Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) and Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) Market Report 2013

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  • January 2013
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This is the latest and most up-to-date Market Report addressing the CTC and CSC markets as they are evolving rapidly.

In this report, the authors focus upon technical and business trends in these spaces as they are fast evolving. CTCs have been shown to have prognostic value in a number of cancer types and therefore there is extensive research and development activity to develop methodologies for CTC enumeration as well as analysis. Furthermore, there is a lot of clinical trial activity in a number of different cancer classes seeking to establish the clinical utility of CTC measurements in various cancer subtypes.

The authors have performed worldwide market tracking wherein they've analyzed research trends in the study of CTCs and CSCs. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of product vendors and their market penetrance, markers utilized for the capture/study of CTCs and CSCs as well as cancer classes wherein there is current research activity vis-à-vis CTCs and CSCs are described in this dataset derived from worldwide pools of researchers in November and December 2012—therefore these data reflect an up-to-date market landscape.

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Description of Chapters of the Report

Chapter I. Molecular Characterization of CTCs and CSCs

- Generation and In Vivo Role of CTCs
- CTCs vs. DTCs
- Historical Milestones in the CTCs Space
- Potential Utility of CTC Detection and Analysis
- EMT as a Driver of Metastasis
- Interrelationship Between EMT, CTCs, and the Metastatic Cascade
- Different Classes of EMT
- EMT Signaling athways
- CTC Characteristics: Morphological and Molecular
- Molecular Targets for Detection of CTCs and DTCs
- CTC Markers for RT-PCR
- Biology of CSCs
- Markers for CSCs
- Sub-populations of CSCs
- Colorectal CSCs and Markers Thereof

Chapter II. Technologies for Studying CTCs

- CTC Analysis Workflow
- Summary of Methodologies
- Enrichment and Analysis Methodologies
- Details of Selected Approaches for CTC Enumeration and Analysis
- Name of Company/Institution
- Relevant Technology Details
- Microfluidics-based Approaches
- Imaging-based Approaches

Chapter III. CTC and CSC Research Market Landscape

- Bottom-up Market Survey Data: Qualitative and Quantitative Market Analysis
- Product Vendors and their Penetrance into the Research Market
- Methodologies for Studying CTCs and CSCs
- Markers for Characterizing CTCs and CSCs
- Pathway Analysis of CSCs
- Cancer Classes Studied: Quantitative Segmentation by Percentage
- Downstream Analyses on Captured CTCs
- CTC Quantitative Market Metrics
- Revenues from Clinical Utilization—Market Size, Market Forecast,Growth Rate
- Market Trajectory

Chapter IV. Analysis of Clinical Utility of CTCs

- Potential Utility of CTCs as Biomarkers
- CTC Clinical Studies Analysis
- Summary of CTC Clinical Studies with Associated Clinical Data
- CTC- and CSC-Focused Clinical Trials Analysis

Appendix I. Details of CTC-Focused Clinical Trials

Appendix II. Research Methodology

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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