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In May 2016, China's overall fungicide market shows general performance. Yet, some fungicides such as azoxystrobin technical witness downturn, while some are in upturns, like pyraclostrobin technical, cyazofamid technical and chlorothalonil technical.

Domestic ex-works price and supply of azoxystrobin technical continue going down this month. At present, many azoxystrobin technical producers are suffering pressure from large inventories and intense market competition. Some small- and medium-scale plants have suspended production for maintenance. In the coming period, the market price of azoxystrobin technical is predicted to slide slowly.

On the contrary, the market price of pyraclostrobin technical goes up, affected by the short supply in domestic market. Given the surging demand from enterprises that obtains the Pesticide Registration Certificate and Production Approval Certificate and small production capacity at present, the shortage won't get eased soon. As less pyraclostrobin technical is available in the market, its price will continue going up. Obviously, pyraclostrobin has been hot in the fungicide market.

Chlorothalonil technical remains in short supply and its export keeps booming. There even no chlorothalonil technical available in the market. Thus, the market price is expected to continue going up.

Cyazofamid technical is also in short supply, due to the restrained production and its features of production techniques. So far, its market price keeps surging.

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- Wheat head blight: business opportunity for pesticide makers
- 2015 Best-selling Biopesticide List: biofungicides take up 83%
- China's 2016 top 50 pesticide formulation enterprises
- Lanfeng Bio-Chem: large fall in 2015 net profit due to production suspension in affiliated company
- Jiangsu Huifeng: fall in 2015 net profit
- Sichuan Guoguang: rise in revenue from pesticide business in 2015
- China's exports of chlorothalonil technical: rises in volume and price in 2015
- China's export of fungicide formulations: YoY increase of 20.93% in Q1 2016
- China speeds up registrations of self-developed fungicide AIs in 2015
- Altogether 9 fungicide technical registered in China, April 2016
- Dedicated pesticides: key to development of agriculture aviation
- Coding Standards on Pesticide Quick Response Codes officially released
- Shanghai Nongle to register 7 self-developed biopesticides
- China's exports of fungicides: rises in both volume and value Q1 2016
- SAL BioSciences granted another fungicide patent for invention
- MOA to launch statistics investigation program into UAV for crop protection
- Jiangsu Province: fall in leading pesticide makers' fungicide output in Q1 2016
- CCPIA to set up strobilurin fungicide cooperative group
- Three pyraclostrobin pesticide technical to be granted Production Approval Certificate
- Tight supply of pyraclostrobin technical to continue in domestic market
- Jiangsu Huifeng: H1 2016 net profit expected to grow by 0%-20%
- Lanfeng Bio-Chem expects to realize turnaround in H1 2016 financial performance
- Limin Chemical: H1 2016 net profit expected to grow by 50%-100%
- Sichuan Guoguang: H1 2016 net profit growth to range from -15% to +15%
- Ex-works prices of main fungicides in China, May 2016
- Shanghai Port prices of main fungicides in China, May 2016
- FOB Shanghai prices of main fungicides in China, May 2016

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Zhejiang NHU raised its sales price of VA again, which may continue boosting domestic VA market. In H2 2016, China's market price is expected to keep high, given the concentrated production and stabilized market supply. Chinese farmers are stimulated by the continuous surge in pork market price. Since March 2016, the number of live pigs in farm has started to rebound. Thanks to this, domestic feed producers expect to improve their sales and profits.

At present, in May 2016, China's market price of niacinamide remains low due to plentiful supply and falling raw material prices. In the coming period, the price may continue falling, affected by the expansion of domestic production capacity. Kingvit Pharmaceutical plans to enter the NEEQ for new financing channels, so as to expand its VB12 production capacity. Thanks to the upward domestic VB12 market, the company's financial performance recorded large rises in full-year 2015. Yet, it may confront some risks in future development.

In Q1 2016, Zhejiang Medicine realized a turnaround in its financial performance, mainly thanks to the rises in sales prices of its vitamins. Notably, its net profit largely rose by 324.20% YoY. Kingdomway announced large rise in its Q1 2016 revenue, mainly thanks to the increases in sales prices of its vitamins and its subsidiary newly added to the consolidated financial statement. At present, the company is vigorously developing pharmaceutical business and expanding sales channels in domestic and overseas markets.

Northeast Pharmaceutical predicted its loss to reduce in H1 2016, mainly thanks to the rises in sales prices and sales volumes of some products. Under the pressure from continuous losses, the company is eager to hunt for profit growth through financing channels, like purchasing wealth investment products and setting up financing and investment platform.

In Q1 2016, China's export volume of VE went up slightly while the export price slid obviously. In the later period, the upturn in domestic VE market may boost the export price.

As of mid-May 2016, China's overall market price of VC has kept going up. However, this upward trend will be hard to continue, due to the on-going oversupply and falling price of raw material.

Since Jan. 2016, due to leading producers' price up-regulations, China's market price of VB5 has kept high, which also pushes up the export price of VB5.

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- Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical Co., Ltd.;
- Jiangsu Huifeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd.;
- Sichuan Guoguang Agrochemical Co., Ltd.;
- Shanghai Nongle Biological Products Co., Ltd.;
- Sino-Agri Leading Bioscinences Co., Ltd.

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