysis
F.1.3 Financial Analysis
F.1.4 SWOT Analysis
F.2 Suzlon Energy Limited
F.2.1 Corporate Profile
F.2.2 Business Segment Analysis
F.2.3 Financial Analysis
F.2.4 SWOT Analysis
F.3 Enercon GmbH
F.3.1 Corporate Profile
F.3.2 Business Segment Analysis
F.3.3 Financial Analysis
F.3.4 SWOT Analysis

G. Financial Analysis of the Company
G.1 Current Financials
G.2 Balance Sheet
G.3 Profit & Loss Statement
G.4 Ratio Analysis
G.4.1 Capital Market Ratios
G.4.2 Annual Ratios
G.4.3 Interim Ratios

H. Future Perspective

I. Glossary of Terms

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Sinovel Wind Group Co., Ltd.
Suzlon Energy Limited
Enercon GmbH
Gamesa Corporacion

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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