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Despite the disappointing pesticide market and slower growth in China, novel pesticides are achieving fast growth. Phenamacril, dufulin, thiediazole copper, zinc thiazole are key examples.
Powdery mildew is a worldwide fungal disease that is difficult to deal with. It affects a wide range of crops and strikes frequently and heavily. In China, the occurrence of powdery mildew is frequent and the number of pesticides used to prevent and control powdery mildew is large. There is still a huge potential in developing fungicides for combating powdery mildew.

In Dec. 2015, the ex-works price of carbendazim technical declines month on month, but it still remains high. Since Jan., its price maintained high level under the environmental pressure. Pressured by economic downturn, weak demand, increasing cost and environmental protection, pesticide industry is struggling for development in 2015. Under such circumstances, some domestic pesticide enterprises fully comprehend the market conditions and tap their core competencies to make products, in order to get rid of the adverse circumstances and achieve performance growth.

Changing demand for pesticide impels to domestic agrochemical READ MORE >

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Novel pesticides: pioneers among Chinese pesticide market
Great potential for fungicides that prevent powdery mildew
Domestic carbendazim TC price maintains high level in 2015
Pesticide enterprises attempt performance growth under market downturn
Agrochemical enterprises accelerate formulation technological innovation
Jiangxi Heyi successfully enters capital market
Jiangyin Suli: top-1 chlorothalonil TC exporter in China
Jiangsu Fengdeng: first Chinese enterprise obtains formal registration of 98% cyprodinil TC
Tebuconazole: hot registered active ingredient in Chinese seed treatment market
Altogether 32 enterprises apply for field trials of tetraconazole
China's pesticide formulation: rising proportion in pesticide exports year by year
Lanfeng Biochemical: its subsidiary resumes production
China's metalaxyl TC exports: YoY growth in volume and value in Jan.-Sept. 2015
Sino-Agri United launches new fungicides
Limin Chemical to construct eco-agricultural demonstration zone
Ups in tebuconazole TC price
Pyraclostrobin TC registrations hit new record high
Guidance on Promoting Development of Industrial Parks
Stringent environment appraisal for pesticide registration in China
Agro-Tech extension institutions to quit from agricultural means of production business in Guangdong
Guangdong pesticide industry: high dependence on external sources & weak competitiveness
China's fungicide: YoY fall of 13.3% in output, Nov. 2015
Difenoconazole TC price hit record low
First Chinese enterprise obtains registrations of silthiopham TC
Ex-factory prices of main fungicides in China, Dec. 2015
Shanghai Port prices of main fungicides in China, Dec. 2015
FOB Shanghai prices of main fungicides in China, Dec. 2015

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In Dec. 2015, Qian Xuhong, Professor of East China University of Science and Technology,revealed that it has developed a novel pesticide-Y13149 and transferred to Beijing Yoloo Bio-technology Co., Ltd. for industrialized production.

Y13149 (application number: 201310502473.7) is a kind of SDHI (succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors) fungicide. It has good efficacy in fighting rice sheath blight and has high fungicidal activity to potato late blight.
Characterized with broad spectrum and fungicidal activity, SDHI fungicide is capable of preventing and controlling many diseases that infect crops, and has become one of most important fungicides. It is a research focus among pesticide enterprises. To date, field trials and registration for Y13149 have not approved. Industry insiders take optimistic attitude towards its prospects.

Stimulated by market demand and governmental supportive policies, large number of pesticide enterprises have a real enthusiasm for innovation. Some of new fungicide varieties have been researched successfully, which are registered and applied. In particular, the registration number of novel fungicides is growing sharply in this year. As of end of Sept., ZJ0712, fluoride ether bacteria amide, B2-a (including technical and formulations) have been registered in China. Some of them hit the market. The author will follow up the novel fungicide dynamics.

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- Jiangxi Heyi Chemical Co., Ltd.
- Jiangyin Suli Chemical Co., Ltd.
- Limin Chemical Co., Ltd.
- Jiangsu Xinhe Agrochemical Co., Ltd.
- Jiangsu Fengdeng Crop Science Co., Ltd.
- Jiangsu Pesticide Research Institute Co., Ltd.
- Guangxi Tianyuan Biochemistry Co., Ltd.
- Zhejiang Longwan Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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