GeneSIC GA08JT17-247 Super Junction Bipolar Silicon Carbide Transistor Reverse Costing Analysis

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  • June 2013
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The first 1700V super junction NPN Bipolar transistor from GeneSIC: “Super-High” current gain bipolar transistor compatible with standard MOSFET/IGBT Drivers

The Super Junction Transistors SiC are targeted for power switching applications and offer a better power efficiency. The first generation GeneSIC transistor has several new features. First, with a current density 4-5 times higher than a silicon transistor, this SIC transistor is a very interesting economical solution.

Second, the Ga08JT1700 is a super high current gain BJT, ß=40. A low gate current is necessary to drive it. This is why a standard
commercial IGBT/MOSFET driver can be used.

Third, the emitter and the collector regions are designed to reduce the minority carrier diffusion in order to obtain a high frequency.

Fourth, this transistor is designed for an operating temperature of 175°C maximum.

This report provides a reverse costing analysis of this power transistor with:

- Detailed photos & Material analysis
- SCM analysis
- Step by step manufacturing Process Flow
- Cost breakdown by process steps
- Final manufacturing cost & Selling price estimation

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1. Overview / Introduction
Executive Summary

2. Companies Profile
GeneSiC Profile

3. GA08JT17-247 Characteristics

4. GA08JT17-247 Physical Analysis
Package Views & Dimensions
Die View, Dimensions & Marking
Guard Ring
Metal Layers
Oxide Layers
Gate Cross-Section
Source Cross-Section
Substrate and Epitaxy Layers
SJT BJT Characteristics

5. Manufacturing Process Flow
Global Overview
GA08JT17 Epitaxy Unit
GA08JT17 Front end Unit
GA08JT17 Tests Unit
Transistor Process Flow
Transistor Process Flow

6. Cost Analysis
Synthesis of the cost analysis
Yields Hypotheses
GA08JT17 Epitaxy Cost
GA08JT17 Front-End Cost
GA08JT17 Wafer Cost
GA08JT17 Cost per process steps
GA08JT17 : Equipment Cost per Family
GA08JT17 : Material Cost per Family
Back-End : Probe and Final Test Cost
GA08JT17 -247 Cost & Price

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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