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  • May 2016
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As a company PolicyTracker has unrivalled expertise in an increasingly important field: we are the only newsletter devoted exclusively to spectrum management. We produce a PDF edition every month and our website is updated with the latest news as it happens.

Policytracker has over 1000 readers from across the field including regulators from nearly 20 countries, mobile companies, manufacturers, IT companies, broadcasters, public sector and consultants. Among these subscribers are:

- Vodafone
- Nokia
- BT
- Intel
- Ericsson
- Orange
- Inmarsat
- SES Astra
- Ofcom
- France Telecom
- The European Commission

Recent headlines

Which country has the most spectrum trades?

With spectrum trading in Europe approaching its fourth anniversary, PolicyTracker searches for an international benchmark.

My priorities: new Commission head of spectrum talks to PolicyTracker

The digital dividend will be the key issue in the coming months.

Does spectrum policy ignore environmental issues?

There seems little evidence of spectrum regulators addressing the issue of saving energy.

More detail needed on frequency release, Ofcom tells Ministry of Defence Industry says the viability of spectrum sharing has already been proven.

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3 Political pressures may kill US spectrum reform measure

4 US Department of Justice approves Verizon spe ctrum deal but concerns remain

6 FCC approves Verizon spectrum deal

8 FCC approves testing in 1755– 1780 MHz band

9 US regulator removes barriers to use of microwave spe ctrum for wireless backhaul

10 Is the 700 MHz band really needed in Europe ?

12 EU-funded research project highlights key challenges for services using secondary access to spe ctrum

14 QUASAR research “useful but flawed”

15 Finland tests Europe ’s first licensed white space geolocation database

16 Worldwide LTE roaming is years away, but pockets are developing

18 Indian 800/1800 MHz auction now set for November

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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